Someone wrote in [personal profile] hetalia_kink 2016-09-01 05:09 am (UTC)

Any/Any Hell 'Prostitute'

The catchphrase my friends know me as is "f*ck*ng h*ll b*tch*s"... So I want that! I want an AU where Person A fucks(aint swearing if you are using the meaning) Person B. Or vise versa. Person B is a Hell Prostitute... Its up to you if they love each other or will fall in love, or just plain old "I'm horny, your hot, let's fuck" if its the first or the third, I would prefer it to be shorter, though the first would be longer, and if its the second, please make it longer with loads of drama and angst! But a happyish ending. (And smut, need that!)

I don't really care about pairings but no usuk, franada, gerita, spamano
Preferred: dennor, hongice, norice/icenor, bela(rus)liecht(chenstien),

Bonus-Fem Person B, whether or not its Nyo is up to you.
Bonus-Person B is a demon, and Person A is in hell for no reason, and the kindest person Person B has ever met, even when they go on earth.
EXTRA SUPER BONUS I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER- Person A is Denmark and Person B is Fem!Norway(or regular, I don't care), or if Person A is Liechtenstein and Person B is Belarus!!!

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