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Hetalia kink meme part 27

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 27

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Omegaverse: Alpha fucking Alpha as sign of dominance

(Anonymous) 2016-08-28 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
There can only be one lead Alpha in a group. If another Alpha challenges him, there will be a fight, and the looser is fucked as a sign of dominance.

Pairings I like: America and Russia, America and Russia, France and England. Who wins the fight and tops is up to you.

Bonus: He's publicly humiliated by being fucked in front of the lesser alphas, betas, and Omegas

Re: Omegaverse: Alpha fucking Alpha as sign of dominance

(Anonymous) 2016-08-31 07:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconding this so hard!

Re: Omegaverse: Alpha fucking Alpha as sign of dominance

(Anonymous) 2016-09-06 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
OP here... the second America and Russia was suppose to b America And England. My bad.

Re: Omegaverse: Alpha fucking Alpha as sign of dominance

(Anonymous) 2016-09-12 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
With America and Russia this is got to be the hottest thing there is!!!

Alpha Rut - Preface

(Anonymous) 2016-09-17 09:29 pm (UTC)(link)
America/England fill – hope OP is satisfied with that. Sorry to the other anon who wanted Russia and America, but I've never even read RusAme before so I'm not confident to attempt writing it. Always the chance of a second fill though ^_^

I've also never posted here before, so apologies if I make any terrible mistakes. Fear of messing up on here is what's kept me from writing fills for all these years :S Gently pointing out anything I've done wrong would be appreciated :)


Warnings: violence, non-con

Kind of important A/N: I read and write a lot of omegaverse, and usually a pack or group are familial. However, I wasn't really down with writing incest, so I went for a slightly different dynamic. This pack (consisting of various APH characters) do not have biological families, and come from an orphanage, from which they were never adopted. Their “pack” was forcibly formed by the care system, to give orphans the best chance at a successful future. It doesn't always work out, but our little group stuck together, and are now in their early twenties.

I don't want to make this story overly deep or long, so I wanted to get that background info out of the way first :) Onwards ~

Alpha Rut - 1/?

(Anonymous) 2016-09-17 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Arthur had absolutely not intended to challenge the other alpha. Said “other” alpha was taller, wider, heavier, and a whole lot stronger than he was. Said “other” alpha was confident and tough - the head of their ragtag pack for a good reason. However, said “other” alpha – the American brat, Alfred – was two years younger than Arthur, immature (even for a college student), and a whole lot less intelligent than could be expected of a pack leader. If it wasn't for Alfred's absurd strength – and the fact that their unconventional (and therefore often targeted) pack needed a lot of protection – Alfred would not be in his current position. Arthur, with the brains to really take them places, would be instead. Maybe. If Ludwig was also out of the way. Gilbert too. And Antonio. There was also Berwald to worry about...

But, all of that was beside the point. Arthur was certainly not a weak alpha, and that was what mattered. In general society, he was actually a pretty strong alpha, and given the opportunity, he knew he could prove a very capable pack leader. Their pack was just unfortunately alpha heavy, with most omegas having mated into “real” packs after leaving the orphanage. Arthur, of course, could have outsmarted any of them, but that wasn't quite enough to get an alpha to the top.

Naturally, Arthur wasn't too satisfied with this.

He did end up fighting with the other alphas from time to time, and knew he could hold his own. He mostly kept physical fights between himself and Francis, the two being roughly on par, but it was not like he had never gotten into scuffles with stronger alphas. Using impressive speed and stamina to exhaust them, beating a more muscular alpha from out-with his pack was not a problem for Arthur. The alphas within his pack, who had all known him since childhood, could be a little bit more annoying to deal with. Regardless, Arthur had many victories to hold against them, and had no fear about challenging any of them should he feel the need.

But not Alfred. He had never before become so lost in anger, let his wit and intelligence get so buried in rage, that he had challenged Alfred. Because if he was honest with himself, Alfred wasn't really that immature. It may have been how he generally acted, but he could snap out of it so fast that it was terrifying. And Alfred really wasn't that unintelligent either. Not as clever as Arthur, but the brains were certainly there, even if they were rarely used. Also problematic was the fact that Alfred was a well-rounded athlete, and did not lack in stamina. And, of course, the most prominent issue – that Alfred was their bloody pack leader, and being defeated meant a lot worse than just being forced to apologise.

Arthur may have been dissatisfied with his situation, but unless Alfred somehow lost all of his limbs in a horrible accident, Arthur didn't think he'd ever have dared to challenge him.

But he had. And he could not afford to lose. Arthur understood his own mental capabilities, and knew the humiliation would not be something he would handle well. Even for an alpha, he was prideful, and with his tendency to bully the weaker pack members, he had a long way to fall. Out of their pack of twenty plus, had very few friends to rely on – possibly no more than Matthew, Lili and Kiku – but many who would delight in watching his degradation. No, he could not afford to lose. He couldn't win, either, of course – Alfred was far too strong for that to happen. But a draw was always a possibility. A possibility that Arthur was going to cling to.

In the background, he caught Kiku's gaze. It was difficult to see anything but Alfred, who was towering over him, body statue-like in its tense anger. And it was hard to focus on anything other than keeping his pheromones and posture free of fear, lest he lose before the fight starts. But Kiku was shaking his head so rapidly, it was hard not to notice him. He seemed to be begging Arthur to apologise to Alfred and back off – anything to avoid this fight. But Kiku was a beta, and he didn't quite understand. At this point, the challenge had (accidentally) been issued, and Arthur's only alternative to a fight was to bend over with his ass in the air and let Alfred take him without a struggle. That was not going to happen.

On Kiku's right was Matthew, staring at Arthur like he was the biggest idiot in the world. Arthur certainly felt like it. Ivan, two years ago, was the first and only person to have challenged Alfred. Alfred's take down of him was so merciless and humiliating that the Russian alpha had fled the pack all together, taking his two sisters with him. But Arthur was not Ivan. Alfred hated Ivan; Alfred, despite their frequent arguments and feuds, was Arthur's friend. If he kept going strong for long enough, he had a good chance of being afforded some leniency in the form of a draw. He steeled his gaze and shot Matthew a challenging glare. The weaker alpha looked down at his shoes, and for a moment, Arthur felt guilty. There wasn't time for apologies now, however. Alfred was widening his stance and squaring his shoulders. The fight was about to begin.


Sorry about the lack of dialogue. That's a general problem with my writing that I'm still working on fixing ^^;

I was kind of torn between this idea, and a France vs England idea where one of them intentionally offers a challenge, thinking they can win. It would have been interesting, since they'd probably be on roughly the same level, and the fight could have swung either way. I found this idea easier to work with in the end, though. I hope it's not a huge deviation from the prompt.

Re: Alpha Rut - 1/?

(Anonymous) 2016-09-21 09:42 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, a fill for my request! What a pleasant surprise.~

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. :) I like Arthur's thoughts and you're quick explanation on how the 'pack' is ran. I'm looking forward to the fight, the conclusion, and maybe even Alfred's thoughts on the situation.

I know what you mean about conversation being hard... I had lots of trouble with it too at first. My suggestion is to find a good RP buddy (at your lvl of writing or higher.) It's great practice for writing conversation and lots of fun.

Re: Alpha Rut - 1/?

(Anonymous) 2016-09-21 01:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you for some genuine feedback :) I'll take your advice and start RPing as well!

I should hopefully get through the rest of things pretty quickly. I'm back to uni and nothing gets me writing fic faster than when the alternative is studying Herodotus.

Alfred's POV is a very good idea. I'll have to include that. Right now he's not thinking much past anger and instinct, so later in the story when his mind has cleared. It will definitely make things more interesting.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Alpha Rut - 2/?

(Anonymous) 2016-10-04 11:23 pm (UTC)(link)
The front door slamming open and a harsh laugh distracted everyone's attention. “Kesesese, looks like these two are at it again,”

It was Gilbert, with his stupid laugh and his stupid friends. Arthur had jumped, but it went fortunately unnoticed. Everyone was focused on the three new alphas entering the scene.

“Honestly, always arguing. If you weren't both alphas...” Francis trailed off dreamily, and Arthur nearly gagged at the implication.

“Looks more like a real fight to me,” the third alpha put in with a shrug, causing Gilbert to snort and Francis to mock gasp.

“A fight – surely not! Alfred is our dear head alpha, Arthur would never...” Francis's sentence trailed off again, this time for a very different reason as he fully absorbed the atmosphere of the room, “Um...Arthur. Surely you're not about to...erm...” Francis chuckled nervously.

“Scrap?” Gilbert suggested, grin devilish and red eyes gleaming with excitement. Arthur seethed when he saw that Antonio looked equally gleeful – hopeful, even. He bet the trio would love nothing more than to watch him humiliated. He was about to respond, but Alfred spoke first.

“Well, Francis, Arthur believes that I'm an 'useless, immature, pathetic excuse for a head alpha' and that our pack isn't going to last much longer if someone more intelligent doesn't take over,” Alfred had spat out the insults, voice low and steady, but clearly enraged. From a powerful head alpha, it was not a pleasant tone to hear. Francis looked a little nervous.

“Ah, a slip of the tongue, perhaps? You know how Arthur gets when he is angry,” the French alpha cautiously suggested with a submissive shrug.

It had been a slip of the tongue all right, but Arthur's mouth hadn't stopped running there.

“When I asked Arthur if he thought he would make a better head, he told me he would like nothing more than to beat me down, fuck me into the ground and chase me out,”

There was silence in the room for a moment.

“Arthur?” Francis eventually questioned, seeming as bewildered as Matthew had when witnessing the argument. Arthur had a sharp tongue and often spoke cruelly, but to say something like that to a head alpha was too far, even for him. Still, he had no choice but to see his words through with false confidence. There was possibly nothing more damaging to his chances in this fight than to be seen second guessing himself.

“Yes, I said that,” Arthur kept his tone sharp and steady.

“Well, in any case, it's not a direct challenge. Arthur can just apologise and...”

Alfred's growl cut Francis off. “I'm choosing to take it as one. Now if you'll shut up Francis, I have a fight to focus on. Right, Arthur?”

Arthur didn't know why Francis was sticking up for him. Neither did Gilbert or Antonio, apparently, who were trying to shush their friend. In any case, it was making Arthur look weak, and distracting his focus.

“Right, Alfred. Francis, that's enough,” Arthur was worried the proud Frenchman wouldn't take the order, but fortunately he only sighed, defeated, and backed off .

Gilbert looked like he was about to burst with excitement. Antonio was smirking darkly. Kiku looked jittery. Second-hand adrenaline was probably getting to most of the small group. With Francis's retreat, Arthur was able to ignore them all, and focused in on his surroundings.

The pack house was small, but Arthur needed to make as much space as possible. Alfred wouldn't care about his surroundings - he could throw manic kicks and punches in any space. Arthur, however, needed room to dodge and manoeuvre. The current slim corridor was not ideal for that. The living room, about four steps behind him and to his right, was the best option. He couldn't run straight there, or it would look like he was fleeing. He'd be pounced on and pinned down. He would have to gradually back up before ducking into the door way. Not too gradually, however, or Alfred would be able to get too many hits in. The coffee table in the living room would prevent a clean fighting ground, but Alfred's behaviour was always predictable. If Arthur stood behind it, the American would probably kick it out of his way to get to him. Arthur would then have the space to work.

Without a truce, the fight wouldn't end until one of them was pinned to the ground, admitting submission or unconscious. For Arthur, there was no chance of pinning Alfred down. Irritatingly, since he had technically issued the challenge, he couldn't offer a draw either. Only Alfred could. The outcome of the fight rested almost entirely on the mercy of the head alpha. Almost. The one chance Arthur had to take control of the situation was to exhaust Alfred enough that the American believed Arthur might be able to pin him. It would be hard work on Arthur's part, of course, as stamina was not much of an issue for Alfred, but if he succeeded, a draw would certainly be offered.

Admission of submission and a forced apology was the usual penalty for losing a fight. It was hurtful to an alpha's pride, but it was a frequent occurrence and would be forgotten within a few hours. It was no more unusual or embarrassing than an omega getting a spanking.

Losing a fight against your own head alpha, however, was a territory that some would rather die than chart. In fact, Arthur remembered one news report from when he was a kid, in which an alpha had let himself be beaten unconscious, so that he would have the time to take his own life before taking his punishment. It had been the current head alpha of a pack. Arthur didn't have that far to fall, at least.

He took in a deep breath, calming his body and mentally preparing for the blows. He let his mind anxiously whir – it would help him with quick thinking during the fight. But he needed control of his body. He was getting into the zone, and so was Alfred. Neither paid much attention as Gilbert apologised for the interruption, nudging Francis in the side. They barely noticed when Ludwig came down and ushered some of the observing omegas off the staircase and into the safety of the upstairs bedrooms. All that was clear was the presence of each other, and the tension between them. Alfred was taut and ready to pounce, Arthur was crouched and ready to dive.

Suddenly, and without warning to the group watching, Alfred lunged. To Arthur, it was expected. He had felt the tension between them release, and knew what was coming a split second before Alfred moved. His speed spoke – he was not holding back. Arthur had to flatten himself against the wall to avoid the punch, aimed at his midriff. Two more punches followed, Arthur skilfully dodged each. The motives and consequences of the conflict were soon forgotten as Arthur lost himself to the fight. He grinned smugly at Alfred's failed hits, a cruel pleasure building within himself at his head's frustration. Soon, he felt empty air at his right. The living room. He ducked inside, and Alfred followed. It was time to do some damage of his own.


This is really late. Fucking Herodotus.

Re: Alpha Rut - 2/?

(Anonymous) 2016-10-06 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Late but good. I like how Arthur's using his brain to fight and how you described his plan, while Alfred is just using his strength. Fits their personalities.

I also liked the little snippet about the 'bad friends trio' too, and Gilbert and Antonio's amusement over Arthur's misfortune.

Re: Alpha Rut - 2/?

(Anonymous) 2016-10-20 09:12 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry this is taking so long. I've been impossibly busy, unis had working going 6 am - 10 pm trying to keep up. Looks like there's a bit of a lull in work load coming up, so hopefully will have the last parts up around next weekend. Sorry again!

Re: Alpha Rut - 2/?

(Anonymous) 2016-10-22 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm just grateful that someone responded at all, so there's no need to rush. :)

Anyway, good luck with your class work.

Alpha Rut - 3/?

(Anonymous) 2016-12-04 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much for your patience! I'm seriously sorry for keeping you waiting for so much longer than I said I would. Even prioritising university my classes have been going disastrously :S But I'm here now with part 3.


The room was not empty. Alfred didn't care. The nosy shits should have fled before the fight begun if they wanted to stay safe. Arthur could never fight without space, and it should have been obvious they'd have ended up here. He ignored Feliks scrambling over the couch and Lovino dragging his brother to safety between the closet and the bookshelf. It was all background noise – Arthur was his main focus, and honestly, it was hard enough to focus on anything through the red haze in his mind.

Alfred was pissed. Very, very pissed. The coffee table stood between himself and his target, and with a growl, he kicked it out of the way. It hit the wall, not exactly shattering, but still with enough force to lessen Arthur's infuriating smirk. He would have expected Arthur to be trying to calm him down, but instead, he was taunting him. But he was only hurting himself, Alfred supposed. It might have been difficult to think through the anger, but Alfred's ability to think didn't affect his ability to fight. It only affected his ability to sympathise with his opponent, to control the strength of his blows, and to realise when enough was enough.

With another growl, he lunged forward, fist cutting through the air where Arthur's head was a split second earlier. Arthur had ducked under his swinging arm, and was about to send a knee into his groin. The English alpha knew what to do against a stronger opponent, apparently, but he never made contact. Alfred already had a handful of his hair, using it to throw Arthur head-first into the ground. Arthur landed on his wrists and was up in a second, spitting angrily. Alfred was already swinging fists.

Arthur was argumentative – Alfred had long accepted that. Embraced it, even. Getting Arthur riled up was a great way to pass some free time. However, Arthur was also often out of line, and Alfred had long been getting close to the point of putting him in his place. Not in this way, though. In some much less degrading, much less serious way. But Arthur had asked for this. He'd gone too far today, and if this was what it took to keep him in his place, so be it. Alfred cared for Arthur like a brother, and the punishment may seem harsh, but he knew Arthur would cope. He'd struggle afterwards. He'd be knocked down a few places in the pack hierarchy. But he'd cope. Alfred may have been angered by Arthur's words, but he had been thinking logically when he had forced Arthur to follow through with the challenge.

A hit finally struck – but it wasn't one of Alfred's. As strong as he was, he wasn't quite used to being the one in pain, so he was momentarily stunned, despite all the adrenaline. If Arthur hadn't hopped away after the abdominal blow, expecting a retaliation, the Brit could probably have got in a few more punches. This pissed Alfred off – angry more at himself than at Arthur – and he launched forward, nearly sending Arthur back to the ground with a fist to the face. A swipe of Arthur's legs had more successful results, and something crunched in the Brit's arm as he tried to catch himself. The scent of pain flooded the air, but always having been tough, Arthur soldiered on, and was up and behind Alfred almost faster than the American could register.

Another attempt at his groin – Alfred assumed this was fair enough. He had possibly just broken Arthur's arm, and that satisfaction had cooled his rage a little. Alfred turned around, back to face Arthur, but was immediately met with a waiting fist to the throat. Alfred choked and made a grab at his oesophagus, leaving his stomach exposed to an impressively aimed kick in the kidneys. This caused Alfred, still grasping his throat, to stumble back a couple of steps. But embarrassment was only temporary, and it quickly turned into a rage strong enough to overrule any pain or lack of breath. Arthur was ready to strike again, but he never got the opportunity. With the speed Alfred had moved, he was lucky enough to have been able to avoid even most of the first to his face. Alfred had been aiming to break Arthur's jaw, but the as blood began to flow, he was satisfied enough to break Arthur's nose instead.

Something cracked when Alfred sent three swinging kicks into Arthur's ribs. The following one to Arthur's stomach had the Brit doubled over, but he somehow managed to quickly stand back up, close enough to land a couple of blows to Alfred's face. The closeness was probably unintended, just where Arthur happened to be when he managed to stand back up. Arthur was too smart to intentionally stand so close, because it allowed Alfred to grab him by his shirt and fling him into the wall, not unlike the coffee table earlier.

Coughing and looking a little frantic, Arthur stood, but Alfred was already on him, hitting rapidly. Arthur was entirely on the defence now, caught out and unable to dodge with the wall behind him. It was no longer a fight, but a beating, yet to Alfred's increased irritation he wasn't surrendering. Eventually, Arthur made a break for under his arm, trying to get back into the open centre of the room. But it was what Alfred had been waiting for, and he lunged after the smaller body, tackling it to the ground. Between the press of Alfred's chest and the scratch of the carpet, Arthur's body slowly stilled. Finally victorious, Alfred grinned viciously.

Alpha Rut - 4/4.5

(Anonymous) 2017-04-22 02:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry, I'm back from a long absence to close things up with the final parts, 4 and 4.5 :) I know it's been a while, but I'm working pretty much full time on top university and trying to get some gaming in so this is the first chance I've had in a while :D please enjoy!

warning: non-con!


Arthur's brain, which had worked so furiously throughout the fight, seemed to be shutting down. It felt like he was in the middle of a very bad dream, and with enough concentration, he could wake up. But the familiar post-fight aches and pains were far too real and far too sharp for this to be a dream. Instead of waking up from sleep, he woke up from his stunned dazed, head pounding where it was forced into the ground.

The position was not unlike grabbing an omegas scruff. It didn't grant the same total stillness and control, but it helped put an alpha into a more pliant state – vital to extracting an admission of submission. Arthur had been in this position as many times as he had held others in it. Usually adrenaline left, and you became easy and drowsy, admitting your defeat with a tired bitterness. But Arthur had only begun to lose his adrenaline before it came back at fear of what was to come. He kicked off immediately, which Alfred was apparently not expecting, because Arthur slipped from his grip. He didn't try to fight anymore, but scrambled across the room, Alfred running after him.

The American pounced, cat like, slamming him back to the floor. A jolt of pain shot through him, originating from a now injured ankle, and this time, he truly stilled as he was pushed back into the ground. Arthur wasn't sure where he was trying to go anyway. He had run in the opposite direction from the door. All there was a head of him was a wall.

“You're not going fucking anywhere,” Alfred growled into his ear, causing Arthur to flinch. The main thing that Alfred was notorious for in battle, despite his notable strength, was his viscous drive. It didn't always come out, and Alfred ended many fights with the usual handshake or slap on the back. But even so, he was known for it, because when you witnessed it, you couldn't forget it. Pleas and prayers would go unheard, cowering opponents would be continually beaten, and the fight wouldn't end until the other alpha was almost ended. Alfred's state of mind was clear, and Arthur couldn't quite process that he was on the bad end of it. He was completely stunned, in fact, to hear that edge in Alfred's voice. The one that warned that it wasn't quite Alfred above him. To even come to terms with the fact that he had lost and that there was no draw, after convincing himself so thoroughly that there would be, was hard enough. And to think about what was now inevitably to come was something that he was both terrified for and completely unable to comprehend.

“You're staying where you are. I've defeated you, understand?”

It was a demand for submission. Arthur didn't know what else to do but stutter “Y-yes.” Pain had muddled with fear, anger and irritation, and he could probably have vomited if his muscles weren't all so taught. All he could see was the carpet, but he could hear shuffling, and smell the discomfort and fear of the three others in the room, Feliciano, Lovino and Feliks, who hadn't made it out before the fight began.

Leave, then. It's safe now, Arthur thought desperately to himself, and so fast that it was almost in answer to his silent prayer, Feliks had creeped out from behind the couch and slipped out the door. Feliciano and Lovino followed quickly. The sort of atmosphere and pheromones that came about during an alpha scrap, or even a verbal argument, were not pleasant to betas and, even more so, omegas. Arthur was quite sure that Feliciano had been crying. Arthur felt like crying too, but he was about to wave goodbye to enough of his pride as it was. He was stunned, but he wasn't going to be a baby.

The living room door creaked again. Someone was already coming in. Arthur was angered enough by this indignity to twist around and growl at the intruders. To his surprise, it was not any curious alphas, but a gleeful looking Yao. The little shit had had it out for Arthur since they were kids, though he always kept his distance and taunted Arthur from afar. Meanwhile, Arthur's morales were too high to attack a beta, so he would verbally snap back instead. Still, despite he and Yao's genuine dislike for each other, that it was a beta who had been brave enough to first creep in had Arthur enraged. He hissed, wishing to lunge up threateningly, but Alfred's hands tightened on the back of his head and forced him further into the ground.

“Quit it. You're not threatening anyone in this position,”

Yao's smirk grew, and Arthur glared back. If you're so brave, why did you wait until the end of the fight to stick your nose in, he thought, but he didn't bother trying to speak with his face smothered in the carpet. He didn't even know if he was with-it enough to get a sentence out anyway.

The extra pressure eventually snapped the final rod of resistance in Arthur, and he went limp. It was what Alfred was waiting for, and he looped an arm under Arthur's waist to haul him up into a proper...position. It was really, really not what Arthur was wanting to happen. He could do just about nothing with his body now, whilst proper cognitive function was trickling back to him. By the time he could move and fight again, he'd be so trapped with Alfred around and...in...him that he wouldn't be able to get away.

Shit. It was all sinking in now. Alfred wasn't doing anything, and Arthur realised he wasn't hesitating, but waiting. For the smell of a violent fight to clear and pack-mates to know it was safe to come in if they felt like seeing what would happen if they disrespected their leader too. Arthur didn't even know what he was going to do. He couldn't face these people again after this. It made him sick to his stomach to even think about it. He wanted to follow Ivan and flee, but he didn't have anywhere to go, anyone to go with or any money to take. But perhaps living on the streets in some other city would even be better than waking up everyday to face his pack. God, he felt sick. Why had he been such an idiot?

He didn't even know what to expect. No-one talked about this. He'd never had anything...up there. It sounded painful. Omega's enjoyed it but alphas surely weren't designed for that. Would it hurt a lot, then? Would it feel good? He'd rather it hurt – being tortured in front of his pack was a small degree less humiliating than being pleasured. But what if it hurt too much – like actual torture. It was supposed to be intensely punitive after all, so maybe it wasn't just emotional punishment and would be too much pain to cope with. With potential dangers and impending doom rushing through his mind, Arthur found his breath speeding up rapidly. He could smell the desperate distress coming off himself.

Someone laughed.

“He looks like a frightened rabbit,”

Arthur snapped back to reality and the laugh made him growl. It was Gilbert.

“Ooh, now he's getting feisty,” and Antonio was there too, of course. Francis was missing, but Arthur was only momentarily surprised before he concluded that the prat was probably off gathering as many witnesses as could be found.

And of course, it wasn't just Yao, Gilbert and Antonio. Arthur cursed himself and his disagreeable nature as a couple of other enemies, Michelle and Vash, decided to join the room. Ludwig was there too, though he looked more unsure. Curiosity, Arthur thought bitterly. He himself had watched the incident with Ivan “curiously”, despite being uncomfortable. Now he knew how the Russian had felt at his presence as an unnecessary witness.

He wanted to snap out just a few small words at the group to let them know just how much they disgusted him, but he was still trying to get his jaw to unclench when he felt his trousers being torn down and everything in him freeze. He tensed in anticipation, fighting the urge to hurl. This was never supposed to happen to him. All he had to be grateful for was that his boxers had snagged at the front and he wasn't fully exposed to the witnesses. Alfred was already hard as he pressed down slightly on Arthur's leg and the Brit briefly wondered how this felt for him. Pleasurable? Probably. In a sexual way, or just from the pure satisfaction of violence and domination? Maybe both? The thoughts left his mind as quickly as they had entered it, overtaken by the rushing emotions and the absolute need to flee, a need that couldn't be acted on as he lay limp.

Then, something was prodding at his ass. Fingers spreading his cheeks apart and a foreign intrusion – his head alpha's cock, no surprise – lining itself up with what had been exposed. Arthur could feel his heart thumping as the emotions accumulated and he let out a very quiet, and very embarrassing, whimper of fear. He wanted to beg for this not to happen, but his body wasn't functioning enough to speak yet. In fact, it was only a moment later that he couldn't even think as Alfred swiftly enter him and he screamed in pain. The intrusion hurt more than anything else in his fight-weary body, burning as if he were being torn open, pain in an area where nothing was supposed to go. Not for an alpha, anyway. But not the scream, nor the sour spike in Arthur's traumatised scent, seemed to phase Alfred, who began pounding rapidly – frantically even – into his back end. At least let it be over quickly, Arthur prayed silently, each thrust feeling like he was being torn open all over again. That was, until, something inside him was struck, and he let out a little moan in surprise at the pleasure.

Above him, Alfred stilled for a moment, probably also surprised. The pause was only momentary, however, and he was moving at the same rapid pace, this time the burning reduced to the extent that it was sore, but not torturous for the British alpha. He was still internally reeling in confusion at the small instance of sexual pleasure, when the same thing happened again. He let out a small, confused noise and stared wide-eyed into the carpet as it happened again and again until the pleasure was a constant comfort and not confusing jolts of stimulation.

There was snickering, Arthur was dimly aware, but he had lost the will to care. He wasn't sure why. All his pains were still felt but no longer an issue; the panic and fear were gone and left behind was only the slight tinge in his belly that hinted that he wasn't in a good situation; he felt thoroughly dominated but nowhere near as humiliated as he should be. He didn't let himself moan, not even with his cock rubbing against his boxers and who knows what happening up his ass, but he couldn't stop himself from slamming his ass himself back to meet his head alpha's hips. Was it supposed to happen like this? Arthur couldn't think too clearly, but as his blurry eyes took in the room's other occupants, no-one was too surprised by his reaction. Just amused. It felt right too. He felt good about himself suddenly, that he was pleasing his head alpha, that he was letting go of the guilt and tension that came from stepping out of line, that he was accepting his punishment and being put back in his place. It all felt too, too good.

In an instant, the illusion shattered, and Arthur nearly vomited as he came in a few violent spurts. His body was exhausted and all the pain and emotion that had disappeared came back at one. He let out a soft cry as Alfred continued to pound into his limp form for a while, before Arthur felt a rush of warm cum inside him. The head alpha pushed off him immediately, but Arthur didn't move from him position, not sure how to get his body to react to all his sufferings. Arthur couldn't even look up at Alfred, couldn't even see how he was feeling after all of this. Arthur heard him sigh, however, as he hovered above him and feeling exposed, Arthur managed to gather enough strength to reach behind him and pull his underwear back up.

“Everyone leave,” Alfred ordered, his tone a rare display of no-nonsense sternness. The witnesses obeyed, and Arthur was suddenly fully aware of the level of degradation he had just suffered, and that other people had seen it. People that he had to wake up and face everyday for the rest of his life. Even pack members who hadn't seen it knew what had happened and he still had to wake up everyday and face them. He trembled slightly, wishing the carpet would consume him and he'd never have to face the world ever again.

“I'll have some of the omegas clean this place up when you're ready. Take all the time you need. I'll assign you a heat room for the next couple of weeks so you can recover in privacy. We can have a talk in a few days when you're more...with it,”

Arthur said nothing, didn't even move. Alfred hovered above him for a moment, probably hoping for some reaction, but when he got nothing, he quickly left. Arthur allowed himself to feel a small relief at the privacy as he got a better grasp of his functions. He didn't really move to much, but fully replaced his clothing to its proper place and curled up into a more pathetic, but more comforting position. He felt degraded and miserable and as long as no-one else was entering the room, he was intent to stay on the floor until it was the dead of night and every damn pack mate was fast asleep and out of his hair.

Alpha Rut - 4.5/4.5

(Anonymous) 2017-04-22 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
And our final, short finish. Oh the cheese :o I haven't even re-read this part cos I'm compeltely out of time, sorry :S


“Come on, get up,”

Arthur wasn't even aware that he had fallen asleep until a gentle press on his shoulder was shaking him awake. He was confused for a moment at why he was sleeping on the living room floor, until he smelt the stale scent of his own distress rubbed into the carpet. It all came back to him in a rush and he looked up wide-eyed and heart pounding into the face of his greatest frenemy. Somehow, through the unpleasant emotional rush, he managed a teary glare.

“What are you doing in here you slimy creep? It's over, there's no more pleasure for you to find here,” Arthur spat at him, but instead of arguing back, Francis ignored the insult entirely.

“Everyone is in bed, it's safe to leave if you don't want to bump into someone. Come on, Alfred's given you one of the heat rooms,” Francis looped an arm under Arthur's armpits and picked him off the floor, and out of sheer defiance at the idea of being half carried anywhere, Arthur shoved of the French alpha and stood on his own, injuries and all. Francis chuckled at this, and Arthur glared.

“Yeah, I'm sure it's fucking hilarious. Now get out of my face, coming to mock someone such a bad state makes you just as pathetic,” Arthur hissed, but Francis again didn't rise to the challenge.

“I'm not here to mock you,”

“Oh, I'm sure you're not. What is it then? A progress report for Gilbert and Antonio?”

Francis only sighed. “Honestly, I know we love to argue, but you should think higher of me than that. Do you think I refer to myself as your big brother just to annoy you? I've known you since before you could walk, this is hardly something I would want to see happen to you. I'm also not very happy with Gilbert and Antonio right now, and I'm going to make sure they don't give you any hassle over this incident. Just let me help you, I know your proud but right now you really need it,”

Arthur's glare wavered, before breaking completely. Francis's sincerity was unusual and surprising and Arthur was ever so slightly glad to have some normality to cling to as he recovered.

“Fine, whatever, take me to the heat room then leave me alone to sleep,” he grumbled, and Francis smiled affectionately back.

“Bath first, then sleep. I'm not letting you fall into a miserable pit of depression. You might be down for a while, but big brother will make sure you get back on your feet. Isolation isn't going to help anything,”

Arthur frowned, although he wasn't truly unhappy with the offer. Just miserable and embarrassed and kind of relieved that someone was offering to be a small light in the dark.

“Alright then, do whatever you want. But I'm going to start taking orders from you if that's what you think you'll get out of all of this,”

“Of course not, you're still my equal no matter what. But we do need to get that bath run before the sun rises and everyone is rushing for the shower, yes?”

“I said do whatever you want,” Arthur grumbled again, wanting nothing more than to wash the entire event off and get some sleep in a private room.

“That means hurry up and make a bath, yes? I know Arthur-language well-enough. It's the last room if you want to get settled, I'll come and find you when it's done,”

Arthur nodded stiffly.

“And Arthur – I don't see you any differently. I can't make any promises about anyone else, but I view you the same as I always did. I'll help take care of you for as long as you need it, but I'll never look down on you or pity you. So keep your head up, d'accord? It'll all blow over soon enough,”

“Yeah, okay,” Arthur allowed a very small and slightly strained smile. “Just...I don't want to think too deeply about it right now. Just a bath,”

“Of course, anything,”

“And it will all blow over soon?”

“Of course, these things always do,”

“All right. And...thanks,”

“It's nothing, go get settled. After a good sleep you'll feel better,”

“Yeah, after a good sleep,”

“Just promise me you won't let this ruin you,”

“I promise,” and Arthur meant it. He needed time, but when he re-emerged, it would be with an acid glare and his head held high.

Re: Alpha Rut - 4.5/4.5

(Anonymous) 2017-05-01 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
this was amazing. i truly loved it even if i don't ship them.
it was lovely how francis came to help and i even wonder what and how happened with Ivan. I would love to read that one tbh.
thank you for writing this.

Re: Alpha Rut - 4.5/4.5

(Anonymous) 2017-05-05 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D And thank you for reading when it's not your ship.

I won't have time to write the Ivan part, but I do have an idea of what happened floating around my head.

Essentially, Ivan out-right challenged Alfred. Alfred was pretty much subconsciously elected to head alpha by the rest of the pack, because of his strength and natural leadership abilities. Ivan was pretty shocked at this since he was, in his own opinion, stronger, smarter and all-round better. He was also already a sort of head alpha to his two beta sisters, and wasn't happy to step down. He put up with it for a little while, wanting stability for the rest of the pack, but snapped one day when Alfred ordered him around a little too much. He thought on it for a few nights, before deciding to challenge Alfred for his position.

Alfred was happy to accept the fight, and basically wrecked Ivan. Ivan, it turned out, wasn't nearly enough to stand up against Alfred's brute strength. Ivan was pretty strong himself, so unlike Arthur in this fic, was used to fighting with strength and not his brain. He was also not used to losing, and did not deal with the loss well. It was a pure punch-out, there was no dodging or strategy. They both came out of it pretty badly beaten, but Ivan was barely even conscious. He lasted a while in the fight, but only through sheer willpower and a high pain tolerance. But it at least meant he was only semi-conscious through the fucking part too.

Someone put him to bed afterwords, when he did fall unconscious. When he woke up, he took his sisters and left. They're doing pretty well for themselves now and are happier as a very small pack of three than in the big pack of orphans. Though Ivan struggles a lot with what he went through, he keeps it to himself and pretends he's over it for his sisters' sake.

If anyone wanted to actually write that part, even if it's wildly different from my own idea of it, I'd be glad :D