FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures

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So I saw this as a text post on tumblr -

A romantic comedy where a girl meets a guy and really likes him, then later on meets a girl she also likes and she is tearing herself up trying to choose between the two, only to find out in the end that they were the same, genderfluid, person

and I'd really, really like to see this written, FrUK style! Doesn't matter where or how you'd like to take it :)

Re: FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures Filled

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Francine=Nyotalia France
Alice=Nyotalia England

This is a human A.U. Sorry if I do something wrong or this isn't what you wanted. This is my first time doing this.There is slight homophobia, but it's not really prevelant.


She had met Francis first. His stupid laugh- actual laugh that is; not that stupid hononon he showed everyone else- had wormed it's way into her brain and refused to leave her alone. At the most random times she would remember bits and pieces of past conversations with him, and it infuriated her. What right did he have to make her blush (in anger, dammit!) and feel emotions she didn't know existed?

Slowly, ever so slowly, time went by, and suddenly she the hate wasn't quite so hateful. Alice had no idea how it happened, but she knew that she was not supposed to notice the way his eyes would light up at romance- romance; not sex. She wasn't supposed to realize he liked plays and poetry, or that he got annoyed when people pronounced his name Bon-ne-foy instead of the French pronunciation Bon-fwah. She did though, and while it was useful, (his last name was always sure to get a rise out of him) it- well, it scared her. Their relationship was supposed to be purely hate, and the idea of anyone finding out it wasn't made her stomach churn.

Then she had met Francine, and that girl was confusing on twenty different levels. Unlike with Francis, (the irony of their names were not lost on her) Francine and her got along somewhat. Not much, but a bit. They spent more time bickering than anything else, but it brought a sense of familiarity to the Englishwomen that she liked it. It wasn't said aloud, but in the confines of her own mind she scream it again and again. Her feelings grew along with their friendship, and it confused her. Francine was a girl; she was a girl. Therefore, she shouldn't be thinking about these things, but she was. Francine may have been fine with liking girls, but she wasn't! Alice was supposed to be a proper women that would marry a man, not a women, but her dreams mocked the very thought. They didn't seem to care that if she did like Francine, which she didn't, it would mean discrimination and drama she didn't want nor need.

It was almost sad how readily she would admit her crush on Francis after a particularly graphic dream.

Then she found out they were the same person. As in, Francis=Francine. She would erase that memory if she could, but she couldn't, and flashes of screaming and confusion and betrayal would keep her up at night. And now she was here, sipping tea across from Francine. At least, it was Francine at the moment.

The air was awkward, and both girls were to prideful to break it. Eventually Alice felt more curiosity than pride, and asked bluntly, “What's your gender?” Normally she would have had more tact, but she was tired of pretending to be some proper lady. She just wanted answers, dammit!

“I was wondering when you would ask,” Francine said with a sigh. “I am, as you would say, genderfluid. So, the answer would be both, I suppose.”

“Why the fuck would you want to do that, though? As a girl everyone would think you were weak, and as a guy you'd be forced to act all muscular or you'd be called a wimp. You are literally getting the worst of both worlds!” Alice said in exasperation.

“Perhaps,” said Francine with a slight tilt of her head, “but I also get the best. As a female I can like things such dresses and jewelry without being judged, and as a male I can be outrages and out there without being called a bitch. It's confusing at times, but I love it, and I wouldn't change it for the world. You may think of me as an idiot, but I get the best of both worlds, and it outweighs the bad a million times over.” She looked Alice strait in the eye, showing a defiant she rarely showed. “I'm not changing it.”

Alice was, for lack of a better word, dumbfounded. She had never seen Francine- or Francis, for that matter- been so dedicated to something. Not even with his nose in a poem had he been this happy just to talk about it.

“This means a lot to you.” It wasn't a question.

“Oui,” she answered anyway.

“. . . Fine. Obviously nothing I say would change your mind,” not that she would've tried, “but I do have on question. Speaking. . . . physically, what gender are you?” In a way, she hoped the answer was male. She was tired of questioning her sexuality, and honestly wanted to be strait, but just then she heard a small boy’s voice. Usually she was quite fond of children, but this one was an exception.

“Mom, are they on a date?” His mother (mortified) tried to shush him, but he ignored her. “It's weird though, they're both girls. I supposed to be a girl and a guy; not a girl and a girl! Why are they different?”

Deciding she didn't give a single damn about gender, Alice got up and kissed Francine right on the mouth. Then she resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at the now silent boy.

not OP

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Re: FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures Filled

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Re: FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures Filled

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Re: FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures

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Re: FrUK - Genderfluid misadventures

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OP above ^

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Re: lateness

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How Can I Help You? (1/?)

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How Can I Help You? (2/?)

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Re: How Can I Help You? (2/?)

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How Can I Help You? (3/5)

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How Can I Help You? (4/5)

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I forgot to add the previous bits.

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How can I help you? final part

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Re: How can I help you? final part

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Belgium/Norway - Teasing

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Whether it be teasing him in bed, or just playful flirtatious teasing out of bed, I like the thought of Bel getting Norway flustered (and hot and bothered).

Canonverse & nation names, aside from that take it wherever you please, anons

Australia/America, 69ing

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Something pretty simple; Australia and America 69-ing each other. What happens next or after is up to the A!Anon.


1. It's their fist time doing something like this.

2. They're doing it while outdoors.

3. Someone (another Nation, a human, Canada etc.) interrupts them.

Germany/Japan - BDSM

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Preferably with a masochistic Japan. I don't mind if it's AU.


1. Germany being very caring and reassuring about Japan's inexperience with BDSM.
2. If you could have them switch roles at some point (so that Japan is topping at the end) that would be awesome! ^^

Ancient Rome (/) Mama Greece - Historical Angst

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There isn't enough of this pairing T~T

Anything based on the history between these two would be nice - the angstier the better! I don't mind smut, but it's not necessary.

About the only thing I don't want to see is Rome killing Mama Greece. Anything else goes basically.

Bonus: Age difference - I really like seeing a younger!Rome and older!Mama Greece dynamic owo

Austria/Hungary - insecurity

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Austria loves Hungary but wonders if she'd be happier with Prussia since the two are more similar. Please no confirmed PruHun; I'd like this to either remain unclear or for Hungary to put his mind at ease. PruHun friendship/frenemies is okay.


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This sounds like it could be both angsty and sweet. I would love to read this.

a touch of the light

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Re: a touch of the light [1/?]

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Ensemble, Repulsion AU

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So a while ago I came up with this really cool AU idea where the Nations couldn't touch each other directly (ie skin-to-skin) without feeling nauseous / uncomfortable because the feeling of another's land was psychologically repulsive. The strength of the effect was determined by their countries' relations - the better the people got along, the weaker the effect, and vice verse. I also felt that countries could momentarily get rid of this repulsion effect if they were to share land, either through unification or conquering.

This AU was initially developed by noting how many of the countries tend to wear gloves and such a lot, and also inspired by all those geography fics which explore how Nations are tied to their land. It's sort of grown on me since then.

Anyways, I was wondering how Nation interactions would change based on this. What's different, and what's the same? How bad is the effect during wars? I'm really prefer no smut (not that this AU is good for it...)

Bonus: You don't have to do this, but another part of the headcanon (originally) was that they couldn't directly touch humans either, because people would feel the 'landscape' of the Nation as well as the flesh and blood and understandably freak out. Whether this only applies to 'foreigners' or to everyone period is up to you if you want to use this.

Re: Ensemble, Repulsion AU

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'many of the countries tend to wear gloves and such a lot'

Where? Who? Which ones? There's also a lot of countries using their hands without gloves too, you know.


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Re: Ensemble, Repulsion AU

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Re: Ensemble, Repulsion AU

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MiniFill: How can he not be Repulsed [1/1]

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Re: A!Anon

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Re: A!Anon

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MiniFill 2 : A Secret to Keep [1/1]

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A Father's Touch

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Re: OP

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Re: A Father's Touch Part 2

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Re: A Father's Touch Part 3

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Germany/N Italy/S Italy - Forced Marriage/Third Wheel

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Borrowing the whole Union=Marriage, Alliance=Sex notion.

Sometime in the distant future (I leave specifics up to anon.), Germany and Italy form a union, but the bosses of the two countries decide that Germany has to marry not only Veneziano, but Romano as well. Germany and Veneziano have unresolved feelings for each other, Germany and Romano still don't get along, and nobody is thrilled with this arrangement.

Germany and Veneziano have had sex for alliances before (in fact, Romano has always made sure it was Veneziano who sealed the alliance because he was aware of his brother's feelings.), but have never confessed to each other. This makes the current circumstances all the more awkward, since in order to solidify the union, Germany will have to have sex with both brothers.

How this works out in the end, I leave to anon. I do request no Itacest and no genderbending.

Bonus One: Marriage scene, complete with all the angst involved
Bonus Two: Veneziano hears Germany confess to another nation that Romano is better at sex, and feels hurt and jealous
Bonus Three: I wouldn't mind some unresolved Spamano while you're at it...

Re: Germany/N Italy/S Italy - Forced Marriage/Third Wheel

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This'll be my first kink meme fill, but I'm going for it! Expect something real soon.

RoChu/GerIta Swingers foursome (optional Human AU or Gakuen AU)

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Both couples are in good established relations with each other, double dating, hanging out together, but they want to try something new. So they decided to make a next step and have some fun together, by switching their lovers. Because of the bonuses I would like to see RusIta, and GetChu. Also for me will be interesting to if whole idea came from Ivan and Feliciano, Ludwig with Yao is excited but feel shy, about it.
Now for the bonuses, basically each bonus is a sex round, so the more bonuses you do the longer and smuttier this fic will be.
Bonus 1: Long pre-sex cuddling, petting, kissing, exploring unfamiliar body of a new lover, searching for soft spots. And of course lovely sex in front each other.
Bonus 2: Italy and China performing 69 pose (give them some time to have fun together, with their partners observe), while Russia and Germany penetrating them from behind.
Bonus 3: Switching roles Feliciano tops Ivan, Yao tops Ludwig. As the final cherry on a cake: Russia and Germany never bottom before, Italy and China never top before.

Re: RoChu/GerIta Swingers foursome (optional Human AU or Gakuen AU)

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Has this been already done? XD becausE I fill

Re: OP

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Russia/Any - Pipe Breath Play

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Doesn't require smut, doesn't even have to be sexual.

I just want to see Russia forcing another nation against the wall, pressing against their throat with his pipe.

1. There IS sex (before or after)
2. The other nation is America
3. Russia's hold dangles the other nation a few inches above the ground

Re: Russia/Any - Pipe Breath Play

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Seconding with America!

Re: RusAme Pipe Breath Play

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Re: OP

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Re: RusAme Pipe Breath Play 2/2

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Greece/South Italy - Interesting Personality Mix

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I adore this pairing and I feel like there's not enough support for it.

OP is looking for anything cute (but less sap), huge bonus for humor, in which Romano and Greece are unintentionally able to get along. For example, Greece being unperturbed to Romano's anger/insults, and Romano confused and slightly awkward in dealing with Greece's lack of response.

Note: OP would prefer not to have an overly feelsy fill in which Greece comforts a troubled Romano, just for the sake of not portraying Romano as an emotional wreck constantly in need of support.

Bonus 1: (As listed above) humor
Bonus 2: If Turkey is somehow involved in this, lots of flowers and love for writer!anon
Bonus 3: Greece says something sexual to Romano, who becomes flustered

Re: Greece/South Italy - Interesting Personality Mix

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Wow this sounds absolutely fantastic and adorable and why have I never thought of all the potential here before? Seconded!

Re: Greece/South Italy - Interesting Personality Mix

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Re: Greece/South Italy - Interesting Personality Mix

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GERITA mixed communication sex

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So I'd love to see a fill where Italy and Germany are in an established relationship, and they are forced (business trip, or working or whatever)to spend a long time apart - (a month or two), and become totally desperate for each other.

While they're apart they try skype sex, which doesn't work. Phone sex is okay, but still not satisfying. Finally they get home together and can screw properly, and throughout the time apart Germany has been fantasying of beautiful, sweet, slow sex and Italy in his time apart, has been wanting hard, fast, rough sex. So communication gets mixed up, and they both try pushing for their envisioned sex, and ANON can decide whoever wins.

Bonus: when they come back together, Germany tries to woo Italy to set the mood because he feels like he's a bit of a neglecting, non-romantic lover. Like he makes a nice dinner and all Italy wants to do is throw it all on the ground and bend him over the table.

Bonus Bonus: In Italy's fantasy, he tops. And in Germany's he also tops, making the sexy part a little confusing.

I will love Anon forever if they do this! Thank you guys!

seconded like hell!!

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i'd fill it, but i have never written anything even remotely romantic before, let alone smut...

Re: GERITA mixed communication sex

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Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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Anon knows this scenario would never happen but wants it anyway...

AU in which Arthur is a cop working to bust an illegal prostitution ring and goes undercover as a male prostitute in order to gain intel. However, things quickly go wrong as he gains the attention of the ringleader - and soon decides that he wants Arthur for himself.
Cue a very apprehensive but morally just Arthur, rather than pulling out, going along with it because this is easy access to potential evidence, and he really wants to help these people! There must be smut, and lots of it.
In general, the ringleader is funny and charming (although not necessarily gentle), but he also has a foul temper and gets violent quickly, and just to make things difficult, he's very private. Despite everything, Arthur is hopelessly attracted to him. I want to see what happens from here.

1. Ringleader is very kinky, especially enjoying degrading Arthur. Plus points if humiliates him/uses him in front of others, and double plus points if he shares him.
2. Dub-con/non-con, at least for the first time, when the ringleader first chooses Arthur.
3. Arthur finds the vital evidence and is about to turn in when it turns out the ringleader has known that he's a cop the whole time or he finds out. He stops him and punishes him severely - although he doesn't want to break his pet entirely, so no maiming or killing.

No scat or excessive guro!

Re: Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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holy crap anon, i am so into this


bonus three literally made me shiver happily, as that scenario touches on some of my favorite fantasies

Re: Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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Re: Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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Re: Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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Re: Any/England, human trafficker and an undercover cop

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FrUK - Take You Down [1/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [1/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [2/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [2/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [3a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [3b/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [3b/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [4a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [4b/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [4c/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [4c/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [5a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [5b/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [5c/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [5c/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [5c/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [5c/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [6a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [6b/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [6b/?]

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Re: FrUK - Take You Down [6b/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [7a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [7b/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [8a/?]

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FrUK - Take You Down [8b/?]

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Various/Teacher!England, non-con

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Highschool AU in which Arthur is the new teacher, and Nation A is his student, the school bad boy/delinquent, who isn't doing very well in class. Despite the fact that he's rather strict and sharp with people, he does want his students to do well - so Arthur offers after school tutoring to Nation A, who, surprisingly, accepts. So they end up doing this for a while. Nation A is troublesome, and it's clear that he only did it to frustate Arthur and/or get in his pants, but Arthur isn't phased. Nation A starts to actually listen to him and /enjoys/ the work, and genuinely begins to like his teacher, who doesn't treat him like a failure or a future criminal. He has a very poor family life, which Arthur discovers and he supports him. Soon this turns to quite a serious infatuation. Eventually, Nation A tries to come onto Arthur once more, only to be rejected - this time, he's very hurt and angry, starts to yell/get violent, and he ends up raping Arthur. Afterwards, he threatens to tell everyone that he's the one being abused if Arthur tells. He stays quiet so Nation A won't say anything, and also because he doesn't want the kid to be punished when he's progressed so far.

Nation A can be one of the following: America (or 2P), Canada (or 2P), Russia, Prussia, Turkey, or Denmark.

Bonus 1: It happens again. Nation A is either no longer friendly, having withdrawn his affections, or is clearly exaggerating it over thinly concealed anger.

Bonus 2: Nation A feels it's just. Arthur hurt him, was 'leading him on', and therefore he deserves it and owes it to him. However, he's still guilty, he just doesn't know why and refuses to acknowledge it. At one point, he cries.

Bonus 3: Arthur had feelings for Nation A but was repressing them. Somehow they end up together - it's a VERY messed up relationship.


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I'm always so attracted to these psychologically intriguing plots.

Terms of Endearment 1/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 1/?

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Terms of Endearment 2/?

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Terms of Endearment 3/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 3/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 3/?

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Terms of Endearment 4/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 4/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 4/?

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Re: Terms of Endearment 4/?

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Lithuania/Ukraine, Latvia/Belarus Love potion mess

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Natalia gets nice bottle of love potion, of course she what’s to use it on Russia and herself. But everything goes wrong, first Lithuania and Ukraine accidentally drinks it, than Latvia drinks Russia’s share, while Belarus drinks hers. This all leads to hot sexy time between unlikely partners.

Bonus 1 for Lithuania/Ukraine: Sex on kitchen table, Toris pays extra worship to Katya’s breasts.
Bonus2 for Latvia/Belarus: Sex on couch, doggy style, and Natalia rides Raivis.
Bonus 3 Russia knew about Belarus plan so he disappeared before mess begins.

Ex-Colonies + England - Running to Mommy

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So, we all have our teenage rebellions, and then once we've proven we're successful, independent adults we feel perfectly vindicated... to start running to Mommy again. Late night phone calls cuz of job stress or success, whining about our neighbors, and crashing on her couch for homemade food and sympathy after a bad break up.

It's my head-canon that that's exactly the relationship between England and his ex-colonies. Phone calls, texts, dropping in without warning. England remains his loveable tsundere self, complaining the whole time - but never hangs up, or fails to text back, and he always has a spare room and a cup of tea for anyone going through a hard time. Please kill me with WAFF, anons!


(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 11:19 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my God, adorable, seconded!

Re: Ex-Colonies + England - Running to Mommy

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Re: Ex-Colonies + England - Running to Mommy

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Spice and Spice and Everything Spice

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Re: Spice and Spice and Everything Spice

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Re: Spice and Spice and Everything Spice

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Re: Spice and Spice and Everything Spice

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OP is late to the party!

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Prussia/Fem!Prussia & Mangary+fem!prussia - first time and jealousy

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 01:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Universe where male and female incarnations of a nation coexist.

Mirroring the canon comic fem!Prussia finds Mangary injured one day outside the back of the Nunnery where she's been staying and starts to patch him up. During this though things get a little steamy and result in a full out makeout session that looks to go even further.

Which is when Gilbert finds them and breaks up what is going on and takes his sister back inside.

Later that night he sneaks into the nunnery to her room from the monks side and they end up having sex for the first time.

a) Jealousy as a motivator on both sides as both Gilbert and FemPrussia are conflicted by their feelings for the Hungary's (both are attracted to both Hungary's, male and female) and Gil was actually turned on seeing his sister with Mangary
b) Since this is a first time fic the sex is not smooth sailing and there is some fumbling going on
c) Gilbert and Fem!Prussia are both truly attracted and want each other it's just taken a motivator like this to get the action going, pls no dub or non con

England, any, foster care AU

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 01:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Nation X decides to foster a kid and chooses Arthur. Preferably he is aged between 12 and 16. He is an absolute brat, intentionally causing all kinds of trouble for his new carer (eg. throwing things, randomly going out in the middle of the night and not getting back for hours, skipping school, smoking, etc.), but eventually, they start to get on. Lots of fluff, please, although if you want to add a bit of angst or hurt/comfort, go ahead. I don't want Nation X to have a partner who lives with them,
Because I want bonding primarily to be between Nation X and Arthur. If there's another kid there, he/she should be a bit older and the biological child of Nation X, or a kid that was adopted as a baby.
1. Arthur behaves this way because he's been adopted and subsequently sent back to homes many times, and he's afraid of this happening again.
2. Arthur is hostile and defensive until he does something really bad, (for example, gets in trouble with the police or gets suspended from school). He expects to be sent away, but is surprised when he isn't. From this point, he starts warming up.
3. In the end, Nation X adopts Arthur permentantly into the family.

Re: England, any, foster care AU

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 02:07 pm (UTC)(link)
ahh would love to see this with Canada~

Re: England, any, foster care AU

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Prussia/Hungary unexpected pregnancy

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 02:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Basically what it says on the tin. Prussia and Hungary (nationverse modern day) suddenly discovering she is pregnant after a one night stand. I don't care how they ended up sleeping together (drunkness, pseudo hate sex, not rape though) but I do want Prussia to have major secret feelings for Hungary and realising this is his chance to have her and is completely on board, even if she does choose to terminate which she doesn't. Smut is appreciated but not essential.

Bonus if she'd asked Austria for babies and he'd turned her down everytime. And this fact makes Prussia and his promise to commit more appealing.

Extra bonus if Prussia doesn't say awesome every sentence and doeznt talk like zis.

Massive bonus if Canada is his best buddy who helps him resolve his issues with commitment.

In the end the two realise they're happy with each other and the new baby. Germany is only glad to have his brother out of the house.

please anons I will love you forever! !

Re: Prussia/Hungary unexpected pregnancy

(Anonymous) 2014-07-28 01:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello Anon!
I just saw this and while I have never written a straight hetalia fan-fiction, I thought this was too cute to pass up, so I hope to do small fill on this. Stay tuned~

Why Don't You Make Me 1/?

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Re: Why Don't You Make Me 1/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 2/?

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Re: Why Don't You Make Me 2/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 3/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 4/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 5/?

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Re: Why Don't You Make Me 5/?

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Authornon made a mistake

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Why Don't You Make Me 7/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 8/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 9/?

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Why Don't You Make Me 10/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 11/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 12/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 13/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 14/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 15/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 16/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 17/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 18/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 19/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 20/21

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Why Don't You Make Me 21/21

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Any and England, adoption with ulterior motives!

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Inspired by an earlier request for Arthur getting close to his foster carer.
I want to see an unexpected nation adopting Arthur, who is very suspicious - and rightly so, because Nation A has only done it for his own gain! Nation A doesn't even /like/ kids, let alone want his own! Whatever that is (for money, to look good, etc.) you choose.
For a kid, Arthur's very sharp and picks up on it quickly, and as a result, does his best to thwart his plans out of sheer spite. Let's have Arthur getting into all sorts of messes with Nation A, very frustrated, running around trying to clean up after him!
I'm seeking humour, and eventual fluff as the two /do/ get close, with Nation A actually caring for Arthur's wellbeing!

Bonus 1: Nation A is Prussia, Romano, Norway, or someone else unexpected.
Bonus 2: Arthur desperately tries to prove him an unfit carer but fails.
Bonus 3: At some point, Arthur runs away, and Nation A nearly has a fit with very unexpected and unwanted worry for the kid.

Re: Any and England, adoption with ulterior motives!

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
...How would you feel about a magical human AU - in which Norway adopts Arthur for his inherent magical strength...

(Do you have any preference for Norway's human name?)


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(no subject)

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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/different anon, seconding!

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2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 07:56 pm (UTC)(link)
So we know the 2ps are all 'evil' and whatnot, and have a remarkable tendency to be portrayed as murderers and rapists and just in general not very nice people within the fanfic part of the fandom.

To be honest, I'm tired of it. But since no one seems to want to see these fellows as normal folk just like our beloved 1p Nations, I offer a compromise.

The 2p!Nations are evil, alright. But not like real-world evil.


Bad 90s cartoons evil.

Evil with a side of TVTropes worthy dialogue.

Yes, what I want is the INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF SUPERVILLIANRY, with all of the 2ps being rip offs of all those terrible villains we grew up with. Elaborate plots to take over the world that fail at the last moment, imaginative feats of thievery of priceless treasures, armies of robots or zombies or generic mooks that are surprisingly good at being cannon fodder, the whole works.

My preferred focus is on the 2p Allies, but to be honest I don't care as long as I'm laughing by the end of the fill. You can also include a group of 1p 'superheroes' (led by Alfred, of course) opposing these dastardly villains if you like.

This isn't at all based on an old group discussion on the hetaliahighsandlows tumblr blog, nope nope, no need to look there for ideas or inspiration

Re: 2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

(Anonymous) 2014-02-21 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded with my life!

Re: 2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

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Re: 2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

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Re: 2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

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Re: 2p!Nations - International Guild Of Supervillianry!

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Any Nations - Fake Political Marriage Becomes Real

(Anonymous) 2014-02-19 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Nation A and Nation B decide for political purposes to show a united front to the rest of the world, and what better way to do that then to pretend to be head-over-heels in love and marry each other? But the lines begin to blur as the newly married nations begin to fall for each other for real.

Bonus: Nation C doesn't believe it at all and declares loudly and to anyone who will listen that they think the relationship is fake.

Re: Any Nations - Fake Political Marriage Becomes Real

(Anonymous) 2014-02-21 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh sounds interesting! !
I'd love to do a gerita for this but it's so cliché and all the nations would probably believe it almost immediately with those two as well. The same with Sufin.
Maybe I could write a PolLiet where they realize their love again for each other after a long time apart. Or a Dennor with Iceland not wanting to give up his brother. Hmmm leave it with me. Let me know if any of these ideas jump out at you.

Re: Any Nations - Fake Political Marriage Becomes Real

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Any/Any - Ugly pasts

(Anonymous) 2014-02-20 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Canonically speaking, all the nations love themselves and are proud of who they are and their accomplishments. I want to see a fic that shows two nations' uglier moments (especially ones involving each other), ones where they actually hate who they are, or are disgusted and ashamed at their land and their people.

Minifill 1/1

(Anonymous) 2014-02-20 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
It was only when Japan looked back that he thought of the ugly things he did. He still remembered Korea, crumpled at his feet and sobbing, begging to know why the empress had to die. He still remembered putting his foot on Korea’s ribs and pressing, a snipped ‘You’re mine now’ cutting through Korea’s screams as the ribs snapped and cracked like dry wood.

He still remembered China, blood caked on his face as he stared up defiantly, clutching his tattered uniform about himself.

‘Not going to hide like the others?’ Japan had sneered, feeling only contempt for the soldiers who hid among the civilians. He’d drawn his katana, his prized possession, and placed it against China’s throat.

China gave him no words, gritting his teeth instead.

It was a miracle China survived that day.

The Philippines, marched til his feet bled, leaving red footprints behind him.

Vietnam, back sliced like ribbons when she was finally caught, and her prized hair chopped off. She would have looked like a boy, if it weren’t for her physique.

Hong Kong, little Hong Kong… beaten, as if every blow could teach his master to stay out of Japan’s affairs. Then he’d starved like a dog, always whimpering and tentatively reaching out his hand for food.

Macau he had not touched, not one finger, but he still saw the accusation. The haunted look of the survivor stayed in Macau’s eyes, only mostly cloaked by his glasses.

Australia, Mongolia, Laos, all the rest… They all flashed behind Japan’s eyes, and he could see the darkness in the mirror.

It was only when he could see his own darkness in his lover’s eyes that he at least felt as though he was redeemable.

America’s eyes reflected the outlines of bodies made over half a century ago.

Re: Minifill 1/1

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Re: Minifill 1/1

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America --> France - Paying too much attention to the other's lovers

(Anonymous) 2014-02-20 12:17 am (UTC)(link)
America likes France. Like, really likes France. Over the years, France has had a lot of different lovers, though, with a lot of variety. Every now and again, though, there seems to be a trend in what France is going for. America, hoping its his chance to finally be what the other wants him to be, starts changing a bit to look or act more like the lovers France has been taking recently. Once America thinks that he's perfected acting like them, though, suddenly France's taste changes. This happens on and off again for centuries, until finally America admits to France that he likes him, cue happy ending (maybe).

Bonus: France's 'tastes' are lovers picked for him by his government at several points in his history, and he actually isn't interested in that 'type' at all.

Re: America --> France - Paying too much attention to the other's lovers

(Anonymous) 2014-12-15 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I may try to write this~

AnyMicronation/Latvia - Gayngst

(Anonymous) 2014-02-20 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
I would love to see an innocent (no sex) relationship between Latvia and a young micronation. It would probably have to be an AU.

Anyway, so they start a relationship, and when they are found out, Latvia is punished severely. It doesn't have to be by Russia; it could easily be a well-meaning Ukraine or a viciously homophobic Belarus, or even Lithuania, if you want to ignore his relationship with Poland.

Cue trying to see each other anyway, and much angst and soul searching about the whole being gay thing.

Can end however you like.

Re: AnyMicronation/Latvia - Gayngst Filled

(Anonymous) 2014-03-30 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
Just a warning, this turned out different than you wanted. Sorry about that.Also, I just realized italics don't work with this website. Sorry again.


“Don't you get it boy? People are always going to judge you. Both of you! Simply because your both guys.” Natalia growls out to the idiots in front of her.

Be careful. People will hurt you.

“Hey!” Peter shouts out. The image of him dying flashes in her mind for the seventeenth time that day, a high number, even for her. “Any gits who judge us can go to hell.” He crosses his arm defiantly and her vision goes darker.

“You don't realize. None of you realize. Not that it surprises me. You,” she points to Peter, “are so obsessed with your own life you don't realize anything else. News flash, there are bigger problems than your brothers not spending time with you. And you!” She points to Raivis, who flinches accordingly, the idiot. “You're so nervous you can't say a single word without fucking stuttering. Anyone would be able to break you two without even lifting a finger!” Her voice is shrill and high and she knows it but she also can't bring herself to care.

People will hurt you. You can't worry to much about yourself, you have to worry for both of you. Both of you do, and that means letting go of your fear. People will hurt you by using each other instead of using their fists.

“D-d-don't insult him!” Raivis finally manages to get out. It's the first time he's spoke, and Natalia feels accomplished.

“What's to stop me? Do you think anyone else will stop? Because they won't. They'll make you feel like shit and question yourself. You'll feel like an idiot and everyone will hate you. It's different, it's weird, and it's not normal, and everyone knows it. People don't like what's not normal.”

People will hurt you because they aren't used to it and people don't like what's not normal.

“Leave him alone, you stupid homophobic. I don't care what you think, and neither does Raivis,” Peter ground out glaring.

Natalia froze. Not at the boy's words, they were meaningless, but rather that word.


She wants to cry, if she's being honest, but she also wants to laugh – a rare occurrence with her. There was a time she wouldn't look at gays without an icy glare, but then she met her. Her, who was lovely and everything about her seemed to scream grace. The way she smelt, the way she walked, the way she smiled – oh god. Her smile.

A young girl tilts her head back as her twinkling giggle is lost to the wind.

God how she missed her smile. Natalia loved her. Loved her so much it hurt. The memories hurt more though. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones where both of them didn't care about gender, but one hit home worst.

The same girl as before is struggling to breath and it sounds like she's crying the way her breath hitches. Natalia screams and screams but they don't stop and no one is coming to help. She forced to watch as her friend's – her only friend's, her best friend's, her girlfriend's! – newly-washed white shirt is soaked with dripping, bright, red bl–

Natalia almost growls, but instead fixes an icy glare on them – both of them.

“It isn't me you have to worry about,” she says before walking away. Their innocence were to much like hers and she needs to be completely alone before she'll let her tears fall.

People will hurt you, period.

. . . o0o . . .

Peter was many things. He was loud, dedicated, loyal, a bit brash, but not the most obvious to others feelings. Perhaps that was why he didn't expect the next words out of his boyfriend's mouth. (He loved the word boyfriend. It made him feel like he had eaten a bunch of butterflies, but in a good way.)

“Do you think she's right?” Peter wasn't paying attention before, but he is now, and he sees the way Raivis is fiddling with his hands like he always does when he's nervous – nervous, not scared. Either way, Peter frowned. He knew exactly who he was talking about and it didn't make him happy.

“Of course she isn't. I like you, you like me, and that's what matters, isn't it?” the younger of the two asked.

“Yeah, of course but . . .” Raivis trailed off.

“But what? You can't just start a sentence like that then stop!” Peter said affronted.

“I . . . wonder,” admitted Raivis. Peter couldn't help but sigh. It was so hard to get a straight answer out of him. Peter gestured to go on, and slowly he did.

“I mean, what's going to happen? A lot of people don't like gays and –”

“Shut up,” Peter interrupted. He continued before Raivis' hurt look got to him.

“Yeah, people don't like gays, but am I one of those people?” There was a pause as Peter waited.

“No, but–”

“And are you one of those people?” The pause was longer that time.

“. . . I don't think so, but still–”

“Then it doesn't matter.”


“I said,” Peter almost yelled. “It DOESN'T matter!” He looked at Raivis, and he looked back. After a minute a small smile lit up both of their faces. A small kiss was exchanged.

“No, it doesn't.” agreed Raivis.

Re: AnyMicronation/Latvia - Gayngst Filled

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