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Past-Part Fills Part Seven

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[Part 3] You Can't Hide Forever -All nations

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Link to parts 1-6 in Part 3 : http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/4567.html?thread=7930839#t7930839

Link to part 6-11 in part 4: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/6850.html?thread=8215490#t8215490

Link to parts 12-23 in part 5: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/9482.html?thread=11793930#t11793930

Link to parts 20-24 in past part fills 1(revised 20-23 plus 24)

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You Can't Hide Forever 35/?

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It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. College is a killer.

In Thailand

Hong Kong slammed a fist down onto the computer desk, making Thailand jump in surprise and for Russia to give him a questioning look.

“Damn it,” he said. “I wasn’t able to warn them at all!”

Thailand tilted his head in confusion. “Warn them about what?”

“Before the meeting I was informed that my home had been ransacked and the criminals stole my address book with nearly all of the locations of our other homes,” answered Hong Kong. “We could be in even more danger now.”

“What?!” exclaimed Thailand. “Can they find us here then?”
“Thankfully, no they can’t,” Hong Kong let out a sigh and slumped in his seat. “I was smart enough not to put the address for my apartment here in that book. After all, why put the addresses for my own homes in my address book?”

“Well that’s true.”

“So,” interrupted Russia, who had been silent for a while, “We need figure out a way to warn everyone about this problem, huh?” He rose from his chair and adjusted his scarf. “Or shall I say you need to figure out a way.”

Hong Kong sat up straight in his chair and stared at Russia with confusion. “Us?” he asked. “You aren't going to help?”

Russia shook his head no. “I have things I need to attend to first, like my own investigation to find out who did this to us. If I have time, maybe I’ll help you.” He started to walk to the door and paused before exiting the room. He turned his head and looked at both Hong Kong and Thailand. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. You are free to leave but don’t try to leave the city. If you do, you will greatly regret it.” With that he left.

Hong Kong scoffed. “Jerk. Who does he think he is? Doesn't want to help and then tell us not to leave the city. He doesn't tell me what to do.” He rose from his seat. “Come on Thailand, let’s go. I’m going to need your help with this.”

"My help? But-"

"I'll tell you later. Let's go Thailand!"


You Can't Hide Forever 36/?

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In Canada

Canada groaned in frustration as he hung up on his boss. That was the tenth time the mad had called to check up on him and to complain. He was fine just bored, annoyed, and really worried. Because he was pinned down in his own house by the press he couldn't find out how the others were doing especially since someone had attacked those at the meeting. He wondered how they found out about the meeting in the first place.

“Were we attacked by the people who leaked the info about us or was it someone else who is taking advantage of the situation,” he wondered aloud. Canada let out a weary sigh as he ran his hand through his hair before sitting down on his couch next to Kumajiro.

“This is frustrating.”

Kumajiro looked away from the television to look at Canada. “What’s wrong,what’s-your-name?”

“I’m Canada, remember?” he said before taking the remote from the bear and started flipping through the channels. There was nothing on except more news and updates from the humans about how the situation was going and opinions from experts.

“There has to be a rerun or something on,” he muttered as he changed the channels.

“-Alien spaceship hovering about the home of the supposed personification of the United States!”

Canada stopped and stared at the screen. “Oh fuck. Why now?Of all times to visit. Why now?”

‘Can this get any worse?’ he thought as he watched the news report in horror.

You Can't Hide Forever 37/?

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In Monaco

Monaco let out a sigh of relief as she left the casino a few hours before dawn. She had just gotten off of a long double shift and was really tired. All she wanted was to go home and sleep.

As soon as Monaco reached her car, she heard rustling in the bushes next to it. She froze and then went into a defensive stance.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” she demanded.”I won’t hesitate to kick your ass, you know!”

A figure launched out the bushes and Monaco got ready to defend herself. However, said figure collapsed in front of her and started sobbing. Monaco dropped her stance and looked at the figure in confusion until she notices the crooked haircurl. “Seborga? Is that you?”

The figure, now identified as Seborga, looked up at her with teary eyes. “Oh Monaco! Please save me! They are coming for me!!”

“What? Who is?”

“I don’t know but they've been chasing me ever since I left my home!”

“Oh come on then.” She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back into the casino. “I just got off of work and now I’m going back again.”

Seborga looked up at her. “Why do you work here at a casino when you have a job in the government?”

“For extra money of course. I wear a wig when I work here so no one recognizes me,” she answered before entering through the employee’s entrance. They walked down the hallway until they reached until an empty office.

As soon as they entered, she quickly locked the door. “So tell me Seborga, and start from the top. Why are people chasing you and what the hell is going on?”

You Can't Hide Forever 38/?

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TRNC let out a small moan and slowly opened his eyes. His head was throbbing and everything hurt. ’What happened?’ he wondered.

“Ah! You’re awake! Good, good! We were getting kinda worried there for a while!” said a woman’s cheerful voice.

’Who’s that?’ he thought, his mind still muddled. He tried to get up but found out he couldn't move at all. It was then he fully woke up and because aware.

TRNC found himself bolted and shackled to a bed. He began to struggle against his bonds. “W-What is this!?” he shrieked in fear.

The person who spoke before, a woman in a lab coat, put her hands on his shoulders to calm him down. “Now, now. Fighting won’t do you any good and it would be easier on you if you didn’t fight.”

TRNC stopped struggling but glared at the woman. “Why have you kidnapped me? Do you know who I am?!”

“Of course we know what you are: a seemingly immortal being with eternal youth. You are a fascinating scientific find.” She leaned over him and ran her hands down his trembling face and body. She then looked him in the eye. “I cannot wait until we start the tests on you.”

“T-Tests?! What tests?”

The woman stood up straight and wagged her finger. “That’s all I can say for now. I can’t ruin the surprise! Good bye boy. I’ll be seeing you really soon.” The woman left and locked the door, leaving TRNC shaking in fear and trying to calm down.

He looked around the room, trying to see if there was something he could use to escape with. That is when he realized he wasn’t alone in the room. Strapped to a table on the other side of the room was Wy. Her eyes were closed and she was pale. “Wy!” he whispered loudly. “Wy, wake up!”

But she said nothing and that scared him. ’What did they do her?’ he thought as he let out a frustrated sigh. He needed to figure out a way out of here but his throbbing head was keeping him from coming up with a good plan. He stared at the ceiling trying to will his headache away and started hoping that someone would come and save them.

You Can't Hide Forever 39/?

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In Hong Kong

Macau stood outside of Hong Kong’s ruined home in shock.“I wonder what happened here?” he said aloud before walking inside. “Hello? Anyone here?”

Everything was overturned. It looked like someone was searching for something and then smashed things when they didn’t find it. Macau bent down and ran his hands over what once was a beautiful statue. Instead, it was broken into pieces. “Hong Kong is going to be so upset when he sees this. This statue was his favorite.”

He got back up and continued his look around the house. “It seems like he wasn’t home when this happened. Thank goodness!” He went up the stairs and entered Hong Kong’s office.

“Maybe there’s a clue to where he went to in here?” he wondered to himself before he started searching through the scattered papers. He was so focused on his work, he didn’t realize that someone was behind him until he felt something cold and metallic pressed against the back of his head. He froze.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” a voice chuckled. There were a few more laughs behind him.

“S-Sorry. I was just checking this place out,” Macau stammered. “I-It’s going to leave now ok-”

“No you aren’t,” interrupted the voice. “You are coming with us for a while.”

Macau let out scream before it was muffled by a large hand.

You Can't Hide Forever 40/?

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In Molossia

Molossia landed a kick to his assailant's face. The attacker let out a groan as he fell to the ground. Molossia cracked his knuckles and looked around at the others who surrounded him. “Che. Who else wants some? I’ll make you regret attacking me.”

“Why is this one nearly grown?!” growled one of the men.

“I know right? The others were just children. We really need to capture this one so we can figure out how he grew up when the others didn’t,” said another.

‘Wait, others? Are they talking about the other mirconations?’ wondered Molossia. “Hey! What did you do to the others? Answer me!”

One of the men chuckled, “Oh you’ll find out soon.”

Molossia was about to attack the man and force him to talk when he felt something hit is back. He paused and saw that it was a tranquilizer. Soon more hit him. “Oh that’s not fair,” he said before dropping to his knees. He struggled to stay up but soon fell over onto the ground.

The last thing he heard before he passed out was “They are going to be pleased with this test subject.”

Re: You Can't Hide Forever 40/?

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Oh, wow! It's wonderful to see this still going!

You Can't Hide Forever 41/?

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Author Note: Wow! It's been five years to the day since I've started this fan fic. I hope that everyone who is still reading this, likes this update and I apologize for the long wait! Also, if you are confused about anything in the fic so far, don't be afraid to ask! I'm willing to answer anything, up to a point of course!

In Taiwan

Taiwan slowly opened her eyes and let out a small groan.

‘Where am I?’ she thought. ‘The last thing I remember is being chased by those people and then- Ah! Those people!’

Taiwan tried to get up until someone grabbed her arm. “Calm down Taiwan. You’re fine,” said a familiar voice. Taiwan turned to see Mongolia sitting at her side.

“What are you doing here? How did you even get here?” she asked.

Mongolia sighed. “About a week ago, I found myself being pursued by some strange people while on my walks around my country. I would have just hid myself as a member of one of the nomads but I didn’t want to endanger them just in case those people were dangerous. I barely escaped capture. Once I got to a city, I snuck onto a plane heading here hoping to hide out at your home but that plan was dashed when I saw your house ransacked and those same people that were chasing you,” Mongolia shifted in his place before continuing.

“When they shot you and you fell to the ground, I was so scared. I thought they had seriously hurt you. I kind of just quickly grabbed you and took you up here. That was a day ago.”

“Where is here?” she asked.

“It’s an old empty apartment near where you fell. No one knows that we’re here and the ones chasing you have left the area for now. So you can heal and rest without any worries.”

“Well that’s good. What about my bag? I had my laptop and phone in there.”

Mongolia produced the stylish bag. “Luckily, your stuff survived the fall,” he said, “There isn’t any power here, so we have to wait until we leave to use them.”

“Yeah, we can’t stay here either. They could come back,” Taiwan sighed. “I hate leaving without telling my boss, but it isn’t safe for us here.”

“They could. Good thing before I found you, I already arranged for us a trip on a cargo ship headed to South Korea. It leaves the day after tomorrow, so that gives you time to finish healing and time for us to plan.”

“I just hope South Korea won’t mind us staying with him for a while,” replied Taiwan as she laid back down to rest.

“We need to hope that he isn’t in the same danger that we’re in at the moment. If he is, then there is no where else for us to go.”


Switzerland glared out the window at the reporters. They had thinned out because it was getting late but there was still a sizable number. ’Are they ever going to leave? Maybe I should fire a few more warning shots to scare them off.’ he thought before shaking his head. ‘No I can’t do that. My bosses are still mad at me for shooting at that reporter. This is so frustrating!’ He moved away from the window and sat down in an armchair next to his fireplace.

The door to his study opened and Lichtenstein walked in carrying a tray of tea and small cakes. She set the tray on a small table and poured Switzerland some tea before carrying the cup over to the other nation. Switzerland smiled at her in thanks and took the tea but didn’t drink it.

“Brother,” Lichtenstein started in her soft voice, “what should we do? This whole thing is getting out of hand and we still don’t know what happened to the others that were at the meeting.”

Switzerland sipped some of the tea before responding. “I have no idea. We can’t leave without those reporters noticing us. And even if we were to escape here, people know who we are now so they would just call the news and we’ll be back in the same situation.” Switzerland gripped the teacup hard before continuing. “ I wish we could get to my home in the mountains, then we would have all the things we need to investigate this matter. And we would finally have some privacy.” He turned his face away from her and glared at the fireplace.

Liechtenstein said nothing as she walked back over and poured herself some tea. As she poured some honey into her tea she finally spoke. “I believe, brother,” she began and Switzerland turned away from the fireplace to look at her. With her back still turned to him, Liechtenstein repeated herself, “ I believe, brother, I may have an idea about how to escape from here.” With that statement, she finished preparing her tea and walked back over to Switzerland who had a look of surprise written on his face. Liechtenstein sat down in the chair across from him and daintily took a sip of her tea.

“Well, what is it? What’s the plan?” he asked.

“All we need to do is just disguise ourselves as the staff that comes to clean the house every morning and sneak out. I have some hair dye and the staff keeps spare clothes in the closet downstairs. I could dress as a boy and you as one of our female cleaners and leave when they do.”

“But won’t they figure out that we are gone after a while?”

Liechtenstein gave him a small smile. “Not if we create dummies of ourselves. I also have a tape recorder so that we can record our voices so that no one will figure out that we are gone until we are too far away for them to track. We don't have to worry about the housekeepers telling the press either, they are loyal enough to not tell anyone.”

Switzerland relaxed in his chair. “You really thought this out. How long have you been planning this?”

“From the moment we were trapped in here by those reporters. I wasn’t planning on using this plan at all but with what happened at the meeting, I don’t believe that it would be safe for us to stay here any longer.”

“I agree. Whoever attacked the meeting could come after us and they might hurt those humans out there just to get to us,” Switzerland sighed before continuing, “How long will it take to get everything ready?”

“A few hours. I should be done and have our hair dyed before the morning crew even gets here,” she replied before finishing off her tea. She then rose from her chair. “Brother, you can just stay here until I need you for the fitting and to do your hair. I’ve already picked where we are going to stay once we escape from here.”

Switzerland rose as well. “Actually, I think I will help you. That would make things go faster, don’t you think?”

Liechtenstein just smiles before replying, "Yes, it would go faster with help."

You Can't Hide Forever 42/?

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[Author's Note]: Hello everyone and anyone still reading this! I hope you guys are liking this story so far! Also I must apologize for something. If you haven't noticed yet, many of the events in this story happen at different times and not on the same day. To give you an explanation everything in Taiwan's intro part (Part 14) happens hours before and then during Part One when England called America. I will be posting a timeline of events later on once I know it is not spoiling anything about the story. If you readers can figure out what the timeline is, don't be shy. Tell me and I'll tell you if you're close or not.

Alright everyone. Enjoy these next few parts!

Somewhere in Southern Europe

Cameroon adjusted his cap and bag and boarded the train in front of him. He felt guilty lying to Seychelles about not being able to make to the World Meeting. He had told her that he was stuck in his country and couldn’t go when in fact he had escaped long before she even called.

He felt bad lying to her but he had to. It was the only way for him to carry out his own investigation and he didn’t know who could be listening in. As long as people believe he was stuck in his country, he could freely move around.

He let out a sigh of weariness when he sat down onto one of the seats. He had to find out who leaked the information about them for his sake and for the world’s sake. The humans were getting restless. They were upset that they were kept in the dark about the personifications. This could escalate into something huge and damaging.

“What’s with the tired sigh…Cameroon?” whispered a voice next to him. Cameroon froze. ’Did someone figure out who I am already?’

The voice chuckled. “Relax. It’s me.” Cameroon slowly turned to see the familiar and unmasked face of Turkey.

He let out a gasp. “What are you doing here?”

Turkey sat back into his seat. “I could ask you the same thing. It’s uncommon to see you here on a train in Southern Europe. You usually go directly to the north when you go see Denmark and the others.”

Cameroon looked around the train before whispering. “Not now. Let’s wait until we get off the train. Where are you going anyway?”

“Vienna. There is someone I need to talk to there,” Turkey said softly.

“Vienna?” ’Is he going to talk to Austria? What for?’ he thought. Then he said aloud, “Hey. may I come with you?”

“Huh? Sure, but only after you tell me why you are here.”


You Can't Hide Forever 43/?

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In a forest in Germany

Germany sighed as he turned off the computer. ’This is just a mess,' he thought.

“Well, that meeting accomplished nothing,” said Prussia as he got up and stretched. “We didn’t even get to talk about how to deal with all this shit.” The little yellow bird on his head chirped in agreement.

Austria got up as well. “ I wouldn’t say that. The meeting did produce some results. We did learn that there were some that didn’t check in with the rest of us and then within itself is suspicious.”

“I agree with Austria,” replied Germany. “It is suspicious. It is also suspicious that whoever that was that chased Bulgaria and Vietnam through the jungle knew about our meeting and where it was going to be held.” He laced his fingers together in thought. “Maybe they could have just hacked one of our emails and found out about it? Also, I wonder who those people are? Are they from one of our governments? Maybe opportunists?”

“Opportunists that were well prepared and able to come after some of us. This took some planning,” Hungary said thoughtfully. “You know, we could have a mole in our mists. One of us could have told those people where the meeting was. Hell, the mole could be the same person who leaked all of our identities.”

“Those people could have also been following the two of them or any of the ones who went to the meetings from the time they left their homes,” said Italy.

“We can’t rule out those possibilities. Nevertheless, we must stay on guard at all times! There will be no slacking off!” Germany ordered before standing up and started to walk towards the door. “We need to make sure no one has figured out that we are here. So, brother, go send that bird of yours out to see if anything got caught in the traps that you set further out. Follow it, but not too closely, and set some more traps down.” He then turned to Italy and Austria. “ I want you two to prepare our emergency bags just in case we need to run away quickly. Pack only the essentials. And Hungary, you and I will patrol the immediate area and set some more traps just in case they get past Gilbert’s traps. Now, let’s go. We need to get done before nightfall.”

The others nodded in agreement before following Germany out of the door to go do their tasks. Italy and Austria went into the pantry while Germany, Hungary, and Prussia went outside. It was still the afternoon and there was still time before dusk. Prussia’s bird immediately flew off and Prussia was set to run after it before Hungary grabbed him. He looked back at her confused.

“What? I have to go after it!”

“Hold on for a second!” was all she said before running back into the house. She soon came running back out again with a sword. She held it out for him. “I saw it in there when we got here. Take it just in case to you need to fight someone.”

He looked at the sword and back to her before taking it. He grinned. “Why thank you Hungary. I didn’t know you cared.”
“I don’t. I just know to get through this we need to work together,” she huffed and looked away from him. “Now go on and catch up to that bird of yours.”

Prussia just laughed before dashing off into the forest after his bird. Hungary looked over at Germany, who had an amused look on his face.

“Don’t you say anything. Let’s get this patrol over with and set those traps down before nightfall,” said Hungary before she walked into the forest.



It didn’t take Germany and Hungary long to patrol the area around the safe house and place down traps and alarms before heading back to the house. As soon as they stepped inside the smell of delicious food hit their noses.

“It seems Italy didn’t waste time to start cooking dinner,” said Hungary as she headed to the kitchen with Germany following her.

“Well we haven’t had a real meal since all of this started. I’m actually looking forward to it.”

As they entered they spotted Italy at the stove and Austria sitting at the table with a thoughtful look on his face and writing something down. Italy turned away from the stove with a smile on his face.

“Oh! You’re back! Dinner should be done in a few minutes!” Then Italy frowned. “Where’s Prussia?”

“He’s probably still checking everything out. He did have to go out farther than we had to,” replied Germany before heading over to Austria. “What are you doing?”

Austria looked up at him before looking back down at his paper. “I’m writing down any possible motives any one of us could have had so we can figure out who did this. But I think I’m going to stop for now.”

Hungary tugged him out of the chair. “Let’s take a break and help Italy out by setting the table and putting the finished food out.”

As they finished setting the table and placed the food out and as Italy brought the final dish in, Germany looked up at the clock. ’Prussia still wasn’t back yet. It shouldn’t have taken him this long,’ he thought.

“Something is wrong,” he said. The others looked over at him. “Prussia isn’t back yet at all. I’m going to go look for him. If I don’t come back, get the bags and-” But before he finished, there was a loud thud against the front door.

The four countries immediately went on alert with Germany grabbing a kitchen knife, Hungary grabbing her frying pan, and Austria and Italy raising their fists. They quietly walked to the door with their weapons out. Germany carefully grabbed the doorknob and turned it. He quickly opened it and they all screamed as something fell in.

“Prussia!?” “Brother?!”

The thing was Prussia but he looked worse for wear. He was covered in dirt and bruises. His yellow bird was peeping frantically and jumping on his head.

“Prussia!” Germany knelt down next to his brother and turned him over. “Brother, who did this to you!”

Prussia slowly opened his eyes. “It was...It was…”

“What? A human?”

Prussia grabbed Germany’s shirt. “It was a bear!


“A bear got caught in one of my traps and I did the awesome thing and helped it. But it got mad and chased me all over the forest!” Hungary facepalmed and Austria just shook his head. Italy looked at Prussia suspiciously.

“You idiot. At least you’re okay,” Germany laughed. He got up and helped Prussia up. “Now go clean up. Dinner is ready.”

“Alright!” Prussia slowly trudged up the stairs. As he walked away, the others went back into the dining room.

“Hey Germany,” said Italy thoughtfully, “I don’t remember any bears being in this forest.”

You Can't Hide Forever 44/?

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[Author's Note]: You guys are going to hate me for this.

Naples, Italy

“That was a complete waste of time! We could have learned more on our own!” ranted South Italy as he pushed the laptop away from him. “And now we have to deal with whoever attacked the conference and having to deal with my people. I swear by the time this shit is all over with I’m kicking someone’s ass!” He crossed his arms in anger. “I beat Grandpa Rome did have to deal with such shit!”

Spain just nodded in agreement. “At least we learned somethings. And with Rome, we don’t know if he had to deal with something like this. Maybe they did know who he was or maybe they thought he was a god or something.” South Italy glared at him and Spain gave him a faltering smile.

South Italy started to speak, “Now listen here you-”

Spain’s phone buzzed interrupting South Italy’s potential rant and he pulled it out of his pocket. He looked at the message and frowned.

“What is it?” asked South Italy.

“It’s my boss. He wants me to come back to Madrid now. He said it was urgent.” Spain put his phone back into his pocket. “I guess I have been gone for a while. Even before this stuff happened.” He started to walk around the apartment to pick up and pack his things. South Italy followed him around with an angry look on his face.

“So what? You’re just going to leave me here?”

“Well, I have to,” He looked up from his suitcase. “ Your brother is out of the country and is in hiding with Germany. Your country might need you here Lovi.”

“Fine,” he finally said but he still looked upset. “How are you going to get back home?”

“My boss told me that there is a private plane waiting for me. It’s set to take off in an hour.”

“Oh. I was hoping you could stay a little longer at least.” He gave a dejected sigh. And then he sniffed the air. “Do you smell something?”

“No I don’t.” Spain put on his shades and pulled South Italy into a tight hug. “I’ll call you once I get back to Madrid, okay? Don’t do anything stupid until we see each other again.”

“I should say the same thing to you. I’ll see you later,” South Italy hugged him back.

Spain grabbed his suitcase and with a smile, left South Italy’s apartment. He kept the smile as he walked down the street until his phone rang again. With that, Spain’s smile slipped off of his face and he answered the phone.

“You know, it was dangerous to text me like that while I was still with him,” he said curtly as he sped up in his walk away from the apartment.

“Sorry. But we needed to get you out of there so we can start the next phase of the plan,” said a voice. “Did he believe you when said you had to go back to Madrid?”

“Of course he did. He trusts me.”

“Good. It’s great that he trusts you so much. But I wonder if he is going to trust you after this?” the voice said mockingly. Spain grit his teeth in anger and let out a growl.

“Don’t sound so frustrated. Anyway, if you look ahead of you, you should see a black car. Get into it and it will drive you to the plane.”

Spain gave a defeated sigh. He looked up ahead and there was the the car. “Fine,” he said as he walked to it. “Is there anything else.?”

“Yes there is. Are you a safe distance away from the apartment, Spain?”

He reached the car. “Yes I am, sir.”

Suddenly there was a rush of heat to his back. Spain turned around to see South Italy’s apartment complex engulfed in flames.

“Don’t worry Spain. This is for the good of all of us. Am I right?”

Spain watched the fire grow with an unreadable look on his face before getting into the car.

“Yes sir.”

Re: You Can't Hide Forever 44/?

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You've updated! I'm so excited! And so happy! And mad so at you! How could you! OMG! I was not expecting that.

I just wish I could figure out the timeline, but would have to do a lot of reading to sort it back up. I was pleasantly surprised that I remember most of what has happened.


(Anonymous) 2014-08-04 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so glad you're excited that I updated and I'm sorry that I made you mad at me! But it had to be done.

One of my fears is that because I've been writing this fic for so long and updates are so spaced out, people would forget what happened in the story so far. So I'm happy that you remember most of what has happened so far!

Re: AuthorAnon!

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You could probably to little recaps at the beginning of each chapter to help readers. I'm going to reread because I forgot everything, unfortunately :(


(Anonymous) 2014-08-04 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
That's what I'll probably have to do since this fic is going to be long and and things said or done in some of the parts are really important in figuring figuring everything out.

Re: You Can't Hide Forever 44/?

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Wait, events are not happening in order?! Oh no, I'm so confused now!! Ahhh I guess I'll really need that timeline


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To give you a hint, for any of the parts that begin with said nation logging out of the meeting (or escaping the meeting) that happened in Parts 25 to 27, then those are all happening at the same time.

Anything else could have happened before, during, or after that meeting. So you can use the the meeting as a starting point to try to figure out the timeline.

But don't worry, I'll post the timeline soon. This is all my fault for not saying anything before now.I kinda realized it while I was editing these parts and the next few ones that I didn't say anything.

You Can't Hide Forever 45/?

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Author's Note: Wow, I've been writing this monster for six years now and we aren't even half way done! I hope everyone is enjoying this crazy ride because this next part is super long and deals with something that happened all the way back in Part 33 http://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/78319.html?thread=488767727#cmt488767727

This is going to be kindy dark so be prepared everyone!

And oh yeah, the timeline up to this point is done and I'll post it soon!

On the Border of Finland and Sweden

Sealand was upset when Sweden and Finland told him that he couldn’t join in on the world meeting and that he should stay in his room until it was over. He had huffed and complained that this included him too but Finland and Sweden were having none of it and sent him to his room with a promise to tell him about it later. Well, he didn’t want to know about it later. He want to know what was going on now and as the great Principality of Sealand he had a right to know what was going on!

…Which is why he was currently sitting outside of the computer room door listening in on the meeting the others were having. Sealand had made sure that the tv in his room was on and and loud so that they would think that he was in there and not right outside. It was boring at first, like all the world meetings he listened in on or snuck into over the years. Just the other nations logging in and having their own little fights before the real meeting started. He almost gave his hiding spot away by angrily retorting when Austria had the nerve to accuse him for causing all of this, but he covered his mouth in time before letting it out. Instead he pouted and crossed his arms in angry. Sealand knew he would never do something like this, even to get people to know that he existed.

Sealand’s expression then changed to one of sadness. Letting the humans know what he was, even he knew that was dangerous. That’s why, when he played with human children, he never played with them for too long or played in the same park too much, just in case they realized he wasn’t aging. Because of this, he preferred to play with the other micronations and Latvia. They were like him and he didn’t hide who he was. ‘But,’ he thought. ‘I wish I didn’t have to hide who I was and then I could play with whomever I want.’

He was so lost in thought he almost missed when the meeting had turned for the worst. He snapped to attention when he heard everyone scream “What?!” From what he could tell through the door, somehow Vietnam and Bulgaria had shown up and that there was trouble at the meeting place. Sealand took this as a sign that the meeting was drawing to an end thus snuck away from the door and back to his room where Hanatamago was waiting.

The little white dog was currently curled up and watching the tv Sealand had left on. As soon as he walked in, Hanatamago jumped up and ran to the little micronation. Sealand scooped him up and gave him a cuddle before plopping down in front of the tv himself. There was a silly cartoon on about three boys who were in league with a few teachers to play an elaborate prank on their whole class to teach them that it is not okay to lie to others. Sealand laughed when one boy got a small group of his classmates separated from the others to teach them how to work together and to tell the truth. The antics they went through were really funny. Sealand sighed. It felt good to finally laugh again.

As he heard Sweden and Finland make their way downstairs, however, he sobered up and thought about what was going on. He held Hanatamgo closer to him. “I wonder who started all of this. Why would they do that to us? We were all fine before. ”

Suddenly, Hanatamgo began to get restless and started to growl and jumped out of Sealand’s arms and ran towards the bedroom door. Sealand got up to go after him.

“Hanatamago, what’s wro-” Sealand started to ask before he heard Finland scream something. Then, there was a loud explosion that knocked him off his feet and his head hit the floor hard.

Everything then went dark.

The first thing Sealand became aware of when he came to was something wet on his face and someone whimpering. He slowly opened his eyes to see a blurry white fuzz in front of him that was licking him. It was Hanatamago. The little dog was licking his face in an attempt to wake him up.

“H-Hanatamago?” he groaned as he tried to get up. His head and body felt sore. He was able to get on all fours but his ears were ringing. What in the world happened? Why was it so hot and dark? He struggled to remember what happened before he was passed out. The meeting. Watching tv. Hearing Finland scream.

Sealand gasped. ‘Finland and Sweden!’ he thought. ‘Where are they!?’ If something happened they would have come up to get him and check if he was fine. But only Hanatamago was here. He opened his mouth to call out to them when Hanatamago softly growled at him again. It was almost like the dog was telling him to be quiet.

“What is it boy?” he whispered. The little dog tilted his head to the door and quietly padded over to it. Sealand crawled after him and out the door. The power was out and Sealand now knew why it was hot. There were little fires everywhere and from what he could see downstairs, it was a mess as well.

‘Who did this?’ he thought. He was about to try standing again and walk downstairs when he heard footsteps and voices.

“Sheesh. Maybe that was a little too much fire power. Now we have little fires everywhere in here,” said a male voice.

“We had to make sure that the older nations were taken out of commission first before moving on to our target,” replied another man. “We couldn’t have them causing trouble.”

“Well I think we can say that they are out of commission. I mean, the little blond one has a wooden post going straight through him! His guts are everywhere!” one chuckled. "And the big one's arm is all gone. Man, we totally wreaked their shit!"

“We can’t have them reviving on us and coming after us when we go after the kid. I read in the dossier that they both can be really vicious. Make sure to shoot them up as well before we leave. Cut off their heads and burn them if you want.”

“Do we really have to do all that? We don’t even know if they would be able to revive quickly after what we just did,” said a female voice.

“No chances. God knows what these creatures can really do,” said the first voice. “Now, where’s the target?”

“The boy was still upstairs watching the television before the rpgs hit. With luck, the blast knocked him out,” said the second man.

“I hope not. I want to payback the kid for punching me in the face!” said a new male voice. The others laughed.

“That kid got you good, didn’t he?”

“I wasn’t prepared for him this time. But next time, he is going to pay!”

“We can’t hurt him too much. We have to hand him over in one piece to those doctors or they’ll dock our pay.”

“So? If the kid is missing a hand, an arm, or two, he would still be okay for them to use and study.”

A sigh. “Whatever. It’s your pay. Let’s go get the kid and get this over with.”

You Can't Hide Forever 46/?

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“Then we’ll stay here and make sure these two don’t revive on us,” said the woman.

Sealand heard a bunch of guns cock and footsteps again. He gasped and fell back in shock. They were after him. Finland and Sweden were down. These humans were after him, no one could help him, and one of them wanted to cut off his hands and give him away to someone! Tears began to well up in his eyes. Why was this happening!?

Suddenly, there was a pain in right hand and he let out a small yelp. Hanatamago had bitten him! He glared at the dog who glared right back. He dried his tears and put on a determined look on his face.

Right. It wasn’t time or place to cry and wait for these people to come and hurt and take him. It was time to get out of here and get help. There was a back stairway that led to the pantry and the back door. Perfect.

He nodded to Hanatamago and they quickly crawled over to the stairway door before the two men got up stairs. They made it inside just before they were spotted.

“Alright. The kid’s room is one of these,” said a man.

“Let’s check all of them and get out of here.”

Sealand let out a sigh before quietly making his way down the stairs to the back door with Hanatamago leading. He hoped that the other two on the ground floor didn’t notice him. They made their way down the stairway to the pantry, which was blown wide open by the explosion. Sealand could see into the destroyed kitchen and living room where a group of people were standing. They were all dressed in black and had all types of weapons on them from guns, to daggers and tasers. They all had their back to him, so they didn’t know he was there. But Sealand wasn’t looking at them. He was looking at who they were standing around.

They were around the mangled bodies of Finland and Sweden. They looked as bad as he heard the people described. He turned away from it and made his way to the back door. He didn't want to see them like that.

“Let’s light these demons up people before they get back up,” said one of the men as he aimed his gun at Sweden.
Sealand knew he couldn’t bear to be near that and ran out the door and towards to forest. He wanted to turn back around fight those humans, to show what happened when you messed with the great Principality of Sealand, but he knew that he wouldn’t have chance. He didn’t want to be captured by those people.

But, he knew he would get revenge for what those humans did to Finland and Sweden. They were going to pay for this.
As he ran through the half melted snowy yard with Hanatamago running beside him, he braced himself for the sound of gun fire but instead got something else.

It was a voice. “THE KID IS GONE.”

Sealand glanced back to see two figures standing at the door. “There he is! Get him!” Heavy footsteps were heard behind him.

He began to run faster but his little black shoes weren’t made for running through melting snow and ice. He kept slipping and tripping. ‘Please let me get away from them! Please!’ But they were gaining on the boy and his dog and were right on top of them.

Hanatamago let out a yelp as one man kicked him away. The dog tumbled through the snow before rolling to a stop, completely still. Sealand let out a cry of despair right before he was hit on the head with the butt of a gun. He fell to the ground and before he recovered, he was kicked in the gut. The man put his foot on Sealand’s chest and pressed down.

“You little brat! Did you think I was going to let you get away after you humiliated me?” the man growled. “I lost a few teeth and I’m the ridicule of my team because I was punched out by a fucking demon child!”

Realization dawned on Sealand. “Y-You’re the reporter I punched in the f-face.”

The man grinned. “That’s right. However, I’m not a reporter. None of us are. We were playing pretend. Here’s a little known fact to you, no one in the world knows where the personifications of Finland, Sweden, and Sealand are. The cameras were all fake.”

“They w-were fake?”

The man ignored him. “Now, I’m here to collect my trophy and gain my team’s respect again. So, I think I’ll take your arm. Owning a demon child’s arm would make look very cool. Anyway, I hear you creatures regenerate but it does it work on you?” Sealand said nothing but started to cry. The man turned to his partner as he pulled out a small hatchet. “Hold him down. I don’t want him moving too much. He can scream all he wants though.”

The other man moved to hold Sealand down when suddenly there was a loud growl and bark and just like that, he got a face full of angry white dog. “What the? He’s attacking me!”

Hanatamago’s surprise attack gave Sealand an opening with the hatchet wielding man who had let go of him. He bent both legs back and…


And kicked him straight in the crotch. It sounded like something broke but Sealand didn’t care. As the men were crying and screaming on the ground, he picked up Hanatamago and ran into the forest.

“I’ll get for this you freaking kid!”

Sealand scoffed to himself as he disappeared into the woods. “Yeah right,you jerk.”

You Can't Hide Forever 47/?

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On the Border of Finland and Sweden

The man who got mauled by Hanatamago reached for his radio while trying to stem the blood from his face. His partner was still screaming on the ground while grabbing his crotch. “Damn that dog,” he muttered before starting the radio up. God their team leader was going to be pissed.

“Sir,” he said spoke into the radio, “We have a problem. The target has escaped.”

“WHAT!?” said the voice over the radio. “How the fuck did that happen!? It is just a kid and his dog!”

“Well that dog nearly mauled me and the kid kicked my partner in the crotch, sir. He kicked him hard enough that I think…I think I heard something break.”

“Something did break!” screamed the man on the ground. “I’m gonna kill that kid! I’m not going to just take his arm next time, I’m gonna take his legs!”

There was a sigh over the radio. “Well, we are almost done here. The guys are just preparing to burn this place down. We already collected blood and tissue samples from these things. We’ll be out there soon to patch you up and to chase after the kid. I mean, he is on foot and we are a good twenty miles away from the nearest town. It won’t be hard to catch up to him.”

“Roger that.” He turned off the radio and glanced over to his still cursing partner. “You know that hatchet wouldn’t have worked on that kid anyway. He’s made of steel.”


Sealand clutched Hanatamago to his chest while he ran through the forest, jumping over fallen logs and sliding through the snow. He wanted to get enough distance between himself and those people before stopping to rest. He was kicking himself for not grabbing his cell phone before fleeing because if he did then he could at least call someone.

‘But who would come? Everyone is at that meeting, wherever that is, and they are too busy to deal with me.’

“I’m alone,” he said aloud. “I have to save myself.” Hanatamago let out a whine and Sealand glanced down at him. “Well, I’m not really alone. I have you and we are going to get out of this.” He smiled and ran faster, zig zagging through the forest.

After running for another twenty minutes, Sealand finally slowed down and jumped into a small ditch to catch his breath and to think of where to go. He could head to town but that would take all night and he bet they were going to head there as well. His only hope was to hide in the forest and then make his way to another town and hopefully call someone to come help him.

‘But on foot that could take more than a day.’ he thought.

There were also a few cottages scattered around the forest that many campers used. Some had power and were well stocked. So many choices.

He put Hanatamago on the snowy ground. “So where should we go to? Should we head to town now or hide out in the woods until they give up and leave?” he asked the dog. Hanatamago just tilted his head in response. “Maybe we should just wait in the forest until Sweden and Finland revive? They’ll come and find us. But, those humans said that they were going to do all that stuff to them and I don’t know how long it will take to come back from that.” Sealand sighed and looked up at the night sky. He knew they couldn’t stay in one place for too long but at that moment he just wanted to rest. This was so exhausting. He had no idea why they were after him even after they had taken down Sweden and Finland. He was just a micronation not a full nation yet, they would have been better targets. Sealand began to wonder if his fellow micronations were going through the same thing.

‘Are people after them as well or are they just after me?’ he thought.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hanatamago stiffen and perk up. The little dog turned to where they had just come from and had the hint of a growl forming.

“They’re coming, aren’t they?” he asked before standing up. “Well I guess that means we are just going to have to hide in the forest then!” He picked up the little dog again and climbed out of the ditch. He glanced back to see headlights in the distance. Yep. Time to go. If they were using jeeps or trucks to follow him in the forest, then they would stumble upon this hiding spot in no time.

Sealand began to run again making sure run behind thick bushes and trees so if they spotted him that he was never in their line of sight for too long. Just when he thought he was losing them, he noticed headlights far off to his right. Sealand changed direction and began to run to the left. However, after a few minutes, he noticed more headlights to his left.

‘Are they trying to box me in?’ he thought as he changed directions again. He had to run completely straight now and could no long use the trees and bushes to hide where he was and where he was going. After a while, Sealand began to realize he was getting tired and was slowing down. His lungs and legs were burning but he knew he couldn’t stop. To stop meant that they were catch him. But at that thought, Sealand began to wonder why they were hanging back since, because they were in vehicles and Sealand was on foot, they should have caught up to him by now, but they hadn’t. That’s when he realized where they were chasing him to: the river. And not just to the river, but to the little cliff next to it. Once he reached that, there would be nowhere to go.

Sealand began to look for an escape route to avoid that fate but there was none. If he tried to run in a different direction then the humans would have easily caught him. Sealand finally realized that he was indeed trapped with nowhere to go. He slowly came to a stop as he reached the small cliff next to the river. Clutching Hanatamago tightly, Sealand put on a brave face and turned around to face the coming jeeps and trucks.

A tall and gruff looking man stepped out the jeep that was in the lead. He had a cigar in his mouth and lit it as he walked towards Sealand. “Well, well, well little man. You’ve given us quite the chase and caused us a lot of trouble, you know?” He took in a drag of the cigar before continuing. “Two of my men are down and have been made a fool of by you and your dog.”

The man stopped about six feet away from Sealand, who then stepped back some more, and started to laugh. “You got them good! That one you kicked? He is not gonna be able walk right for weeks! I have to say that I’m impressed!” He suddenly stopped laughing and frowned. “Or I would be if I wasn’t so damn embarrassed!” As soon as he said this, he took out his gun.

And shot Sealand in the arm.

To Sealand it was like a pinprick had hit his arm and then it blossomed into an agonizing pain. Sealand let out a long and loud scream as he fell on the ground, letting go of Hanatamago as he fell. He began to cry and writhe on the ground while trying to stem the blood coming from his wound. Hanatamgo jumped in front of him, bared his teeth and growled at the man. However the human ignored him.

“Sir, we have orders that we aren’t supposed to damage these things,” said one of the men off to the side. “We don’t know if they have the resurrection or healing ability like those other nations do.”

“If he dies then we will just say it was an accident. And anyway, don’t they have enough live subjects already? Having a dead one to cut open won’t hurt.”

“But this boy one of the older ones, sir. With his unique body, they would want to study him.”

“In my opinion, he would be better use to them dead,” replied the gruff man as he cocked the gun again. “Oh well, they are the ones who sign our paychecks. Let’s just kill the dog, grab the kid, and get out of here.”

With that, Sealand still in a world of pain, grabbed the little dog and started to scramble back from the men. “N-No! I’m not going with you! And you aren’t going to hurt my dog!” he cried as he struggled to get up.

The gruff man pointed his gun at Sealand again. “Don’t move kid or it will be your legs that get it. Now just walk to us and we can all go.”

“No!” By that time Sealand was standing unsteadily on his feet. He started to back away from the humans, not heeding their warnings. “You can’t make me go! And you’re going pay once the others find out what you’ve done here!” He took another step back.

“Hey! Stop before you-” But it was too late. Sealand had backed right off of the edge of the cliff. He let out a surprised gasp before tumbling down the rocky cliff and landing in the rushing river.

“Damn! Get back in the trucks, get down to that river and find him! I don’t care if you find him dead, just find him!” ordered the man as he and his group ran back to their trucks. “Given how fast this river is going, he is going to be downstream!”

Down in the river, once all of the humans left, a small hand reached out of the water and grabbed one of the rocks and pulled his head out of the water. Hanatamago poked his head out of the top of Sealand’s shirt with a huff. He looked back up at the cliff and saw the headlights going further downstream. ‘That was risky but at least I got away,’ he thought. His plan before getting shot was to jump off the cliff and into the water to escape them but getting shot changed that. It helped him actually. Now they think he was washed away instead of being able to swim across.

But falling off the cliff hurt and it didn’t help that his arm was still injured. Sealand pulled himself onto the rock and jumped onto the other rocks until he reached the banks of the river. When he did he collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. He was so tired but he knew he had to keep going. If he could reach just one of the camper cottages then he knew he was safe and could rest and heal.

Taking off his little blue neck tie, he tied it tight around his wound before getting up. “Let’s go Hanatamago. We have an hour’s walk to the cottage and we have to get there before they realize I’m not in the river anymore.” He gave Hanatamago hug. “And then, once we rest, we will make them pay.”

Filled with determination, Sealand walked back into the forest.

Somewhere in Tibet

Tibet sighed as he finally placed his bag down in the room the other monks at the temple had given him. The head monk there had told them that they were warned about his arrival and even though his coming there was a secret, they were prepared to guard and protect him for as long as needed. They had also set up internet access for him once his computer arrived so that he could keep in touch with the monks in Lhasa and with his fellow nations.

Tibet had thanked the old man but told him that it was unnecessary because it looked like, despite his true identity being revealed, no one had come to bother him or find him. Therefore, he felt relatively safe, for now at least.

“But how long will that last? I must get in contact with the others. I cannot just sit here and do nothing!”

Somewhere in Egypt

“So I was able to call everyone except Cameroon, but I’ll wait to call him since he said he was doing fine.” Seychelles’ sweet voice filtered over the phone.

Egypt just nodded in reply. Even though he knew she couldn’t see him, she knew him well enough that he wanted her to continue.

“Another reason why I haven’t called him yet is because he is low priority. He wasn’t on the first list that came out,” Seychelles let out a sigh. And then suddenly, there was an outburst. “This is so freaking stupid! Why did this have to happen to us? We haven’t bothered anybody at all!” Egypt had to take the phone away from his ear as she kept on ranting. “ Who would rat us out like that? And did you know that my boss still hasn’t found those guys who tried to ‘study’ me? It’s like they’ve vanished! Did you face any people like that?”

“No, I didn’t,” he softly replied. “I got out and away from the humans before they could do something like that.”

There was a scoff over the phone. “Lucky. Maybe I should make my way to where you’re hiding instead of being stuck here like a sitting duck in my own house.”

Egypt paused and thought about what she said. On one hand, he wouldn’t be lonely out here and there was safety in numbers. Also, whoever was after Seychelles wouldn’t look for her in Egypt. On the other hand, she could get caught by those same people and it would be his fault.

“You can come if you want.”

There was a gasp. “Really? You aren’t joking? Wait, you’re Egypt. You never joke around. This is gonna be great! Let me just pack my things and call Cameroon and I’ll be on the first private flight there! Wait, where are you?”

“I’m at my private compound in the desert. I’ll send you the coordinates soon.”

“You’re the best Egypt! I’ll be waiting on those coordinates!”

Egypt smiled, “Hn. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Both nations hung up on each other and Egypt leaned back to look at his ceiling. “Seychelles said what I was thinking. Who could have done this? Who’s the traitor?”

To be Continued