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Failure to follow the rules may result in deleted comments.

Post a comment to this page when you have made a fill, using the following format:

Subject line
Part # and then pairing and kink. Part # is the part (1-23) of the meme the original request is from, not which part of a multi-part fill you have updated with. If you are posting an update, include the word 'Update' in the subject line. This makes it easier to identify new fills. You may include the title, if there is one, but don't forget the pairing and kink!
Provide a link to the request you are filling. If your fill is not in the same thread, provide a separate link to your fill as well.
Example comment

Subject line: Part 1 - Rome, Germania - a goat
Message: http://--> link to the original request
http://--> link to actual fill if they are not the same thread
If this is not followed, we will need to delete your post and you have to try again.

For multi-part fills, use your discretion about how often you post your updates, so that your followers will be alerted to new parts but you won't be "spamming" in any way.
Completed fills may also be posted to the finished fill list.