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Announcing the Hetalia kink meme's Canonverse NationsFest - all about the Hetalia we fell in love with in the first place! Silly or serious, historical or present-day, an informal fest for requests and fills in the spirit of Hetalia canon.

When? Starting 28 November, to open the new part (#27), the fest will cover all requesting for 10 days/5 pages, whichever comes last. Filling these new requests as well as any pre-existing canon-verse requests is particularly encouraged, though there is no time limit on fills for the fest.

What? It's all about having fun with fic and art inspired by the world & nations we see in canon, whether from years ago or new this week. Intentionally not strict - just ask yourself, would someone looking for more of the kind of things they enjoyed in canon, be interested? Then it's part of the fest!

New to the kink meme? We're an anonymous community where fans can make requests for Hetalia fic or art they would like to see, and fulfill other fans' requests. Sound good? Start here - please make sure to follow the rules. (And everyone is encouraged to be both a requester and a filler!) 'Kink' optional, despite the name, non-kink prompts and fills have always been welcome too.

What if I want to request something else, like a human AU or popular fan-created AU character? Well, can you come up with any way you'd like to see your prompt happen with canon nations? If not, then please wait until the fest is finished! It's a short event after which the kink meme will once again be unrestricted.

Keep up with the kink meme: Announcements go out on our twitter and tumblr