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Hetalia Kink meme part 9 -- CLOSED

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 9


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Christmas Reveals
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You better watch out...

PETA('s personification)

...is coming to town.

Fur Pimp 1/2

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It was almost like a movie, America thought. He was running on a long dark street for his life with a sociopath out for his blood. Yes, it was just like a horror movie and America hated horror movies.

As he turned the sharp corner into the alleyway and then began to scale the chained fence that blocked him toward safety he comforted himself well at least it's not a gun or a soul sealing device. It was almost laughable it she had not been so damn twisted and serious.

The teen finally landed on the other side of the fence and hide nervously behind the garbage cans, praying desperately that his boss has got his message. After, that felt like a hours a limo pulled up on the corner feeling relieved. He climbled into the passanger seat in the front with the driver instead of the back. He never saw the point of riding in the back by himself and preferred the company of someone else.

After, he seated in next to the surprised driver and drove away. As America chatted with the driver he felt releif as the got farther away from the back streets.

"I'm surprised to pick up such a young guy in the middle of nowhere, I have very serious work you know" This brought the nation out his thoughts.

"I'm just a special case" he said with a mysterious smirk.

"I special case of a murder!" Both men jumped.

Behind them stood Peta with a paintball gun.

-This is my first time hope ypu like it-


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Camping Trip

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Re: Camping Trip

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Re: Camping Trip

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It's PETA!! (1/2)

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It's PETA!! (2/2)

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Re: It's PETA!! (2/2)

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Re: It's PETA!! (2/2)

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Veganon loves this!

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Re: Veganon loves this!

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It's PETA!! EXTRA(1/2)

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It's PETA!! EXTRA(2/2)

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Re: It's PETA!! EXTRA(2/2)

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I remember reading that Russia is afraid of the dark. Can't remember if it was actual canon or just someone's head canon, but whatever.

I want fic about Russia's phobia. Preferably with some country finding out about it, in spite of Russia's efforts to keep it a secret. The reasons behind the fear and the other country comforting an embarrassed but still pretty damn scared Russia would be fabulous.

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Bumpity! Love this!

(no subject)

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OP again!

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Frozen 1/?

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Anon Relates

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Canada, voyeurism kink.

Canada is always being ignored, right? Because of that, he has a thing for being watched while he's having sex.

The identity of the participants is up to the filler.

Room Made of Glass [1/2]

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IDK... I don't even ship FraCan. But this ended up being FraCan anyway. Well. France just works like that. Dunno, this might be totally random. Sorry. m(_ _)m;;; I hope you enjoy anyway.

Canada feels a bit of a chill on his naked body and shudders, his skin getting goosebumpy.

"Keep your eyes closed," France's soft voice says a bit further away. There is a sound of clothes rustling as the other undresses -- as Canada expects. He stretches out a little on the large bed, excited and slightly uncomfortable in his impatience. Finally, though, the bed dips and France is bending over him. But not coming any closer. Watching him, Canada thinks to himself and tries to restrain his deep and hard breathing. France's supporting hand is right next to his, beside his face, and he covers it gently with his.

"What now?" he asks softly, still obediently keeping his eyes closed.

France leans forward, ever so slightly. Canada can feel his warm breath on his skin now. "This is a room made of glass," France says slowly, a hint of smile in his voice. "Around us people are walking by."

A bubbly feeling fills Canada so that it's hard for him to speak. "Do they notice us?"

France knows him so well. If it wasn't for France Canada would perhaps never had found this side of himself. He isn't sure if he'll ever dare to mention about this to anyone else much less play this kind of make-believe games with anyone but France. France, he thinks, just enjoys manipulating his desires and never refuses an invitation.

France finally touches him, kissing his neck and softly petting his belly. Waves of unexplainable feeling rush through and fro in his body. "Some of them are stopping," France continues. "Turn your face to your right, just like that. Ah, they can't take their eyes off of you."

Canada smiles at the non-existent passersby. "I hope they are enjoying the view."

"Would you like to show them more?"

He nods happily. France slides off the bed and pulls Canada on his feet by the hands. Then he moves behind Canada, hands laid lightly on his hip and shoulder, presenting him to his crowd. Canada leans back against him, letting his head roll slightly back, and sets his own hands on France's arms as the long, slender fingers caress his body. France kisses his neck and turns his head up to whisper to his ear: "You are stopping more people from going about their business. They look so surprised and embarrassed but cannot turn away. I wish you could see them squirm, you bad boy."

"It's not my fault if they like to watch me." Canada smiles.

France kisses his neck again. "Oh but you should know how sinfully handsome you are. These muscles..." France grabs his stomach. "These legs..." He goes down just a little to stroke Canada's thighs. "This ass..."

Canada draws a shaky breath. "But they can't see my ass," he says slightly disappointed.

"You are right, we should fix that immediately, no?" And without further ado, France turns Canada around in his arms. Canada laughs and leans forward, wrapping his arms around France's neck and sticking his ass out nicely. France strokes down his back and grabs it. "Yes~, this is much better. I think some of those gentlemen outside are positively swooning now."

Now the excitement is clearly arousal. Canada shivers and his insides are hot despite the chill of the air. "What do you think they would like to see next?"

France pauses. "Let me think..." As he ponders, his fingers are wandering again, towards Canada's hole. Canada wriggles a bit, and jumps when they dip in, two of them at the same time. France fingers him absent-mindedly and he starts rubbing himself on them as he does.

Room Made of Glass [2/2]

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Re: Room Made of Glass [2/2]

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Re: Room Made of Glass [2/2]

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Re: Room Made of Glass [2/2]

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1963, the Élysée Treaty

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1963, the Élysée Treaty

Bonus 1 : France and Germany get married. It is very much an arranged marriage.

Bonus 2 : England, America, etc go WUT!?

Re: 1963, the Élysée Treaty

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There's already an awesome fill for this somewhere, although I can't find it any more. T__T I think it was somewhere between parts 5 and 7 though ...

Re: 1963, the Élysée Treaty

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Re: 1963, the Élysée Treaty

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Financial gangbang failed revenge

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Because I'm the worst person on earth...

America tries to take revenge, beginning with France. But France expected this and has backup in Russia and America ends up at their mercy again.

Re: Financial gangbang failed revenge

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Re: Financial gangbang failed revenge

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Russia x Prussia

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To win a bet with France, Prussia must date Russia for at least 1 month and must act like he is totally in love with Russia.

Prussia just never thought he'd fall in love with him!

Re: Russia x Prussia

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never thought I'd say this, but...SECONDED.

I Wasn't Supposed To Fall for You. [1/?]

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Re: I Wasn't Supposed To Fall for You. [1/?]

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Since the Second Jacobite Rising, especially by the Battle of Culloden, can be boiled down to: England and Scotland vs France and Scotland and Ireland and England but that's were it gets really confusing, this anon would love to see France/Scotland/England were England and France are both trying to persuade however they can that Scotland is better off/safer with him rather than the other. Male Scotland preferred.

Bonus love if the eventual outcome seems to haunt England because he could beat the living crap out of his brothers with little guilt but when it came to America he BROKE DOWN AND SOBBED!

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So for this fic, the Nordic countries decided to finally let Estonia become a Nordic. But now Estonia has to go through the initiation ritual of having sex with every current Nordic nation.

This can either be one at a time or one massive orgy, whichever anon would prefer to write.

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Seconded to the max!

Nordics/Estonia [2/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [3/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [3/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [3/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [3/?]

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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Nordics/Estonia [1/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [1/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [1/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [1/?]

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Re: Nordics/Estonia [1/?]

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*gentle push*

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Anything with Prussia and Fem!France.

I need it.

Like burning.

Bonus: If you could squeeze Igiko in there too that'd be hot.

ReCAPTCHA: angstnom states

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also, seconded, lolz.

(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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Re: OP~

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Please?...Smut is optional.

Not much but...

(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 04:55 am (UTC)(link)

hope you like~

Re: Not much but...

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Re: Not much but...

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Re: Not much but...

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If it's interaction without smut it's also fine

Re: Netherlands/Japan

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seconded to the max! make it happen, anons! <3

Re: Netherlands/Japan

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Re: Netherlands/Japan

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Kinks are Lolicon and incest. This guy really is a dirty dirty pedo: http://hetalia.wikia.com/wiki/Holland

Re: Holland/Belgium

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Seconded like WHOA! :D

Die Leiden des jungen Werther

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
Yep. You heard that right. A hetalian crossover with Goethes masterpiece.
(for those not familiar with the story, check out wiki!: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Leiden_des_jungen_Werther)
Lotte: Hungary
Albert: Austria
Werther: Prussia

Coz it all fits too damn well... And German-literature-anon! likes drama and romance!

May 4.

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It's not like I minded going away, since I always was too awesome for that place anyway. Can I help it that women find me irresistible? It wasn't my fault that her sister fell for my natural charm and pleasing conversation. I'm not going to mope about something that wasn't my fault. Tell Mom that I'll deal with the business. I've talked to Auntie, and she's not the huge bitch that people makes her sound. I explained to her about the inheritance and all that shit, so it's bound to work out now.

Did I mention that this place is awesome? I love the loneliness here. And there are lots of flowers. The city is fucking ugly, but this dead Count guy made a garden on a hill. I am so going to rule it; the gardener loves me, of course.

Re: May 4.

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Hetalia Gakuen - organizing a play

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I'd like to see the Hetalia Gakuen students organizing a play. It can be any play, but since I'd like the story to be humourous, a too-serious play might be a little out of place.
Hidden talents are revealed! A surprising person is a really good actor, another amazing with sewing (and it's NOT Poland!) and oh my God, I never noticed how goodlooking character X looks with the right clothes and stage make up!

Pairings aren't necessary, but if you do want do use them, I'm a dork for Spain/Romano, FrUK and Russia/Estonia.

Bonus: The Bad Friends Trio audition for the lead roles and are rejected. They try to get revenge!


(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Oh God, I thought of that Gakuen Hetalia doujin where some of the nations try to make a movie. 8'D

(The one where Vash fails at acting, Gilbert is a dog, Feliciano is a alien, Arthur becomes James Bonds, Alfred becomes a superhero and the movie is watched by a horrified and confused Antonio and Lovino)

... Why do keep imagining Lovino being one of the people with hidden awesome acting talent? Pfff, and then people would be surprised and Antonio would have a fangirl orgasm be pleasantly surprised. x'D

Re: Hetalia Gakuen - organizing a play

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Re: Hetalia Gakuen - organizing a play

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anon wants fic for this fanart: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=6449045

a summary for those who don't have a pixiv account: Finland and Denmark are drinking, and then Denmark decides to sex up Finland, but Finland is resistant to the idea. Not really non-con, as Finland goes along with it, but he's still very >:\ about the whole thing.


(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 10:32 am (UTC)(link)
Or England/Fem!America/Russia (not picky on the order)

America discovers that England and Russia have been seeing each other (or at least sleeping together) and gets curious/turned on/jealous (she's been lusting after both for a while but has never been with either). She decides to go spy on them, gets caught, gets asked to join in the fun.

Would prefer that she not just be a carbon copy of male America just with different intimate bits give her at least a little bit of her own personality please and nation names not human ones. I also wouldn't say no to a bit of plot instead of just PWP.

Bonus: *shifty eyes* DP *shifty eyes*

Ascended Voyeur (1/?)

(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 07:43 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry for the awkward ~exposition chapter. Also, I hope my fem!America doesn't suck ass.

“…Is that so?” She aimed for indifference, but the words sounded too vulnerable and irritated when they left her mouth. She instinctively reached a hand upwards to curl a lock of hair around her finger, finding it a harder task than usual since her hair had been cut.

Canada gave her a worried look. “I shouldn’t have mentioned it,” he said. “It’s not like it’s any of our business what they do.”

She scoffed in response, crossing her arms and tapping her fingernails against the table. Canada look almost astonished, and then said, “You’re pouting, America.” He was bemused, a smile quirking at the edges of his lips.

She uncrossed her arms quickly, throwing a glare in Canada’s direction. “Come on. You must find it to be weird as well! This is England we’re talking about. With Russia, of all people.” Canada was unbelievably calm about the entire situation.

“Growing up with France does tend to numb you to these types of things. But still, you’re act like they’ve offended you somehow.” His head tilted slightly, and he inquired, “Are you upset because both Russia and England are paying attention to someone other than you?”

“No,” she answered abruptly. “It’s not about that, it’s just-- it’s strange.”

Canada shrugged, giving her a wary look. “Listen, I shouldn’t have even mentioned it. It would probably have been better if you didn’t know.”

Normally she would have complained about the implication that she couldn’t handle the truth, but instead she laughed softly. “Probably,” she agreed.

Canada lifted up, and muttered an apology, before exiting the room. Another softer slam of a door, further away, confirmed her suspicions that he was done visiting her. He has probably kicking himself over the information he had revealed, now.

Although he was probably right in not wanting her to know. She wanted nothing more than to flip over the table she was gripping now. It was selfish and petty, to want to throw a fit over two guys fucking, but she couldn’t help but be upset.

At the same time, it was all downright confusing. After all, hadn’t both England and Russia always been more concerned with politics than sex? Hadn’t England fought fiercely to try to keep her as his colony, hadn’t Russia and her threatened each other fiercely to protect to their respective countries? They never seemed to be concerned with sex, especially with one another.

Hell, maybe they turned to each other out of sexual repression, she thought with a smirk. And it would be quite a sight. England’s stoicism breaking down, clothes being torn off, as Russia seduced him in a kind but almost manipulative manner—

Her toes curled, and her nails dug into the wood of the table.

She was insane, to find the idea of it appealing.

Ascended Voyeur (2/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (2/?)

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Ascended Voyeur (3/?)

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Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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OP Flails

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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Re: Ascended Voyeur (4/?)

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(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 10:47 am (UTC)(link)
A nation working a part-time job and getting to know his/her people.

Bonus points for the nation growing real close to a small group of people and revealing what they are to them.

Bonus times two: the people don't know that the nation is a nation, and they discuss the idea of nations as people ("If America were a person, he would be like this!") and their idea of their nation is very different from what he/she actually is. (This could be coupled with the first bonus by having the nation reveal what they are after overhearing this.)

(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Oh God seconded!!!

(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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Financial Gangbang AU With A *Different* Twist - It Never Really Happened But...

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 10:55 am (UTC)(link)
Financial Gangbang AU With A *Different* Twist - It Never Really Happened (But Almost Everybody 'Involved' *But* Alfred Thinks That It Did)

The basic plot : Big Financial Mess, everybody is hurting. Country A is really, really annoyed at America about this and tries some kind of spell to displace his, hers or it's nasty flu symptoms onto America for a night so he, her or it can at least sleep better for a night, but this doesn't work due to some other Nations trying to do something similar (if not exactly the same) and the magic all gets tangled up. The end result is that Country A's flu symptoms stay exactly the same (making said Country think that the spell was a dud) and everybody involved in the big spell tangle *but* Alfred end up having a *very* strange (not to mention nasty) dream.

And from that day on, many Nations are acting really, really strangely, especially when Alfred himself is involved...and Alfred can't figure out what is happening at all. They can't *all* be that annoyed at him about the financial thing, right?

This is a further twist on the basic idea of this request : Financial Gangbang AU With A Twist - It Never Really Happened (But Alfred Thinks That It Did)

The basic plot : Big Financial Mess, everybody is hurting. Country A is really, really annoyed at America about this and tries some kind of spell to displace his, hers or it's nasty, nasty flu symptoms onto America for a night so he, her or it can at least sleep better for a night, but this doesn't work due to some other people trying to do something similar (if not exactly the same) and the magic all gets tangled up. The end result is that Country A's flu symptoms stay exactly the same (making said Country think that the spell was a dud) and America ends up with one of the worst nightmares in his life.

And from that day on, America is acting really, really strangely...and nobody but nobody can figure out why.

It's All Your Fault!! (1)

(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 10:22 am (UTC)(link)
"It's all your fault."

Alfred F. Jones quickly crawled behind the counter of Ludwig Beilschmidt's usually immaculate kitchen.

"It's all your fault it's always your fault, if it wasn't for you and your bloody Great Depression you gave to everybody, I - I - the bloody Nazi's would never had been able to come to power-"

Bwah, what? First Iggy, then Francis, and now Ludwig, of all people were all acting like frigging loons. What the fuck was happening?

"What the hell are you talking about, WW2 is ancient history, man - And anyway, it's not like I gave the Great Depression to everybody on purpose, you know that! And the Nazi's weren't my fault either, even if there were a lot of my people cheering them on, too many now that I think about it - "

Eww, yuck, bad memories. Alfred sighed inwardly, bringing himself back to the present with a shake of his head, and slowly and quietly went for the middle-sized frying pan. Sometimes the simplest approaches were best, really...

Several minutes later, Alfred had succeeded in tying up an knocked-out Ludwig with some of the special ropes - Normal ones weren't much use when Nations were involved, as a general rule of thumb - and had laid him out on one of Ludwig's guest, room's beds.

And now, what to do...?

There was a clatter behind him, then. Alfred turned, and then smiled.

"Oh, Gilbert, thank goodness - Your brother's gone nuts! And it's not just your brother, it's - "

And that was when he realized that Gilbert had a gun in his hand, and that gun was pointed straight at him.

"- Oh, cripes - You too?"

Situation critical, right. Though he couldn't be all the way sure just what kind of heat Gilbert was packing, Alfred wasn't in a mood to take any chances anymore.

And if the biggest thing he had on hand to throw at the Nation - Well, Gilbert was still a Nation (as being a Avatar of a group of people with some kind of culture in common), sort of, even if he wasn't really a country anymore, he supposed - just happened to be the bed that he'd just put Ludwig on -

Well, that was just how the stones rolled, wasn't it.


Well, it wasn't that he meant to break Germany's House up quite so much, but...

"...Look. You - America - You punish me, alright? Just - Just leave Ludwig alone, you can do anything you want to me - Fuck, I can't figure out how - How we were so stupid in the first place..."

Alfred sighed, making sure Gilbert was (a) not bleeding to death - Nations usually healed pretty fast, but in Gilbert's case, he didn't want to take any chances, really , and (b) securely tied up.

OK, now what?

Iggy would usually be the first person he turned to when things took a turn for the severely weird, but in this case, Iggy himself was clearly part of the problem, so...

Arrrrgh. Alfred rubbed his temples.

He had a bad feeling about this - It was like looking at the tip of the iceberg, with the rest submerged oh-so-innocently under water...

Gaaah. He needed help. He really needed help.

If only he could figure out how to get it...

It's All Your Fault!! (2)

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It's All Your Fault!! (3)

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It's All Your Fault!! (4)

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It's All Your Fault!! (5)

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Seen requested; BUT NEVER EVER FILLED--WHY!?

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 10:59 am (UTC)(link)
China/Taiwan: PWP (Porn Without Plot)

There, this op!anon make it easy for you writer!anons

ReCAPTCHA: said juiced (...)

Re: Seen requested; BUT NEVER EVER FILLED--WHY!?

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
I totally second that!!!


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(deleted comment)
(deleted comment)
(deleted comment)
(deleted comment)

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:04 am (UTC)(link)
Let's see a normally unmanly country (Italy, Canada, Finland, etc.) being very awesome and GAR.

The catch? it still has to be IC for them. Needs moar IC awesomeness.

Canada's Random Act of Braveness P1

(Anonymous) 2010-01-08 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
Out in the Jungfrauregion of Switzerland, all the nations had gathered around for a world conference. Although there was not anything particularly important to discuss, all the countries of Europe, America, and Asia agreed that now was the best time to meet. Although no one said it out loud, everyone really just wanted Switzerland to host now because it was wonderful skiing weather out in the Alps. Everyone had brought their snow gear, eager to ride down the white, snowy mountains. As soon as the meeting let out, everyone rushed back to the resort to change into their heavy coats and skiing gear.

Canada was especially excited to get out there. He was a pretty talented skier, for he had so much practice on his own mountains back home. He thought maybe, just maybe, other countries might notice him if he impressed them with his skiing skills. He zipped up his big, bright red snow jacket, but had some trouble putting his arms down. Sure it was thick, but it sure kept him warm. It was also handy to wear that light blue snow hat and with those yellow gloves.

He slipped on his gear, inspected himself in the mirror…and immediately threw off the gloves and hat. His brother America would never let him live it down if he went downstairs looking like that insolent Cartman from one of his brother’s favorite cartoons. He traded those colored accessories for plain white ones before heading out with his skis to join everyone else. As he went down the elevator, he was nearly shaking with excitement for finally getting a chance to prove himself. As soon as he got to the 1st floor, he saw everyone else already heading out the door for the ski lifts.

“Hey guys! Wait up!” He chased after them, practically waddling in his thick clothing. Practically no one turned around; all the other nations didn’t seem to hear him, all except for America, who glanced backwards for a moment.

“Hurry up, bro! We’re all gonna head for the highest peak!” The U.S called out. As soon as Canada joined the rest of the gang, America started giggling.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, but if that hat was blue and those gloves were yellow, you’d look like Eric Cartman!” America gave a loud chuckle as Canada sunk his head and gave a loud sigh.

Korea was the first to claim a seat on the lift and insisted that China sit next to him.

“Aniki, make sure that you jump out first.”

“Why do I go first, aru?”

“How can I cling to your breasts for warmth if I’m in front of you?”

Somehow, Russia was able to squeeze Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and himself all in one lift. Lithuania and Estonia were squished into the edges of the seat while Latvia sat in the middle on Russia’s lap.

“Switzerland, can I go up with you?” Liechtenstein pleaded with her large, glistening green eyes.

“No, it’s too dangerous for you. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. You can have just as much fun on the bunny slope.” Her older brother insisted. She pouted, but obeyed because she didn’t want to cause him any trouble.

Canada ended up seated next to England. When he sat down, his older “brother” glared at him for a moment in confusion.

“America…I thought you already went up a minute ago with France.”

“England, I’m Canada! How do you not recognize me?! You never had trouble noticing me in the Seven Year’s War or War of 1812!” Canada complained in that whispering voice of his.

“Sorry chap, you two are just so alike, except America’s much more of an attention whore than you; always trying to steal the spotlight…” England muttered as he stared out into the mountains. Canada huffed and sat on the edge of his seat, ready to jump off as soon as he reached the top and prove himself to the whole world, almost literally. This is it. This is my chance. I’m not all hockey and maple syrup like everyone else thinks.

Canada's Random Act of Braveness P2

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Canada's Random Act of Braveness P3

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Re: Canada's Random Act of Braveness P3

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Canada's Random Act of Braveness P4

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China x Japan Age-play

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:09 am (UTC)(link)
Inspired by that hot China x Japan bladder-play fill...

Japan is tired of being an adult and secretly fantasizes about being a naughty child again and having all his needs fulfilled by Daddy? Mummy? Big brother? However, he is ashamed to admit it.

China is delighted to oblige...

Re: China x Japan Age-play

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 01:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh god yes.

Re: China x Japan Age-play

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Re: China x Japan Age-play

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Re: China x Japan Age-play

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Re: China x Japan Age-play

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Don't wanna grow up (1/?)

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Re: Don't wanna grow up (1/?)

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Request : 'Pleasure House' Fills

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:22 am (UTC)(link)
AU, Crossover, anything OK.

Bonus : Robinson's 'Lady Sally' gets mentioned someplace.

Re: Request : 'Pleasure House' Fills

(Anonymous) 2010-01-06 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded like burning! Especially the bonus.

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:35 am (UTC)(link)
Some Belarus/Ukraine hotness please~

It's over due...

Side Course [1/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-01-09 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
She loved her brother, really, she did. She'd never do anything to abandon him or hurt him. At least... Nothing he himself wouldn't do.

Natalia saw what he did with the damn Toris kid, Raivis, and even Eduard too. Not to mention that filthy Yao. She heard their yells of more-than-likely both the pain and pleasure her brother could induce. She heard it every night. Jealousy filled her, but she wasn't sure if it was over her brother's attention to them or over something a bit more... primitive. It didn't matter. The nation was a young lady, whether most paid that any attention or not, and she often grew tired of fruitlessly pining over her brother.

So she, of course, had things on the side. After all, she was a very pretty girl, she could get what she wanted through extra means.

That's what she told herself as she closed the difference between her sister's lips and hers. There was no attraction specifically to her, just a... side-dish, while she waited for the main course to finally come onto her plate. As her hands wandered to lace into Yekaterina's short, thin hair, there was really no passion. No matter how hard her fingers curled into it, smirking through the kiss as her sister let out gasps and whimpers of both confusion and surprise. With a slide of her tongue into her open mouth, anyone watching her would've clearly thought that Natalia actually loved her current prey. That wasn't the case. Really.

Yekaterina used to know this, the first few times the younger would approach her and perhaps grab her hand, she was sure it was either sisterly, or an attempt to fill the void that Ivan avoided. She told herself to not get too wrapped up in it, but times like these when her mouth moved to nibble on her ear, hands sliding off her suspenders, her promises seemed to fade away, and she'd be immersed in the moment, just like right then. Her shirt was quickly discarded, leaving the blue strips of fabric swinging at her waist. She couldn't focus on that for long though, as Natalia's mouth was on her neck, sucking and leaving marks in almost an instant, calculative fingers reaching behind to remove her tight undergarment. It was as her chest was released that she felt the slightest bit of fear. They'd never gone this far, and tears of embarrassment and confusion pricked at the corners of her eyes.

"N-natalia, sister, wha..." she choked out, resting her hands on the mentioned girl's shoulders. Her words were met with only a glare and a sign to be quiet, before a mouth wrapped itself around her right nipple. A cry pierced its way from her throat, more surprised than anything as the lips began to knead at her slowly perking nipple.

There was no passion there. Really.

A/N: Okay, that's the first bit... I'm not sure how good it is, so I'll leave it at that for now. However, I will continue if anyone would like~

Re: Side Course [1/?]

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Re: Side Course [1/?]

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Re: Side Course [1/?]

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Re: Side Course [1/?]

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Late OP

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Re: Side Course [1/?]

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Re: artfill!

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Re: artfill!

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Re: artfill!

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Re: artfill!

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You know you want more CRACK dammit

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:42 am (UTC)(link)
This anon read a lulzy fanfic that bred this plot bunny like whoa

For some reason that is up to you anon, the Nations have to attend the World Conference wearing outfits from the time they were most costumy(lol sorry for the made up word)ex: Pirate!England, Viking!Nordics, Feudal!Japan, Teutonic!Prussia RecolutionaryWar!America etc... etc...

AND they have act accordingly as whatever they're dressed up as lol

Chaos and insane hilarity ensues however you want!



Reminding day [1/2]

(Anonymous) 2010-01-10 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Sealand looked around the conference table and wonders what happened. And who were those people. They looked like Nations but as far as he can remember there was no way that America would come without his Texas or Japan in informal kimono.

Some nations were in their normal clothes and were watching madness around them with bored expression.

Confused Sealand sits next to Ukraine. “Uhm, hello, big boobed lady. Can you tell me what is happening here? “The small nation asked with confused look.

Ukraine looked at him blinking her eyes. “Oh, you are new here that you don’t know about this?” She smiled at him and ruffles his hair. “It’s nothing new. Just some countries remember theirs old days. You can see America in his Revolutionary uniform, England in his pirate attire, Spain as toreador and lot of others. Thankfully Prussia didn’t drink this year before he came here.” She explained it to him. Peter blinked.

“That jerk was pirate?” He was really confused now. How can somebody so boring and somebody who is completely jerk all the time, act so cool like pirate?

“Yes, Peter was it? Arthur was pirate in his teen years. And please stay out of his way. Every time this takes place every country starts to act as they younger self and it usually end badly.”

“Why?” Peter looked around. Everybody was arguing or fighting with each other. To him it was nothing unusual. Only now they were holding sabers, muskets, maces, axes and some others weapons he doesn’t know name of.

Lithuania and Poland were in theirs infamous uniforms and were picking fight with Russia who was dressed as Bolshevik. After they take out swords Ukraine’s smile became forced. “I’m sorry Peter I need to go.” She apologizes to him and taking out her drag and with battle cry as she runs at Feliks and Toris.

Both of them looks pretty much shaken but in couple of seconds they pull themselves together and pull out their swords.

“Yer land rat! Do ya think that ya are better than me? Submit to power of Britannia!” Came loud voice of pirate captain Kirkland. He was smirking. Sealand rubs his eyes, but yes England was actually smirking quite darkly at kneeling Spain. Feliciano in his Geneva gown was holding Romano’s hand so he would not shoot England with his gun. South Italy was dressed like some kind of mafia.

“Let me go! I will kill that bastard for stepping on Antonio, move it, dam it!” Lovino yells rudely and tried to free himself.

Sealand tries his best to move away from that crazy group. Germany looks quite normal in his normal clothes so he moves to him. “G.. Germany? Are they like this every time this happens?” Still-to-be-noticed Nation asked pointing at England who was fighting and wining against Spain.

“Yes, but this is still normal. If they were drunk and Czech Republic was here then it will be real chaos here.”

As on clue really drunk Czech personification burst in room with his twin brother over his shoulder. He was grinning like mad man and holding bottle of some really strong alcohol. Everything in room went silent. Small nation looked around just to spot Hungary in hers uniform trying to prevent Prussia to run to Czech with his sword.

“Oh, if it’s not our small Teutonic knight.” Czech nation let his brother fall down and stalks to Gilbert. “Still holding grudge against me because I kick your sorry ass back then?” Czech was really drunk or really stupid.

“Like hell you did you, kleine Ratte!” Gilbert shouted and finally breaks free. In a blink of an eye they both were trying to kill each other.

“I’m sorry, everybody, I cannot out drink my brať this year. I swear he is more and more alcohol addict.” Slovakia finally pulls himself together and was watching his brother and Gilbert fighting. “They will never stop fighting, you know.” He points out looking at stunned nations. This was first time in really long period of time that they saw Czech attack somebody. Usually it was really stupid, easy to pick on and trouble making nation. But now he was fighting with Gilbert. And as they can see he was slightly better with his weapon.

Reminding day [2/2]

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UK/Spain, Peninsular War

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 11:46 am (UTC)(link)
Based on the events of Peninsular War (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peninsular_War)

Antonio is confident Francis is on his side, until his friend suddenly betrays him, attacking despite their alliance. Spaniards desperately and bravely fight the French army off, and they almost win but Antonio suddenly breaks and has no willpower to finish his friend off. Francis is also unwilling to fight anymore but Napoleon insists on a counterattack. Spain would probably meet the end of his freedom if Arthur didn't come into the picture, helping Spain get back his confidence and will to fight.

- Spain can be his idiotic self but please also show his serious side.
- make it bittersweet, with nice warm smut :D (doesn't matter who tops, I really can't decide)
- no need for battle scenes, I'm more interested in their relationships at the time; Spain shouldn't trust England easily and it's okay if they fight a little but make them become close to each other gradually
- please use some parts of Backstreet Boys' song Spanish Eyes. I don't mean using the whole lyrics, just a part in a sentence, for example "he knew he was about to win first prize."
- mention Antonio's eyes here and there :D
- a happy or at least full of hope ending, please?

bonus 1: due to Antonio's constant cheerfulness, Arthur has lots of problems reading his real feelings
bonus 2: Antonio cries at some point
bonus 3: it's right before the first time they kiss.

Please please please please? ;_;

Re: UK/Spain, Peninsular War

(Anonymous) 2010-01-05 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded. I really want someone to write this. Pretty please with sugar on top!

Re: UK/Spain, Peninsular War

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Re: UK/Spain, Peninsular War

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Re: UK/Spain, Peninsular War

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Re: UK/Spain, Peninsular War

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Partial fill is Partial

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Re: Partial fill is Partial

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Re: Partial fill is Partial

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Re: Partial fill is Partial

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