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Dusting Out Ye Olde Book of Rules

Updated 17 November 2011

      Want to post, but not sure how to start?
      Here's a
step-by-step guide for exactly what to do!

Etiquette of good and proper behavior for a kink meme
If these rules are not followed, your comments may be deleted

This is probably the most important rule of a kink meme: 
If you make a request please try to fill at least one other request.
If we all work together we make many more people happy. Even if you've never done a fill before, give it a shot! It might be fun, and certainly will make someone else happy. It also keeps the artist!anons and the author!anons from feeling overwhelmed.
General Posting Guidelines
  • No flames or general nastiness. 
  • This isn't the place for it. Hold the trolling and wankbaiting. Let's all try to be mature and nice here, ok? If you don't like a pairing or kink, just scroll past it.
  • Please remain anonymous at ALL TIMES: when posting fills, requests, AND comments.
  • If you don't know how to do this, see the LJ FAQ. If you are the author / artist of your fill, you are of course free to post it wherever else your heart desires, anon or not, and optionally share a link to that location after the end of your completed fill.
  • Try to keep conversations to a bare minimum when it doesn't directly involve the request or fill in question.
  • Obviously a question to the OP from a potential filler is great. So are comments on the fill. But talking about how you had a dream that your best friend's grandmother was going to request the same thing isn't really relevant and just uses up comment space. Please use your discretion.
  • No request is to have more than two seconds.
  • This is to save comment space.
  • Enjoyed a fill? Leave a comment.
  • This is not only good manners but makes the fillers happy and encourages them to fill more.
  • If you notice a request has been double posted, or is very similar to a previous request:
  • please link the original to the requester and the repeat to the mods.
  • Please generally stick to English in fills, requests, and comments.
  • Please remember that this is an English language community. Fills can have other languages in them but the majority of the narrative should be English. If you choose to use foreign languages, please provide English translations whenever possible.
On the topic of fills:
  • Multiple fills per single request are just dandy!
  • There is no need to ask if the requester would mind a second fill or if the other filler will be offended that you also want to fill the same request.
  • Fanart is always welcome.
  • Include a warning if your fill includes triggery content.
  • Such content includes but is not limited to shota, non-con or dub-con, permanent character death, etc.
  • If you fill a request or update an in-progress fill, please post a comment in the most recent FILLS LIST so we can archive it.
  • Even if it is completed, the one-shot or update MUST be posted here.
    • Please include the characters/pairing and kink in your comment.
    • Remember to also include which Part of the meme the request came from.
    • If you are posting an update, please clearly label it as such so that mods do not confuse it with a new fill when calculating request freeze totals.
    • Also if posting an update, please use your discretion about how often you post to the fills list; a reasonable guideline is no more than once per page AND per day. This is to avoid spamming with multiple updates of the same fill. 
  • If the fill is completed and/or is a one-shot, please post a comment in the FINISHED FILLS LIST.
    • This does not substitute for posting your one-shot or final update in the Fills list - all fills and updates should be posted there!
  • In the comment, please include:
    •  A link to the request
    • A link to the fill, including the links where ALL PARTS of a multi-part fill can be found.
          If you fill a request from a closed Part 
 Do not post your fill in the closed Part!
Post your fill in the most recent Past Part Fills post, remembering to post a link to the original request at the top of your fill. 

If there is comment space available in the closed Part, reply to the request with a link to the fill so the OP and indexers can find the fill.

On the topic of requests:
  • Only post requests in the newest Part of the meme.
  • Requests posted in closed parts will be deleted.  
  • Follow the request format:
    • Subject line: PAIRING/CHARACTER(S) INVOLVED and a KINK
    • Comment body: 200 words or under detailing your request.
      • Necessary definitions/historical background do not add to your word count if clearly separated as such. 
      •  You are allowed up to three "bonuses" in your request. These bonuses also do not count towards the word limit.
    • Please be advised that noncompliant requests will be frozen and then deleted.
  • Get to the point with your request.
  • Obviously what you did in school today is irrelevant to the request but we also don't need to know how you came up with the idea, how few A/B pairing requests there are, or why your request is especially deserving of being filled.
  • Please always have ONE request per comment, no more and no fewer.
          An example of what is appropriate:   
Request: Rome/Germania with a goat   
I would love to see something with Rome, Germania and a goat.     
Preference on humor and smut isn't really a priority. (though please no bestiality).  
Kink is involving a goat in
the situation. Thank you very much!
An example of what is not appropriate:

Request: Rome/Germania or Greece+Turkey+Egypt   
Prompt one: I'd like to see something with Rome, Germania and a goat  
Prompt two: I'd like to see something with Greece, Turkey and Egypt discovering the lost city of Atlantis. Bonus: the city can be underwater or buried in the desert. (what it's doing there is up to anon).
This example has two different ideas going on in the request which aren't related and therefore inappropriate. Those two requests belong in separate comments. 
  • We do not allow "Anything Goes" Requests.

    An example of what is not appropriate:  

    Request: Rome/Germania, Anything  
    I'd like to see anything involving Rome/Germania  

    This example doesn't actually have a kink or a prompt. Come up with a  specific request of some sort, not just "this pairing" or  "anything but this pairing."!
  • On the subject of excluding pairings in requests: "any/any" vs. "various pairings" 
    If the number of characters/pairings excluded is three or less, you are still allowed to label your request as an Any/Any request.

    An example:

    Request: Any/Any with a goat
    Something involving a goat in the situation. Please no Rome/Germania or Bulgaria. 

    If you have more than three excluded pairings/characters, please lable your request "Various pairings."


    Request: Various pairings, with a goat
    Something involving a goat in the situation. Please no Rome/Germania, Bulgaria/Cuba, Seychelles/Hong Kong, Amecan, Spamano, Gerita, Sufin, Lietpol, and no Iceland or England  pairings. 
          Don't use pimped out fonts for requests please.  
Bold, caps lock or italics are fine, but please keep the font size at the default value and colour. You can use blinking, moving, sparkling text -- whatever font modifications you want -- to thank an anon for filling your request  by means of a reply though.
           Use indexes to make sure your request, or something similar, hasn't been requested before.  
 Also avoid making requests that differ from another by slight details -- it's discourteous to fillers who have to wade through pages of "Variations On A Request". If you want to remind people about a forgotten request, you may repost it in the repost journal, following the format there.
          Please wait at the VERY LEAST 6 months before requesting events based on IRL tragedies. 
Please use your discretion when requesting events based on real life tragedies. Remember - there may be anons on the meme personally affected by these events. Mods will decide on a case-by-case basis if requests dealing with an event over six months old is still "too soon." Requests dealing with ongoing humanitarian crises are also subject to possible deletion.

Meta-Meme and Mods
  • A part closes at 50 pages, which is over a thousand requests.
  • A request freeze may be implemented every five pages if necessary to maintain a minimum ratio (number to be determined by the kink meme's current circumstances) of fills to requests. If fills have kept pace with requests, there will be no freeze.
  • If you think you can help us out or think that we could improve how we do things around here:
  •  Please contact us through the mod contact/suggestion post. We take your recommendations and opinions seriously. We probably won't respond to comments that are not posted in that thread.
  • If you notice a dead link, de-anon, misfire, nthing on requests, or developing wank: 
  • please let us know via the mod contact/suggestion post so we can do our best to remedy the issue.
  • Made a mistake and need something deleted? Want to repost an edited version of your fill?  
    Contact us at the mod contact/suggestion post with a link to your flub/old fill and we will delete it for you.
  • When PMing this account
  • remember to have your message center settings set to allow incoming messages.
  • Up-to-date indexes are useful navigational tools, aren't they?
  • Help keep one current by pointing out missed requests/fills, regardless of whether it's official or not.
  • If something seems unclear, please ask us about it at the mod post
  •  Besides your own edification, that can also help the mods keep the rules phrased clearly.
  • Everybody has different opinions when it comes to concrit on the kinkmeme.
  • Why not avert potential misunderstandings by adding a quick "concrit welcome"/"no crit please" at the beginning or end of a fill, or by first asking the author of an active fill if they would like a critique?
  • No matter if it's deliberate trolling or sincere wankery, Do Not Engage.
  • Report flaming and wank if you see it, so that mods can delete it before it eats the meme. Please remember that getting involved yourself just makes the mess worse.
  • The meme keeps growing, but the staff roster doesn't
  •  Every teaspoonful of help that you, dear kinkmemers, can offer -- whether it be suggestions or offers to help index -- we mods welcome it! Thank you for making this meme possible. :)

A Further Note
If you would like to start your own kink meme related index please go right ahead, we won't stop you. If you need some help/advice or want to affiliate with us, send us a message and time permitting, we'll see what we can do.

To those of you who notice stray grammatical blips, thank you for pointing them out.
Dear anons, please realize that the mods at [personal profile] hetalia_kink  are flawed and human. We all have real life to deal with and honestly, all of us are drowning in our university course work. We can't monitor the community all the time. Please behave maturely and try not to antagonize each other.  Modding this sort of community takes quite a bit of time with the huge influx of comments we get every hour.

Think we missed something? Does something confuse you? Have another question not addressed here?
Give us a shout over at the
mod contact post, and we'll see what we can do. 
Keep on going, guys, and remember to be nice and have fun.