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Hetalia kink meme part 24

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 24


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(frozen comment) Rome/Germania -- Goats

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(This is a model request. Please follow this format when requesting yourself: Pairing/character(s) and kink/prompt in subject line, BRIEF elaboration in message -- stay under 200 words and 3 bonuses. Historical background or definition of words, which can be removed without changing the prompt itself, won't count toward the limit.)

I'm requesting something humorous involving the above. Doesn't have to have smut, but smut would be nice.

Germany/Any (or Germany/None) - drinking beer and relaxing

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Germany seems like he's so tense most of the time, so anon would love to see a fill where he just kicks back, loosens up, and drinks a nice, relaxing beer. This could be an after-meeting meet-at-a-bar type thing, or someone forcibly dragging him out to relax, or, well anything! Just show him letting his hair down a little. (He has to let his guard down sometime, right?)

Any pairing is okay, having no pairings are okay, go wild!

Fill- Big Brother 1a/2

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A/N I might throw in the occasional non-English word, but I'm not comfortable enough writing accents to attempt them and possibly offend a native speaker, I apologize for ruining the integrity of their speech, but I'd rather do that than upset someone.

Big Brother
Part One

This could not go on like it was. West was running himself into the ground, and he the awesome Prussia would not stand for it any longer.

The look on Italy and Japan's face when their drill Sargent of a trainer was hog tied and dragged away by a whistling Prussia was absolutely priceless. Pictures would be sold on the black market for years, the source a subject of hot debate in world meetings for decades to come.

"Want to go get some pasta?" Italy offered hospitably after a few moments of silence.

Japan nodded, "Hai." He agreed politely.

Meanwhile there was much swearing in German, and a lot of struggling against the ropes binding him as the blonde haired blue eyed nation attempted to free himself from his older brother's demented capture. It was no use though, who do you think taught Germany how to escape from bindings in the first place? There was no way he was going anywhere until Prussia was good and ready to let him go.

It was one very disgruntled Germany that was shoved into a chair. Prussia had his hands tied behind his back, pinned between his body and the sturdy chair, several ropes went around his torso further securing him to the frame of the offending piece of furniture. His ankles were bound together, no matter how sturdy the chair, it was a rookie that secured their prisoners legs to the object they were tying them to as that was often the strongest body part. The knot at his ankles was cleverly tied to leave a trail of rope long enough to loop back around and tie off to the knot at Germany's wrists through a gap in the back of the chair. Judging by the set up and proficiency, Prussia had done this before, just never to his little brother. Now Germany was glaring at the grinning Prussia, even that little yellow bird that always hovered around Prussia seemed to be gloating. Stupid bird. Birds shouldn't be able to gloat, been hanging out with Prussia for far too long.

"Are you going to be a good little West and listen to me if I untie you?" Prussia teased, earning a wave of insults and cussing from the younger German. "Nah, of course not." Prussia answered his own question.

He circled the tied up Germany, thinking over the problem presented to him. Freeing his hands was a bad idea, but he'd had such an awesome idea when dragging him off; now what? Hmmm, this might freak him out, that was always fun.

"You need to relax West, calm down, spend some time with your awesome brother, drink a beer or two, and hey here we are!" A wide I-am-up-to-something-and-you-are-the-something grin crossed Prussia's face, and his ruby eyes gleamed as he stalked over to Germany a bottle of fine German beer clasped in one hand, a mug in the other.

Fill- Big Brother 1b/2

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Re: Fill- Big Brother 1b/2

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Fill- Big Brother 2/2

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Re: Fill- Big Brother 2/2

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England thinks he is different Shakespeare characters

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Whatever reason you like, but an accident causes England to think he is different Shakespeare characters depending on which Nation he is with.

With America, England thinks he is Romeo and America is Juliet to America ever annoyance

Rest for nations, surprise me!

Re: England thinks he is different Shakespeare characters

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I might try this if I ever have free time... seems like a lot of fun to be had

Greece/Japan - nipple play

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Greece either playing with or licking/biting Japan's nipples.

Bonus if he's trying to get some sort of specific reaction out of Japan.
Another bonus if Japan comes just from that.

Re: Greece/Japan - nipple play

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Oh... I think I'll try this one.

America x Norway- trying to make him laugh

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America trying to make Norway laugh at any cost.
Smut/fluff/it's all good.

Re: America x Norway- trying to make him laugh

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Oh, this sounds cute!
I may have to give it a shot. I'll aim to start this weekend. c:

Smile [1/?]

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Re: Smile [1/?]

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England/any - his brothers get chatty with his one night stand

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After a few drinks, England takes another nation home for a bit of how's-your-father. In the morning his lover is not in bed when he wakes up and England assumes s/he left. He goes downstairs to find his lover in the kitchen having breakfast with Scotland and Wales. Scotland and Wales proceed to embarrass the shit out of him by doing things like expressing surprise that he bagged such a hottie, asking his lover if England still farts in bed, scolding England for not getting up early and making his lover breakfast etc.

Bonus: England and the other nation have been together for a while, but he never brought him/her home because he knew this would happen.

Bonus 2: The other nation regrets the one night stand and was actually trying to sneak out when Scotland and Wales spotted him/her.

In Which the 1485 Kilt Incident That We All Promised Not to Talk About is Talked About

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Hope OP doesn’t mind England/Belgium.

Arthur woke to laughter and the smell of breakfast from downstairs, and an empty bed.
The smell of breakfast was a little odd, but the empty bed was extremely worrying. So she didn’t want to stay. Ah, well. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t snuck out on his share of one-night stands, but this was different. He had hoped Lotte would stick around. She was nice, they had actually gone on dates- well. What happened, happened. So Arthur slid out of bed, tugged on a bathrobe, and padded downstairs-

And there were James and Owain telling Lotte about the renowned 1485 Kilt Incident over waffles. It took a little while for this to fully register in Arthur’s groggy, slightly sleep-deprived mind, but when it did, he lunged at James, shouting “Oh God no no no don’t tell her about the plover-”

Too late. Owain grabbed Arthur around the waist and shoved half a waffle into his mouth, while James blithely continued, “So then Arthur’s gone through all my brandy- and I’ll have you know, it was expensive back then- but anyhow he’s heard about how Herakles’s aunt had people shoving foxes down their togas to toughen them up and maybe I’ve had a few also but we’re on a hill and he says ‘I wanna be all tough’ so we’re looking but all we can find is this bird and then-”

Arthur tried to yell around his mouthful of waffle- which actually was quite excellent but that was not the point- and managed to produce “Mmph, mghph!” Lotte, who had been giggling and pushing the remains of her breakfast around, finally looked up.

“Ooh, Arthur, good morning! I made waffles- wait, never mind, you know that already.” She gestured at James, who had paused for a moment in his storytelling, and Owain, who had let go of Arthur. “Why didn’t you ever introduce me to your brothers?”

Owain looked from Lotte to Arthur and back again, smiling toothily. “Arthur! Shocked, I am- you have attracted a genuine woman! Why didn’t you tell us?” He turned back to Lotte. “So, tell. D’you have any drunken-Arthur stories we’ve not heard?”

The Belgian’s grin widens further, a little alarmingly. “Well, two weeks ago he was visiting-”

“Oh, so that’s where you’ve been when you say you’re on business!”

“-and we decided to go see my brother Mathijs. So there we were, in Amsterdam, and I said ‘why don’t we go out for a few?’, so we did. And Arthur said he could handle hard liquor and I was a little doubtful but this was the first time we’d actually gotten around to drinking so I said ‘show me’-”

James and Arthur say “Oh God” simultaneously.

“-and one shot of vodka each later I was perfectly fine and he was screaming at invisible things and wailing over some war about an ear.”

At this point, Arthur decided that there was nothing he could do to stop the others from telling these stories aside from hope Owain didn’t mention the Infamous Westminster Rum Incident of 1880. He sat down and speared a waffle off the plate.

Owain pushed his sandy hair out of his eyes and asked Arthur, “So, little brother, how did you even end up with Lotte? Because she’s actually good-looking-”

“Thank you!”

“And no offense meant but you do not have a great track record in attractive people, I mean-”

“Well,” James added, “except Antonio-”

“-But that was only once three hundred years ago, and you can’t bring up Francis either because that wasn’t all the way-”

Arthur stared wild-eyed at Owain. “Why do you know this?”

He merely tapped the side of his nose. “-So how did you get her? Especially when Mathijs is so protective?”

Arthur groaned- it was too early for this. “Look, can we not discuss this?”

James and Owain turned to Lotte, who gulped down some coffee and began. “Well, about three weeks ago…”

Arthur spent the rest of breakfast wondering if it was really for the best that Lotte hadn’t left.

Author!anon isn't too sure about this one...

Herakles's aunt and the foxes: there is a story about a Spartan boy who hid a live fox down his toga to avoid being punished for intending to eat it.
The ear: This actually happened. The War of Jenkin's Ear. It was very stupid.


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aaah thanks

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The Italies- Italian Organized Crime, sans Mafia

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(Oh my God, we can request again)

So, I've seen a whole heck of a lot of Mafia!Italy/Romano stories and art. Where's the love for all the other, mainland groups? You've got the 'Ndrangheta, Sacra Corona Unita, Stidda, Basilischi, the Mala del Brenta; and especially the Camorra, the oldest, strongest group of the lot, based in Naples.

How do the crime groups and Nations interact? Do the Italies go to them when they want something done under the table, but really spend most of their time trying to fight them with the Carabinieri (Italian police)? Do they never cooperate with them? Are they directly involved in some of the illegal activities?

Tell me, Anons.

1. Other Italian Nations make an appearance- Seborga, San Marino, the Vatican, Sicily, and/or Sardinia.
2. The Mala del Brenta is the newest Italian organized crime group, started in the 1980s and 90s through the unification of the Veneto (Venetian) region criminals by a man named Felice "Angel Face" Maniero- who is ALWAYS. SMILING. Just how much and in what way is Feliciano involved in this?
3. If Sicily shows up, she is a Mafia-hating woman.

Re: The Italies- Italian Organized Crime, sans Mafia

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I am mulling this over. no promises yet, though, because it's gonna be a project, and i have some things I need to catch up on irl. But after that, yes, i'll be attempting. ^u^


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Denmark- Narcissism

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Denmark being self involved, after all, what a man.

Bonus: Denmark's hair is so big because it's full of tiny fjords.

What a man

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"Come on. You know you wanna touch it." Mathias stands in his large, modern kitchen, actually wiggling his hips at Norway.

what a man- an

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made the request

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Any male nation - shaving

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For some reason this anon finds the mental image of a guy standing at the sink shaving to be exceedingly hot (maybe it's cause it's like a little reminder of manliness, who knows!) And it seems like the vast majority of Hetalia characters are clean-shaven...so anon would love to see a fill in which a male character shaves his face.

Fic fill, art fill - anything! I'd seriously <3 you forever!

Anon is partial to the Nordics, Russia, and Canada, but any character is fine.

Not a fill, but OP might enjoy

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This anon would love to fill this request, but I don't know if I'll have time. However, until then, I'm sure OP would enjoy this image. It's not mine, but both pic and user have deleted from pixiv :(



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Re: Any male nation - shaving

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Late!OP is late!

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Modern Conveniences – Russia [1a/1]

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Re: Modern Conveniences – Russia [1b/1 - Complete]

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Late OP is even later....

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Re: Any male nation - shaving

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Re: Any male nation - shaving

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The Things They Teach (1/2)

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Re: The Things They Teach (2/2)

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Re: The Things They Teach (2/2)

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Re: The Things They Teach (2/2)

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Re: The Things They Teach (2/2)

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America/Romano -- watersports

(Anonymous) 2012-11-21 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
because both are were bed-wetters

Spain/anyone - Tomato flavored lube

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Spain finds some tasty lube and decides to experiment around with it.

FrUK -- coming on France's face + glasses

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France giving a blowjob while wearing glasses; England comes on his face (and said glasses). Inspired by this official art from the calender:


Bonus: England licks them clean.

/potential filler

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Is AU fine?

Can I be cliché and do library AU?

Re: /potential filler

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/another potential filler

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Re: FrUK -- coming on France's face + glasses

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Germany or Fem!Germany/any-Experience

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I've seen a lot of fics where Italy or anyone really is experienced and shows Germany or fem!Germany the ropes. I want the opposite. I don't care who the other person is.

Want 1/?

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Ah, I guess I'll take a shot at this fill...

It had been the fantasy of many nights.
Louise, blushing and soft beneath him, helpless to his touch and begging for release. It was a simple dream, but a dream all the same.
Feliciano wanted to tie up his girlfriend and make her weep from pleasure.
Problem was, he wasn't sure at all how to go about it.
He knew for sure that she'd be up for it. In one of the more awkward moments of their relationship, she'd confessed to having a certain love for bondage and quite the collection of whips and chains, if rumors were anything to go by. But that wasn't the issue here. He was ignorant of how to operate it all. Feliciano couldn't hardly tie his own shoes, let alone a proper knot, and he was still unfamiliar with Louise's body, having only er... -made love- to her a handful of times.
Certainly, he was no blushing virgin, and the subject of sex had frequented the dinner table when he and his brother had roomed together back in art school, but there was something about Louise that made him nervous. She was so... powerful. Her presence filled the room as she walked in, and she easily commanded a courthouse full of convicts and murderers. Honestly, it turned him on how his woman had everything under her thumb. But at the same time, she was so soft and sweet and kind and caring. Oh, even thinking of her now made poor Feli melt.
But that was besides the point.
Feliciano wanted to dominate that powerful woman and make her scream.

Re: Want 2/?

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Want 3/?

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Re: Want 3/?

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Re: Want 3/?

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femChina/femAmerica, humiliation ageplay

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FemChina/FemAmerica, humiliation ageplay. Lady China putting that gosh darned whelp Lady American in her place as a young nation through some ageplay domination.

Re: femChina/femAmerica, humiliation ageplay

(Anonymous) 2012-12-11 05:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe filler; what kind of ageplay is OP looking for? Just some belittling based on relative inexperience, or are you after pigtails-and-schoolgirl sort of stuff?

Fill in progress

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Re: Fill in progress

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Re: Fill in progress

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UKUS - winter themed dates

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So basically some good ol' fashioned UKxUS fluff, but in winter-format. As in, sharing scarves, sipping hot-cocoa, walking through Christmas markets... etcetera. The reason for the order isn't because I want America to be uke-ish, but I find that people who set the 'order' as such tend to get his dorky side better. And I do love his dorkiness.

No smut please.

Bonus: America complaining about thick clothing, and England makes a lewd joke about taking it off, but doesn't follow through with it because they're in public and he doesn't want America to get cold.

Re: UKUS - winter themed dates

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i might be interested in filling this - would an AU be okay? Or do you prefer non-AU?

Re: UKUS - winter themed dates

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Re: UKUS - winter themed dates

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Re: UKUS - winter themed dates

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HetaHazard - FACE Family

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In recent updates of HetaHazard, America and France went on ahead and encountered Prussia, who's flipping out and England and Canada were left behind at the mine carts because they passed out. At one point, America also says "daddy", but it's not made clear why he said that.

Perhaps a fill where something happens to America and France, and England and Canada eventually start worrying enough to go on ahead after them (and maybe save them from something)? FACE family fluff with some drama?

Bonus: at some point America shouts for England, referring to him as "dad".

Re: HetaHazard - FACE Family

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Seconded. Because I really want to see this too. Not OP, but would appreciate Protective!Alfred to his family, especially to Matt.

America/Any (none) - Insecurities

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We know that America has insecurities about being inadequate (history wise) compared to the other countries. Let's expand on this. I don't want just the inadequacy but the focus on feeling as tho every other single country hates him.

Bonus 1: Show him using normal day to day contact to prove/verify the hatred towards himself.

Bonus 2: What his comfort activity/escape? (no video games please)

I don't care if there is a pairing or not or even if you want to make it a tragic traumatizing no happy ending. I just want to see some ideas :D

Re: America/Any (none) - Insecurities

(Anonymous) 2012-11-21 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
Seconded! America, I wanna hug you right now. :(

Insecurities and Depression 1a/?

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Insecurities and Depression 1b/?

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Insecurities and Depression 1c/?

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Insecurities and Depression 1d/?

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Insecurities and Depression 1e/?

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Re: Insecurities and Depression 1e/?

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Re: Insecurities and Depression 1e/?

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Re: Insecurities and Depression 1e/?

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Insecurities and Depression 2a/2

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Insecurities and Depression 2b/2

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Insecurities and Depression 2c/2

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Insecurities and Depression 2e/2

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Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression End Notes

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Re: Insecurities and Depression 2e/2

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Re: Insecurities and Depression 2e/2

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UKUS Captain America and Iron Man

(Anonymous) 2012-11-21 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
The other day I saw a UK/US picture where Arthur was Iron man and Alfred was Captain America and I would love too see a fanfic with that. Uk/Us story with Alfred as Captain America, and Arthur being the British Iron Man.

B1: Peter is Spiderman
B2: If Mathew was the Hulk
B3: Jarvis instead having british accent, has American accent

Kirkland Tower [1a/?]

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This is Author!Anon's first time posting and they apologize profoundly for it. Hope this is something like what you were hoping for!

Arthur believed ‘tinkering’ was a far too simplified verb to describe the intricate mechanics he was performing on his latest prototyped suit, but tinkering is exactly what FRANCIS described it as when he informed Alfred that Kirkland Tower wouldn’t be accepting any visitors today. Bloody French setting, nothing but snarky comments and requests for wine despite being told that such liquid would kill it. Idiot. “Perhaps you should return later when Arthur is more in the mood for your shared sexual tension, non?”

He’d been meaning to change it for months now; it shouldn't be hard, he’d added additional speech and language settings in during the preliminary implementation, and a simple switch of wires would finalize the changes. Arthur bit his lip, his eyes flickering between his current project and FRANCIS’s central system, his brain still a stuttering mess from the computer program’s earlier comment and his chest aching more than usual. ‘Frankly Rather A Nuisance Computer Intelligence Service’ most definitely needed an update, he decided, striding towards the hub and mumbling insults as he worked.

“Why fix suit when there is much vodka to be drink, da?”

Arthur grimaced and quickly turned the Russian setting off. Why he had included that in the first place was a mystery to him; like much of his work, it was probably just because he could. The Italian setting proved just as irritating and unhelpful as the French, and the German setting was honestly more terrifying than cooperative.

“Dude, hey!”

He tried to switch but, try as he might, his fingers refused to let him pass the American setting. “FRANCIS?” he said, aiming to sound stubborn and outright, but instead begrudgingly hearing his own voice soften at the familiar accent.

“What can I do for ya, man?”

Arthur shuddered at the blatant disrespect for the English tongue, but he avoided bringing it up. His shoulders relaxed and his fingers lightly traced the wires with a fond smile creeping onto his face, before he went to grab the necessary tools to confirm the modifications. It wasn't as if the accent sounded exactly like Alfred, it was just the simple, stereotypical drawl of an American chap that may somewhat resemble Alfred’s irritatingly alluring voice.

An obnoxious sounding “alterations complete!” alerted Arthur to how painfully ridiculous this increasing attraction was becoming, and he ran calloused fingers through his hair, allowing himself two seconds of self-evaluation before FRANCIS announced another visitor.

“Whoa, Artie, this looks kinda serious. Peter and an injured Alfred are awaiting entrance at the main doors.”

Arthur stifled himself from scolding FRANCIS’s use of the unfortunately accustomed nickname by dropping everything he was holding and running to the intercom, screeching a quite un-gentlemanlike, “well then show me them, you automated tosser,” as he searched the screen for any sign of the two reckless individuals. The screen blinked on, revealing an extremely sheepish looking Peter holding up Alfred awkwardly on one shoulder, giving a small wave.

“Howdy, Arthur!” He said, his smile tainted by blood running down one side of his lip and a shining bruise brewing on his right eye. “Funny story, hehe, so these huge guys are coming up to me and I’m like, don’t worry, I’ve got this, Spiderman to the rescue! And so I go pew, pew, pew with my wicked awesome string shot, all pokémon like, but I may have, heh, underestimated how many there were, which totally wasn’t my fault, so - even though I could definitely handle this myself- Alfred appears and is like CRASH, BANG, POW and it looks AWESOME, but, uh, we both are kinda… beat up, heh.”

“You are two of the most insufferable boys I have ever had the displeasure of getting to know,” Arthur growled through the intercom whilst banging his head repeatedly against the adjacent wall, “Let them in.”

“Sure thing, dude!”

“Hey, Arthur, is that..”

“Shut up and get inside before someone notices you!”

Kirkland Tower [1b/?]

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Re: Kirkland Tower [1b/?]

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Re: Kirkland Tower [1b/?]

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Re: Kirkland Tower [1b/?]

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Re: Kirkland Tower [1b/?]

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Any Pair-Boss (or famous human) walks in on them

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By any, anon means anything... (even NZ/sheep is good). Whether the somewhat-busy pair decides to act decent(or flustered at being caught in the act), or subsequently ignoring the person who just walked in on them, or even yelling to give them some privacy please is up to the anon.
Oh, and the boss/human reacts to what he/she sees. Be it just being petrified, drinking oneself to oblivion and hoping it was just a dream, or even going to make artwork or literary pieces about..that. Or maybe having a nice chat with their psychiatrist.
Anon prefers pairs that will shock/surprise the reader. So life-long enemies, objects, and whatnot XD

Bonus 1: Use of the line "it's just the -insert country-'s president/prime minister"
Bonus 2: the setting is in the private office/study of the human, or somewhere where people will really get caught, because the pair wants to be caught, or didn't bother to care where they go and do.
Bonus 3: second time's the charm ^_~

Re: Any Pair-Boss (or famous human) walks in on them

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OP, I have a cracky idea for this, but it's England/Belgium -- not exactly a surprise or shocking pair like you were wanting. Are you okay with this, or would you rather I didn't post?

OP reply

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Like a Boss Part 1/?

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Like a Boss Part 2/2

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Re: Like a Boss Part 2/2

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Re: Like a Boss Part 2/2

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Consequences of Superstrength - America

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America accidentally killing another Nation with his strength and traumatized even though the death isn’t permanent. Could be as innocent as slapping someone on the back so hard they fly across the room or a too-tight hug, just lots of America horror.

Re: Consequences of Superstrength - America

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And here I was just about to request something similar to this... are you me, OP?

Re: Consequences of Superstrength - America

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Re: Consequences of Superstrength - America

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Death Is Nothing To Us (1)

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Death Is Nothing To Us (2)

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Death Is Nothing To Us (3)

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Re: Death Is Nothing To Us (3)

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Re: Death Is Nothing To Us (3)

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Death Is Nothing To Us (4)

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Death Is Nothing To Us (5)

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Death Is Nothing To Us (6)

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Re: Death Is Nothing To Us (6)

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Re: Death Is Nothing To Us (6)

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Re: Death Is Nothing To Us (6)

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Any/Any - Yellow Rose

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These days a yellow rose is most commonly associated with friendship. It used to symbolize infidelity, jealousy, and dying love.
One Nation presents a yellow rose to his/her lover, thinking they'll understand the words he/she cannot say. The other Nations thinks it's sweet to get a flower meaning friendship from their lover.


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Here's my fill. I hope it's ok for you OP. About the Liverpool reference, it's just a headcanon of mine that the nations will have several residences in their country and they like to move around.

The first flurries of snowfall, white petals against the dun earth of the river Mersey, roused Arthur from his light sleep.

His Liverpool residence was Georgian and took to the cold like an old woman, grumbling and shifting as she turned from the sun. Alfred had told him to modernise, to find somewhere easy to heat and with fewer long, creaking staircases.

However, Arthur found the handsome building comfortable enough. After all, nothing compared to a roaring fire on a chill winter's day.

He got to his feet with a sigh, tugging down the cuffs of his shirt. He took a log from the basket to reawaken the dying flames but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Arthur dropped the log into the grate, cursing softly as sparks flew up around his already-calloused hands. He hurried out the lounge and took the stairs two at a time. There was still some life left in this old body, he thought to himself, though he was careful to hold onto the bannister.

The locks were undone with steady hands. Liverpool might have been growing, reconciling and repairing the more sordid aspects of its past, but no city allowed a man to leave his house entirely unprotected.

A gust of wind brought the winter inside, snow swirling through the hallway. Arthur swiftly stepped back. A shiver crept down his thinly-clad spine.

On the doorstep lay a single package. A small blue box, no card or note.

Arthur peered gingerly out into the cold. He couldn't see hide nor hide of whoever had delivered it. A woman walked in the distance, her red coat radiant, but she was too far away, and too laden down with shopping bags, to have rung his doorbell two short minutes ago.

Shrugging, he picked up the parcel and headed gratefully back inside.

The unheated hallway was unbearable to stand around in, so the Englishman climbed the stairs, not quite so energeticlly as before, and settled himself before his fire in order to open the box.

He struggled clumsily at the ties with fingers numbed by cold until the contents fell into his lap.

A creamy white card and a butter yellow rose. They all but shone against his dark trousers. He held the card up to the light and was able to read 'mon coeur', written in tightly curled penmanship.

"Francis," he thought to himself. Sixty years together now, almost to the day, and he still was unused to the Frenchman's tokens of affection.

Discarding the note, he twirled the flower between his fingers. Arthur was duly proud of his skill as a gardener, Ludwig even had 'English Gardens' as attractions in his country, yet he was not sure that he could have produced a bloom of such lustre, such vivacity, in the depths of winter.

Still, yellow was a far cry from the beginning of their time together. No, that had been fierce scarlet. Once, the colour of their armies meeting each other in battle, the fires as cities burnt, then the gentle whisper of the flower-filled battlefields when the fighting was done.

What was it that a yellow rose meant? Arthur knew his lover to be almost overly fond of symbolism.

Whenever Francis sent flowers, they were always roses. The flower of love for the country of love, he would always say with that obnoxious laugh. Arthur would reply with a disgruntled noise, but the flowers would always end up in one of his best vases, watered daily without fail.

The Englishman was already searching for a vase by the time that the significance of a yellow rose struck him. He caught himself and stood stock still whilst his heart gave an imperceptible shift.

Re: Florigraphy

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Re: Florigraphy

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Re: Florigraphy

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Random anon

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Re: Florigraphy

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England/Belgium, reunion sex

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For whatever reason, England and Belgium (who are in a relationship) have been separated -- it could be the time she's spending living in France/Spain/Austria's houses. Maybe it's WW1, or WW2, or even during the Napoleonic time period. Maybe it's the 1600s or the 1700s and England has finally returned to the Continent after a long stint in North America.

They haven't seen each other for a long time, pined for each other like a freaking forest, and when they're finally reunited, they have romantic sex with lots of "I missed you so much" and "don't ever leave me like that again," etc.

Bonus: They never say "I love you" during the sex, but they don't need to.

Re: England/Belgium, reunion sex

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Ooh, I've got this one, give me some time.


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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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OP here

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Any/Any pet play

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Any two nations in a relationship involving consensual pet play. Here's a link describing it


Non-sexual is preferred but either is fine

US/UK- Clown sex to cure fear of clowns

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Alfred finds out that Arthur fears clowns, and decides to dress up as a clown for sex in hopes to cure his fear.

Bonus for having Alfred honk his nose or use it in kinky ways, or bringing out kinky clown toys!

Re: US/UK- Clown sex to cure fear of clowns

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I could probably pull this off... >w> I'm going to try it. Do you prefer AU? Or whatevs~...?

England - unknowing size kink

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Basically what is says on the tin. England has a size kink that he doesn't know he has but becomes increasingly obvious to a few random partners he sleeps with. Whether random partners ahare that kink, take advantage or whether it makes them insecure or whatever else is up to you. Who his partners are are up to you as well (but if you can squeeze in Germany/England there and maybe random Russia/England, that would be awesome)!

Aaaand if you can somehow put wallsex, tree-sex, and/or sex against whatever variety of flat (or non flat) surfaces that would otherwise not be used as a bed-replacement for the bonus, that would be grand, that would.

Re: England - unknowing size kink

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Seconding! This fits very nicely with my headcanon for England :) (Also, it would be hell hot).

Re: England - unknowing size kink

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Never Enough 1a/?

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Never Enough 1b/?

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Re: Never Enough 1b/?

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Re: Never Enough 1b/?

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