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Hetalia Kink Meme

Please read the rules carefully before anything else.
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Welcome to the Hetalia kink meme!

Looking to fill?

1. Look through any part of the kink meme, including the current part and any past parts, for a prompt that interests you. Sites like APH Kink Meme and The Hetalia Kindex, as well as the KM’s Index of Indexes, may help you find a prompt, too, though keep in mind that these aren’t fully up-to-date. The best way to find everything posted on the kink meme is by looking through the kink meme itself.

2. Take note of the part of the kink meme the prompt is on. Also, copy down the URL. You’ll need both of these later.

3a. If the prompt you’re writing for is on a post with less than 7000 comments: Click ‘reply’ on the comment that your prompt is in. Make sure you’re posting anonymously.
3b. If the prompt you’re writing for is on a post with more than 7000 comments: Go to the active Past-Part Fills post and make a new comment containing the URL of your prompt. Click ‘reply’ on that comment. Make sure you’re posting anonymously.

4. If you feel that you need to include any content warnings, put those warnings BEFORE your fic. Paste your fic in the large text box. Note that if your fill exceeds 16,000 characters, DreamWidth will require you to split your post into multiple posts; each of these should be a reply to the first part of your fic, with the fic title in the subject line each time. It’s common to include a note in the subject line to indicate which part of a multi-post fill you’re posting, so with a multi-post fill your subject lines will read a little like this: A Tale of Two Cities 4/11.

5. Go to the Fills List and make a new comment containing the URL to the initial prompt as well as the URL to the first part of your fic. If your fic included any content warnings, please also include those warnings under the URLs in your post here. The subject line should contain the part of the meme the request came from, the names of the characters in the request, and the kink or prompt: [Part 17] Germany/Italy -- birthday party, for example.

6. You don’t need to post your entire fic all at once: the Fills List is also used for posting updates; just include ‘UPDATE’ in the subject line. This time, you’ll want to link to the initial prompt, the first part of your fic, and the first part of your most recent update. Use your discretion about how often you post your updates--please don’t spam!

7. Once your fic is fully complete, also post (again: both the initial prompt URL and the URL of the first part of your fic) on the Finished Fills List.

Looking to post a prompt?

1. Make sure you’re posting in the current part, and make sure you’re posting anonymously..

2a. If there’s a request freeze happening, sorry, you can’t post your prompt right now! A request freeze is put in place after every 5 pages of requests, and removed once 50 fills are reached. Consider filling someone else’s prompt instead! :)

2b. If there’s no request freeze, go ahead and post your request! The subject line should include the PAIRING and PROMPT/KINK, in as few words as you can manage--the body of the post is where you’ll explain your idea in full. Try, though, not to have your full prompt go over 200 words. You can also include up to 3 bonuses: these are optional ideas you might like to see in the fill you get, but that you don’t require.

3. Now that you’ve made your prompt, please consider writing a fic that fills someone else’s! This is how to keep the kink meme active and fun.

4. Remember to check your prompt (or at the Fills List) to see if anyone fills it: if they do, they’d love to see comments from you about how you liked what they wrote!

Made a mistake, or seen someone else slip up?

Just contact us over at the mod post.