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Hetalia kink meme part 27

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part 27

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America, HRE; A conversation between a young nation and a dying empire

(Anonymous) 2017-03-13 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
I recently came to the realization that America and Holy Rome could have totally met each other at one point. After all, HRE didn't officially dissolve until 1806, and German immigration wasn't unheard of back in the day (especially during colonial times). Also, America already met Prussia so he almost definitely must have heard a little bit about him already.

Already there is a dichotomy between them:

A young, upstart nation who had just succeeded in defeating one of the greatest empires of their time in a battle for freedom. There are stars in his eyes, a bright smile on his face. He's a child renegade of a world of ancients and tradition and yet he towers above the rest with a fully grown body.

In contrast, the weary boy-empire with years behind his gait, his voice, his eyes. Every thing about him is regal dignity. His black cloaks speak of status (and they hide the bloodstains from all the wars, all the sickness, and he thinks -knows- he will die soon.)

All I want is a meeting between the two of them. How does it go? Do the things Prussia said about each other line up with reality? Do they have a debate of philosophy? Do they gossip about their crushes and skip into the sunset eating wurst and burgers? The possibilities are endless!

seconding this

(Anonymous) 2017-03-13 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
This sounds like an interesting prompt so second and hope someone fills.


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Felicest - omegaverse rough sex

(Anonymous) 2017-03-13 06:00 am (UTC)(link)
I want to see a Felicest fanfic (Luciano x Feliciano) where its in the omegaverse au and we have omega Feliciano in heat where Luciano finds him and decides to dominate and take him then and there
really i just dont care the setting or whatever but i just want to see this done. This au is great yet seems to only be done for usuk and this ship needs love.

Bonus 1: Luciano teases Feliciano a lot and makes him beg often
Bonus 2: Blindfolds and handcuffs are involved

Also im not sure if this is where i should be requesting but yes here it is
rare pairings need more love ngl

Re: Felicest - omegaverse rough sex

(Anonymous) 2017-07-08 08:27 am (UTC)(link)
The only thing worse than an Omega in heat was an Omega that had never been claimed in heat. There was something extra to the scents in the air that preyed on Alpha brains and drove them to stupidity. Many Alpha claimed that they could tell how many partners an Omega had and it dulled the scent, making a fresh Omega better. They were more intense and more servile, and it was an impossible experience to replicate. It was in high demand.

Science said that was stupid. Science said there was nothing different between the first time an Omega was knotted and the third, or the fortieth, unless the Omega had entered into a fluid-bonded partnership over many cycles. It was the lack of that bonded partnership that changed Omega and Alpha chemistry, not some myth about virginity, that drove Alphas in the area wild. There was nothing otherwise more or less sexually exciting.

Luciano had read the same damn things in highschool sex ed as everyone else, but it hadn't changed the fact that Feliciano was being stalked by seven different potential Alphas at once. It was early days yet; the scent was mild, but Feli turned heads wherever he went. His bright smile and easy manner masked the effect, but to non-Neuter people, it was obvious.

It wasn't the first time. That had happened years ago when Luciano and Feli had turned fifteen in horrible twin tandem. It was unusual for twins to fall on different ends of the hormone spectrum, but they were fraternal twins anyway and the situation had been miserable. Hormones over-rode all sense, and much was forgiven for that--but Luciano refused to be like the Alpha who expected to be forgiven being rude and violent just because a ripe Omega happened to be nearby. He learned control, just like everyone else, and he took the pills just like everyone else, and they'd gotten through it. It had been fine.

Feliciano should have been taking the pills, too.

Luciano felt like he was going to vibrate out of his skin. They were in the open air afternoon market. The morning sun had been mild, but noon had become uncomfortably hot and the afternoon retained the heat. He trailed behind Feli with a basket and some bags in his hands while Feli happily took his time lingering over tomatoes and cucumbers and talking with the familiar merchants. Most people out were Neuter, if only from the plain water quality to the smell of them, but plenty weren't.

Luciano watched a broad shouldered man slide around a street corner with dark, hungry eyes. He joined the shadows of people watching Feliciano move around the square like tigers watching a wounded deer. Luciano exhaled noisily and shoved up behind his brother, juggling bags to grab his elbow.

"Are you done yet?" Luciano demanded, trying to keep a growl of his voice and only half succeeding. Feli jolted, staring at him a moment, before breaking into a sunny smile.

"I think this is the last of the things we need," Feli replied, and turned back to pay for the tomatoes. THe light caught ont he change the farmer handed back to Feli, and Luciano felt the rough rumble try to climb out of his throat when the merchant's fingertips brushed Feli's hand. It was getting bad, and the rowdy feeling of his head being filled with cotton and the world turning to smears of light that bent around Feli like the corona of an angel were bad signs.

The dark eyed man slipped into view, showing teeth as he started towards them to start a 'friendly' conversation. Feli's head came up, turning with a smile and wide, guileless eyes to say hello.

Luciano shoved a basket into Feli's arms and grabbed him roughly by the elbow, turning him the other way.

"We're leaving," he said.

"But it's still so early," said Feli.

"I don't care," Luciano said, and he marched the two of them out of the square and down a shaded side-road. He could feel sweat gathering under his arms and on his neck, partly the heat and partly the scent glands under his skin starting to get active.

Feli stumbled along with him with a squawk and only token protests, but his eyes were getting a little glassy. Luciano swallowed hard and tore through back streets he knew like the back of his hand, avoiding people and the sound of following footsteps. He forced them down under a bridge to cross the narrow creek that ran through this part of town close to the water, hoping it might help disperse their combined scent.

An Omega was bad enough; the combination of an Omega and an unbonded Alpha was even worse. It brought out the displaying, competitive side of any Alpha without the pills that was nearby.

Luciano realized that Feli had been trying to talk to him for several minutes.

"--are we going this way? Luci, Luci, you're grabbing me hard," Feliciano was saying, but the distress wasn't present in his voice. Luciano would know.

"We're going home," Luciano ground out.

"But you passed the wrong street," Feliciano said.

Luciano pulled himself up short; he closed his eyes and forced himself to peel his fingers off Feliciano's arm. He could feel his control counting out and away from him. He put a hand over his eyes.

"Right. Come on, you idiot, did you forget your pills this morning?"

There was a pregnant pause.

Luciano, suspicious, opened his eyes to squint at Feliciano.

Feliciano had a fetching smile, slightly tipped sideways, with a glassy and wide look to his eyes. They didn't look guileless now.

"Oh you didn't," breathed Luciano.

"Home's this way," Feliciano sang out, walking away. Luciano followed him as if pulled on an invisible leash. The pills did a few things, and there were a few pills; one watered down the hormones in the body to balance out, like a Neuter. One prevented conception. Another was added into the cocktail during heat to dull the manic emotional swings.

Luciano was pretty sure Feliciano wasn't taking one of them.

He didn't remember getting to the house. They pushed through the door nearly on top of each other and entered into a space thick with the smell of the two of them; the laundry powder that Feliciano used, the shoes by the doorway, and the heady sweetness that lay over everything now that Luciano's Alpha senses were sharpening in the presence of an unbonded omega. How could he have missed it before? As Feliciano took the baskets into the kitchen, humming to himself with quite a bit of pleasure, Luciano found himself looming in the doorway staring at him.

Feliciano couldn't ever stop moving. In the green shorts, his hips moved back and forth in time, and Luciano couldn't stop staring at them.

"Feli," Luciano started, and then had to swallow. He was salivating; another bad sign.

"Yes, Luci?" Feliciano sing-songed back, turning to look back at him over a shoulder. Feliciano dropped it a little, head cocked coquettishly to the side. Luciano found himself staring at his pale throat.

"Feli, did you do this on purpose? I don't think I can hold back."

Feliciano paused and pursed his lips.

"Maybe a little," he admitted, and he was flushing high on his cheeks. "I'm tired of it and you smell good."

Luciano wanted to throttle him.

Then he wanted to do much worse.

"Feliciano, do you /want me/ to--"

Feliciano smiled. Luciano could see the difference in his eyes, the glazed look adn the way his mouth opened. His mouth was swollen a little, red, as if he'd been biting his lips.

Feliciano toyed with the top button of his shirt.

"Come get me," Feliciano breathed, and then he bolted for hallway and the stairs.

Luciano felt his body act before he could think to stop it; the combination of come on and flight was more than his poor brain could handle. He launched after Feliciano with a growl, following the trail of delighted laughter up the stairs.

When you were an Alpha or Omega, you thought ahead about some things. Alphas had surges of strength supplimented by an excess of certain hormones, which meant breaking a lot of things. Like beds. Particularly beds. And Omegas sometimes anticipated this kind of problem. They both had sturdy oak beds with tall posts with set in iron rings.

Sometimes the pills weren't enough, or didn't work right, or something went wrong and you had to tie an angry Alpha down. Or you had to lock up an Omega for their own good.

Feli almost managed to disappear into his room, but Luciano flew down the hallway. He grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back from the doorway and against him, and the breifest contact of skin and heat broke the last bits of his rational mind. He snarled in Feliciano's ear, and there it was; Feliciano's soft, breathy moan in response was all he needed to hear. He grabbed Feliciano around the waist, whirled him around, and marched him back down the hall to Luciano's room.

Re: Felicest - omegaverse rough sex

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(Anonymous) 2017-03-14 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
Make them fuck pls. Any kinks ok.

Denmark/Estonia, infantilism

(Anonymous) 2017-03-15 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
At least within the Hetalia canon, Estonia really wants to be a part of the Nordic Council. He would be the exclusive group's newest member, so, when he's inducted, the Nordics, especially Denmark, treat him as if he is a bit newer to the world than he really is (e.g., diapering him, making him wear childish clothes, just generally coddling him, etc.) Please don't make this sexual. And, don't involve spanking; that's a sensitive point for me. Bonus points if you include references to Polandball throughout (I know it's weird), use Danish and Estonian pet names, make Estonia wear typically feminine clothing, and/or make Iceland be initially averse to this crazy idea and gradually warm up to Little Estonia because he's so cute (or some more substantial reason. IDK.)

Any/any + unwelcome spectator

(Anonymous) 2017-03-16 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I want a slight spin on the whole "conquest = fucking" idea.
After getting invaded sex does happen between the two nations involved and in truth the two don't really mind, either they see it has something they just have to do for formalities sake or they might actually have feelings for each other.
However there's a problem for one of them, namely that there's a third nation there, watching them for their own sexual and/or psychological enjoyment. Maybe its someone else part of the empire or alliance. This third party is a cause for unease and/or embarrassment for one of the nations.

Bonus 1: One of the nations involved is a fem nation, genderbending allowed.

Potential filler

(Anonymous) 2017-03-18 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm not sure it's what you want, but the first thing that came to mind has to do with the building of the EU, and France and fem!Germany having to do the deed (since they're kinda the married couple of the Union, and the ones most at risk to go at each other's throat). One of the other founding nation would have to watch, not because they particularly enjoy it, but because nobody trust France and Germany alone in a room (previous occasions have proved that most of the time, one would try to kill the other). Would that be a fill you'd enjoy, or did I modify it too much?


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Re: OP

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The more, the merrier

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Useless notes about characterization and history

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Oops, two words in and already a big fail...

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OP here

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Re: The more, the merrier

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Author!Anon is so happy to see a new reader!!

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England/Italy - Hogwarts Smut

(Anonymous) 2017-03-16 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I just want a smutty fill of a Slytherin Arthur fucking Feliciano's brains out.
I don't mind what house you put Italy in, I personally see him as a Hufflepuff, but I've read really well-put together stories and explanations of him being in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and even Slytherin too!

The setting doesn't matter to me, it could be a quick romp in the abandoned castle halls, slow lovemaking in a dormitory, absolutely anything. It's up to you.

Bonus 1: Arthur is a Prefect or Head Boy.
Bonus 2: Arthur is cocky and teasing, and Feliciano is playful.
Bonus 3: They get caught near/at the end. Could be a teacher, another student/nation, the author's fursona, I'm ok with anything.

America/Netherlands - Love at an EDM festival

(Anonymous) 2017-03-18 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Electronic music beloved by America's youth, and the genre being a thing in the Netherlands for a long time before then, the two nations find love with each other at a festival together.

France & Algeria : love/hate relationship

(Anonymous) 2017-03-18 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
The fandom is in dire need of some African countries, so here is my request! Basically, something really angsty about how France really loved his former colony, but grew to resent and hate them after the was of independence.

Bonus 1: If you manage to stick Turkey somewhere in it (because of the Byzantine Empire days)
Bonus 2 : France envies Spain's friendly relationship with Morocco.
Bonus 3 : a bittersweet ending, with France realizing that they kinda share a people despite Algeria's hatred of him (because of the migrants).

Belarus/Liechtenstein And/Or Hungary/Ukraine - I Kissed A Girl

(Anonymous) 2017-03-18 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd like to see something written based on this song with BelLiech and/or UkrHun. Can be canon or Human!AU. Smut is optional but would be much loved.

America & Canada - brothers to confide in, and also to bitch about shit with

(Anonymous) 2017-03-20 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
While they can be asses to each other at times, America and Canada are as close as brothers can be. They confide in each other about their woes often, trust each other with their life, and they understand each other on a level no else quite has with them.

Of course, they can count on the other, on the occasion they need some extra steam to let out, to let them in their house and lend an ear at 3 in the morning as they pace back and forth, furiously ranting about their latest problem.

They're twins, and although America grew up more quickly than Canada, it's times like these where they take turns being the big brother.

Maybe America's new boss has yet again done some stupid thing to make his blood boil. Or Canada's pissed with some of his own politician's bullshit; really, could be any reason why one of them's upset. Just give me good hurt/comfort of one NA bro comforting the other c:

America & Canada - brothers to confide in, and also to bitch about shit with

(Anonymous) 2017-03-22 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
A little minifill but I hope it sticks close enough to what OP wanted. It's not the dramatic kind of hurt/comfort.


Canadas dream was taking a strange turn. He found himself surrounded by huge bumblebees. Not it wasn’t that scary, the bumblebees were flying around the large flower field and they had a certain cartoon-like look, making the huge bugs seem adorable rather scary, pollinating the flowers all over the field. If they only weren’t so loud!
Canada woke up, trying to wave his hand in front of his face. About a second later he realized that it was the vibrating noise of his cellphone that had suddenly entered his dream. He flailed his arm out to grab it. The bright light stinging in his eyes for a few seconds before he could see the caller ID.


He picked up straight away.

”Hey Matt! You awake?”

Clearly, he was not. He glanced at the alarm clock next to his bedside. Three in the night.

“Well I’m awake now….” He knew he could afford a crude remark, but then changed his tone to more concerned. After all America wouldn’t call him in the middle of the night unless it was something very important, or possibly very hilarious. But he had the gut feeling it was the former rather then the later. ”...What’s up Al?”

“Ah, well, it’s just...”

America was starting to trail away from the subject already. Canada could imagine what it was about, he could already see how this long rant about Americas new boss was going to play out. He watched the international news after all, and this wasn’t the first time if these last months that America had called him with a need to just talk about it.

“Go on.” He turned around to lie on his side. “You’ve already called me so I’m ready.”

He heard his brother laugh somewhat at the other end of the line.

”Right, Matt did you know it’s this whole thing about...

And so Canada took his time to listen to his brother talking for at least a good hour about the latest strange thing his boss had been up to. Canada just listened and occasionally provided some agreement for neutral follow up questions. Now wasn’t the time to talk critique or even trying to help his brother solve the problems. He just needed to talk, get it all out. The things that had happened and were actual facts and also what was just Americas own personal worries. The last part was actually the most important. Nations don’t have that many opportunities to talk about their personal worries.

Canada could imagine how it had gone down. America had gotten the latest news at word today, possibly in the afternoon. He had taken with like a champ with a smile, focusing on solutions rather then problems. Then possibly he’d gotten angry but not much. Then he had gone home, eaten and started playing video games, watching movies or just surfing the web, wanting to take his mind of things. Then suddenly he realized how late it was, but that he was still really bothered about what happened. So he accepted that distraction wasn’t helping enough he decided to call someone he could talk to. That someone was Canada.

After about an hour of talking America felt that he could calm down about all this. He asked how Canada was doing, Canada said he was doing alright. They started drifting of towards other topics like gossip between nations and tv shows they’d just watched. Eventually Canada remembered that he should probably get a few more hours sleep in before he had to get up to work, and told America he should probably do the same.
America on the other hand said he felt to awake to sleep and might as well set on staying up the whole night and take back the sleep tomorrow. It would at least make tomorrows work day more fun.

Despite being woken up in the middle of the night Canada was very appreciative of what modern technology could accomplish. When they were younger and when America felt that he just wanted to talk he would instead travel over to Canadas house without warning, and he also tended to stay there for a few days before he decided it was time to go back. Then the talks would come with about half a year interval instead, and Canada got to hear all the strange gossip America brought with him then instead.

Now when he thought back about it, it wasn’t to bad. He remembered being annoyed at his twin brother then and there, but now when he thought back about it they were all good memories. Not that everything was always pleasant and always peaceful, but it was a good memory all in all.

He looked over at the alarm clock on the side of his bed. He was actually feeling quite awake himself. If America was set on sitting up all night then he might as well help him if he wasn’t going to sleep himself. So he picked up his cellphone to call him back. Maybe he come come over with some syrup flavored coffee.


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Naniar+Hetalia crossover: Pevensie brothers and England

(Anonymous) 2017-03-22 09:04 am (UTC)(link)
I have been waiting for I don't know how many years and still didn't seem to get one of these. So I am requesting again.

Pevensie brothers meeting England, in any circumstances.

Re: Naniar+Hetalia crossover: Potential!Author!Anon

(Anonymous) 2017-04-29 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I love things like this! I'm currently working on another fill and I'm gonna be quite busy in the upcoming months so I don't wanna get your hopes up, but I may be able to fill this for you, if not I violently second it!

Do you have any bonuses?

Hetalia/Heathers crossover; anything goes

(Anonymous) 2017-03-23 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
I started listening to the Heathers album again and subsequently became re-hooked on it! So I want a crossover between Heathers and APH. I don't care how you do it, canon-verse blending or something high school AU or something else. Just make it happen.

Skeptical Bosses

(Anonymous) 2017-03-26 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
(Inspired by this prompt: https://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/81939.html?thread=503272211#cmt503272211)

As in, "So you're saying you're some kind of metaphysical manifestation of the spirit, ideals and expectations of the nation I have just been appointed to lead, and not just my weirdly youthful and patriotic aide? Pfft, get bent, man."

Seriously. In both canon and fanfics, ordinary humans like citizens, soldiers, and most of all country leaders seem to just accept, with zero difficulty, that a personification of their homeland exists - and as some pretty boy/girl looking bloke with a stereotypical personality to boot. The only human I remember to exhibit ANY doubt in canon is the man from "Though I May Depart, You Shall Remain" and even he seemed to have dropped the issue by the end of the chapter.

So I think it would be pretty funny to have one of the "bosses" to actually look around and ask what the hell is everybody smoking, what do you mean I have to listen to this lunatic's advice on how to run MY nation?? What the FUCK do you mean they ARE my nation??? WHAT IN GOD'S BLESSFUL TURD DO YOU MEAN THEY'RE IMMORTAL??? Don't waste my time, get back to work! Your new-guy hazing won't work on me!

Just deconstruct the hell out of the concept of personifications, guys.

Bonus: the nation keeps trying to convince their boss that they ARE in fact the personification of their country, but the boss just continues to refute them with increasingly reaching rationality.

Bonus 2: The boss eventually sees the light just as the nation is about to give up, and their consequent breakdown from the truth is GLORIOUS.

Re: Skeptical Bosses

(Anonymous) 2017-04-01 01:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I like the idea of this! Are there any particular characters you'd like to see?

Re: Skeptical Bosses

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Re: Skeptical Bosses

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Re: Skeptical Bosses

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It's All About the Delivery (2/?)

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It's All About the Delivery (3/?)

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Re: It's All About the Delivery (3/?)

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Re: It's All About the Delivery (3/?)

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It's All About the Delivery (4/?)

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Re: It's All About the Delivery (4/?)

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Re: It's All About the Delivery (4/?)

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Germany/Prussia; based off Anastasia

(Anonymous) 2017-03-30 07:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Gilbert is given the task of locating the heir of the Holy Roman Empire after he went missing in battle years ago, as Gilbert was the last person to see him alive. If Gilbert can't find him, he'll face death, so Gilbert is willing to do just about anything, even finding an imposter.

When he meets Ludwig, the other is a dead ringer for who he's looking for, but knows nothing of his past - so Gilbert convinces him that he could be heir to the empire. As time passes, Gilbert realizes that Ludwig's actually the person he's been looking for all along, and in doing so, finds himself faced with keeping the past a secret from him.

Can be brothers or unrelated.

Re: Germany/Prussia; based off Anastasia

(Anonymous) 2017-04-02 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded! Just as long as there's no Germancest. Actually, it would be better if there weren't any pairings at all.

SuFin -Family fluff.

(Anonymous) 2017-04-04 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
I haven't seen any family fics for quite some time. So, I would like for something to be written for these two and their little family of them, Sealand and Ladonia. The other Nordics can have little cameos too.

Re: SuFin -Family fluff.

(Anonymous) 2017-04-05 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh gosh, you really hit a weakspot with me here for Hanatama family fluff! Do you have a preferred human name for Ladonia? Because I'm totally interested.


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Wendigo!Canada &/ any, angst.

(Anonymous) 2017-04-05 12:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Everyone is intentionally mean and standoffish to Canada; not because they're afraid of him, it's not like he could permanently harm immortals. But to a supernatural being, a metaphor is as effective as a fact, and the wendigo will die if one melts its frozen heart.

Strong preference for Canada/Cuba, also like AmeCan or gen, anything else is also fine.

America+Canada OR Romano+Veneziano: Switching places for a prank

(Anonymous) 2017-04-07 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
For an April Fool's Day prank or any other reason to prank the other nations, two brothers that look alike decide to switch places for a day. They dress like the other brother and act out some of the mannerisms.

This can be a lighthearted fic, but I'd prefer a more serious one. Maybe Nation A learns a bit more about his brother by seeing the way people treat Nation B. Maybe it becomes something compulsory, and they continue to do it less as a prank and more as an escape. For example, Canada needing to be noticed for a day, and America needing to get away from sensitive history and criticism.

1) Going on a date with their brother's romantic partner, which causes them to question their own relationship with their current partner (ie. Veneziano going on a date with Spain and realizing Spain gives him lots of affection and doesn't consistently shut him down the way Germany does)

2) GUILT. If the first bonus is used, maybe feeling guilt over being attracted to their brother's partner, or for deceiving said partner into thinking they are someone they aren't, or for losing feelings for their current partner

Re: America+Canada OR Romano+Veneziano: Switching places for a prank

(Anonymous) 2017-04-07 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh, this is a really interesting premise, OP! Seconded! Hope it gets filled.

Possible filler for Canada + America

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Sealand + Latvia - Fluff

(Anonymous) 2017-04-08 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I would like some fluff written about these two please. Can be a pairing or just friends. I'd prefer canon, but Human!AU is fine too.

Norway, Frozen AU (sort of!)

(Anonymous) 2017-04-10 06:45 am (UTC)(link)
In another universe, the fantasy film... was based off of none other than the nations' misadventures. I'd like to see Norway as Elsa, but otherwise feel free to go wild! Human names preferred.

Bonus 1: Britain as Hans. (Bonus 1.1: An magical battle near the end)
Bonus 2: At least a cameo for all other members of the nordic 5.


(Anonymous) 2017-04-14 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
If I ever get the courage to fill this, it will be an angst-filled ride...!

Re: Norway, Frozen AU (sort of!)

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Alfred F. Jones, Maniac Pixie Dream Guy

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America is, as even his harsher critics might admit, has an undeniable charm. He's loud, he's oblivious, and he buts his head into others' business at times.

But his quirks can just as often be endearing as they are annoying; you've never met a person so brimming with life as America when he's raving about space or any other topic he's interested in. Whenever he brings up his outlandish plans at meetings, his eyes seem to glint with both mischief and a pure, even innocent belief that it just... might... work! Whenever he gorges on burgers he also hands them out when he's full - because no one deserves to go hungry, so they should all try one of his awesome burgers!

Most of all, he has a genuine, wholehearted belief in being a hero and helping people who need it - despite the several mistakes he has made throughout history in that department, and the almost never ending list of issues he faces today. His optimism is baffling, but it's just that childlike zeal and brilliant smile that draws people in.

He HAD to have been someone's Maniac Pixie Dream Guy at one point.

And it's not as pretty as it seems.

Maybe it was a human, maybe it was another nation. Either way, give me someone being absolute taken by this strange, lively boy. Give me someone being SO taken by him, in fact, that they use him to entertain themselves and brighten up their own lives with hardly any regard for his own feelings. Because he's so happy and spontaneous, and so seemingly unfazed by everything; it would escape anyone that he could have thoughts of anxiety, of worthlessness. That his image is partly crafted, that to some extent he hides his deep insecurities under his cavalier attitude. That he even HAS any feelings beyond what he exhibits in public.

Bonus: Alfred calls the person out on their treatment of him, and absolutely stuns them with the anger and hurt that he has pent up.

Bonus: It doesn't end in tragedy

Freedom isn't Free 1a/?

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Note: Before anyone comes to any conclusions, the person I am about to depict is not representative of any real life personalities. That is all.

When Henry Clayton was young, he wasn't all that ambitious. There were no grand, philosophical thoughts, or Machiavellian plots for the world at large. Instead, he simply kept to himself, ate lunch in a corner, and was for the most part invisible. All in all, Henry was the typical teenage boy, lazing his way through the drudgery of public school.

However, that would all change in one sleepy Monday morning.

Usually Henry would ignore his boring History teacher and take a nap on his desk like any other flake. However, right as he was about to drift off to dreamland, there was one question that seized his attention:

"What makes America great?"

At first, no one raised their hand, and most everyone was far too hesitant to answer such an intimidating question. Yet, as soon as that one shy girl tentatively raised her hand, responses began to flow in.

One brown-eyed boy said that America was great because of it's military might.

One red-haired girl said that America was great because of it's equality.

Even the shy chick gave what seemed like an inadequate answer to Henry, saying that America was great because of it's freedom.

The shy girl was completely ignored as the red-haired girl and the brown-eyed boy fought the other. Soon, the entire discussion flew apart, becoming a complete war zone before his very eyes. The left and the right side of the room flung idiotic, childish insults at the other, devolving the room into nothing more that a mud-slinging fight to the death. The answer burned in his throat, begging to be released, He stood up, and marched right in the middle of the two opposing sides.

"Stop! All of you are horribly, stupendously wrong! America isn't great because of it's military! We fight pointless wars, screwing the world over just to expand our oil empire. America isn't great because of it's economy, our national debt is through the roof, and we basically owe the clothes on our backs to every damned nation there is. America isn't even great for it's freedom, because we never had any. No, you know what I say? I say that America was never great at all!"

That one answer reverberated throughout the class, and from that day forth Henry was held up on a pedestal as one of the 'cool kids'. His snide, sarcastic remarks formed his persona from that of the poor misunderstood loner to that one sexy nerd that absolutely wrecked everyone, and he rode on that horse all the way to his adult life.

From high school, he went to college, intent on getting a degree in STEM. However, due to his lazy nature, he dropped out twice before he was pressured into becoming a lawyer.

Henry hated his job with an infinite burning passion, and so he sucked horribly at it. He would lose cases left and right. They got sued by the boatloads while his competitors would strike it rich, sneering at him as they did it. This infuriated Henry, but he could never release his anger. He bottled all of his negative emotions into a tight ball, never letting them go. This caused him to become apathetic to the woes of his inner being. He grew lazy once more, and looked for an easy way out of his sorry situation. Thus, like any other criminally incompetent boob, he sold his soul and went into politics.

Politics destroyed whatever sense of humanity Henry had in his shriveled, blackened heart. Day in and day out, he backstabbed his way from his dinky home town in Idaho all the way to the Senate, committing fraud and embezzling thousands upon thousands of dollars as he suckered every gullible fool who voted for him. He eventually became so prolific, and so notorious, that dear old Henry had to make a few friends in high places to save his ass. From there, he cheated his way onto the Iron Throne itself...

"I present to you our new President of the United States, Henry Clayton!"

The writhing masses cheered in blind ecstasy, proud of the lesser of two evils that they had chosen. Donkey or elephant, blue or red, the people saw the Elections much as they would see the Super Bowl. And why wouldn't they? Both sides were wings of the same bird of prey. It was the same vulture that fed off of the global carcass, and it painted itself into a blackened, colorless canvas, turning the game of politics into a game of cards.

A day after the Inauguration came to a close, the new POTUS stood in the privacy of the White House, facing what looked to be a naive, wet-behind-the-ears intern.

He stood, confused as to why the Secret Service even let this asshole in, when suddenly, all of the darkness turned to light.

The boy before him had a wide, pearly white grin, and his blue eyes glittered with pure happiness. His ensemble, an old, worn bomber jacket along with a beige suit that came straight out of the 1940s made his very aura shine with an epic, heroic gallantry that was never seen nor felt before in his entire life. For the first time, the jaded, corrupt politician was enchanted. His grey, cynical, monotonous view of the world turned into a colorful masterpiece as the young 'intern' gave two thumbs up and opened his mouth...

"Well howdy there Mister Prez, I'm soooo excited to finally work with you! Ahahahaha! My name's America! Nice to meet cha!"


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Freedom isn't Free 1b/?

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A Country being the victim of a Red Room

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Yeah, so this is a really messed up idea. I basically want a country (would really love it to be England, if possible) being kidnapped and forced into a Red Room, and lots of awful things happen to them by the requests of others. I'm looking for rape and torture, basically. It'd be quite cool to see the chat and requests as well!
If you don't know what a Red Room is, it's basically like a private website where there is live footage of a victim and torturer(s). People watch it and can request what they want to see happen to the victim.
So yeah... Sorry for this...

Re: A Country being the victim of a Red Room

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Cos I'm a sicko, seconding!

Re: A Country being the victim of a Red Room

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Re: A Country being the victim of a Red Room

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Re: A Country being the victim of a Red Room

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Sealand/Wy - Fluff

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I'd like to see someone write some SeaWy fluff. Can be canon or Human!AU.

Canada/Nyo!America - Incest

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I want Canada to fuck his sister.
I want America to be a tease until our gentle quiet boy can't take it anymore. I want him to grope her and fondle her, I want him to be grabby, and I want the taboo.
I want her to love it.

My preferred human name for Nyo!America is Amelia.

Bonus1: Breast-groping, titty-fondling, booby.
Bonus2: No condom, he cums inside her. Please describe it.

Re: Canada/Nyo!America - Incest

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Kinda sorta really into this. If I find some time this summer, I'd love to try my hand at this.


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UsUk + Virgin Islands - Family Fluff

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I don't think anyone's really explored this family set-up before and I think it's time somebody did. So, I'd like something written about America and England being parents to the Virgin Islands. Would prefer VI to be their biological child. However, if you're not ok with Mpreg, she can just be their adopted child.

Norway/OC - Patriotism

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Nations can sense the patriotism from their citizens. Norway discovers one human has patriotism towards him - but s/he isn't his. Norway finds this attractive. I want Norway and OC to get together. Smut is optional.

Bonus 1: OC isn't unpatriotic to/doesn't hate their own country.
Bonus 2: The OC's country finds out.
Bonus 3: If smut occurs, the OC recites some of Norway's national anthem during it.