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A Modest Proposal on Request Freezes...

I don't know if maybe this idea was posted before a long time ago, but I didn't see it anywhere, sooo... I'm sorry if this is old news. ;_;

ALRIGHT. I love the kinkmeme and I love the people who run it and think they're doing a great job. <3 However, one of the things that annoys me the most about it is the request freezes- not the fact that they're there, because I realize they serve a good purpose, but the fact that lifts are so short and happen 98% of the time when I, at least, can't be on a computer. I've been using the kinkmeme for about 7 months now, but have only managed to catch a lift once. I realize that this place gets a bunch of prompts anyway and that we don't need more, but I've done bunches of fills and I'm a little sad that I don't get to request (what I think are =D) my super cool ideas. And I know some other anons feel the same way.

My idea is that, once enough fills have been put forth to justify a freeze lift, the mods don't immediately put it into effect, but instead lift it at a time that had been previously decided on (time meaning hour and minute of the day in this case). For instance, when a freeze goes into effect, the mods get together and decide with each other that when the lift comes, it will be started at 4PM Eastern time, and then tell the meme about it. That way, anons will know what time to be at their computers if they have a request that they've been waiting a while to post and really really want.

The times could be different each lift, too, depending on what's more convenient for each time zone. Like in the previous example, at 4PM Eastern time it'll be 6AM in Tokyo- definitely not convenient for Japanese anons (if there are any on here, lol). Therefore, lift-times could be cycled through to ensure that every anon in every time zone gets at least one good chance at getting their request in.

And in the meantime, of course, everybody does lots and lots of fills. =D

If you have anything to add, or just think this is a stupid idea and have a better one, tell me about it!

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