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Any/any, astrological AU.

An AU in which one's zodiac sign is taken far more seriously than ours; one's birth chart is used as a strict mandatory guide for career choice, matchmaking, etc. If the nations are still nations and not humans, they don't so much have birthdays as founding days, and those are selected according to how the humans want them to be. It doesn't necessarily actually work; America doesn't come off as obviously Cancerian. The focal pairing either have been shoved together because of compatible signs (UK/US Taurus/Cancer?) or kept apart because of incompatible ones (Ger/Ita Libra/Pisces?) and join the rebellion against the system even if in the former case they come to realise it was right this time.

Here are the cast's birthdays:
My faves are UK/US, GerIta, HunAus, and Balticest, open to most pairs though.

Bonus: Asian zodiac. There are sites which describe the combinations of Eastern and Western signs, which would be extra work but would rock.

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