Someone wrote in [personal profile] hetalia_kink 2011-02-21 09:16 pm (UTC)

Re: Should concrit be allowed?

Yes, it should! I'd be really surprised and disappointed to learn that the majority of fillers aren't interested in improving. Yes, even respectful, constructive concrit can sting - but it really is one of those situations where "no pain no gain" applies. Oh it does hurt - and it hurts the most when it's true, but it's the best way to improve. I really hope that most people are open to the possibility that their work is imperfect, and that it's a minority who are so sensitive that they cannot accept concrit.

In short, I think those who can't handle it should opt out, rather than those who are open to it having to opt in, because as writers, we really should be able to take concrit. Yes, some of us can't, and I'm not condemning that, but I really don't think the default should be to assume that most can't handle concrit.

Plus, as the mods note, it's hard enough getting comments around here. Limiting the kind of responses we can have to fics isn't going to be a good thing. Concrit can be discouraging, but *crickets* is discouraging too.

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