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Hetalia kink meme part 27

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 27

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Re: AmeLiet - Domestic Fluff

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Ahh! I'm SO sorry about the first one! This is my first time posting a fill, so I didn't know what to do! >~< I'll post it again

Lithuania carefully stirred a spoonful of instant coffee into the glass red cup. The small ding from the spoon hitting the cup filled his ears and the silent kitchen, just like the sweet aroma filling his nose. Once the water inside the cup turned black he removed the spoon. hitting the edge of the cup to get rid of the small drops hanging onto the spoon. He dipped the spoon into a cup of sugar and added two scoops into the coffee, watching as it dissolved in the cup.He placed the cup on the plastic tray beside him, sitting it next to the plate of chocolate waffles with whipped cream covering them.

He smiled as he looked down at the breakfast he had lovingly made for his lover, but it was missing something.

He went over to the window leading to his garden and opened it. The cool breeze of summer hit his face when he stuck it out. He looked down at his garden of flowers and took a deep inhale, relishing in the different scents the flowers produced, making him smile. He had planted his garden last year, right after he was taken from Mr. Russia's house.

All the years he had lived there he silently wished for a garden he could spend his time in, planting and watering flowers. Pulling out weeds that threatened to ruin them. Just like the one he had when he lived with Poland, before he was taken by Russia after their war.

Everyday he wished for one, but the endless winter in Russia made it impossible. It seemed like a dream that was out of reach. One that he could never obtain, no matter how hard he reach.All of that changed when he was taken from Russia and brought to his new home. His new warmer house where he could live in peaceful happiness with his new lover. His new, kinder, gentler lover.

He reach down and plucked a single rose from his rosebush. He took a sniff of it and smiled. He pulled his head back inside and walked back to the tray, placing the rose in a small glass vase in the corner of the tray. He grabbed the tray's handles on either side of it and carefully lifted it up.

America sat behind his desk in his study room, looking over countless papers and documents that needed his attention. He sighed and ranked his hand through his blond locks. Unlike what most nations thought, America did his work. Just because he talked about superheros in meetings didn't mean he wasn't serious about the issues facing his and the others' countries. How else did they think his country was still up and running?

Unfortunately being a huge country meant lots and lots of paperwork, which meant lots and lots of sleepless nights. Most nations would have gone mad from the sheer amount of work by now without a small break.

Speaking of breaks his was about to come through his door any moment no-

A light knock ripped at his door. Smiling softly he looked up from his desk and looked toward his door. "Come in." He called. The door slowly opened as Lithuania pushed it, still holding onto the tray.

Once the door was opened he made his way over to America's desk, being careful to step over the stack of books and discarded paperwads littering the floor, least he trip over them and fall face first into the breakfast. Once America removed all of the paperwork from his desk, he placed the tray on it.

"Here's your breakfast, Mr. America." He said, smiling.

America laughed. "Now come on, Lithuania. You know you don't have to call me that anymore." He grabbed Lithuania's wrist and pulled him down onto his lap, making him squeak and blush. He laced their left hands together. "We are married after all." The golden ring on their fingers brushed against each other.

Lithuania blushed even more and looked down at his lap. "I know, but habits are hard to break."

America placed his index finger under Lithuania's chin and lifted his head up. He leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss against his lips. "I know." He looked at the breakfast on his table and smiled. "You made my favorite."

"Y-yes, but I wish you'd pick something healthier."

"But it's so good!" He whined, pouting childishly.

"You should still think about it." He said. "You can't rule your country if you're having a heart attack from all this food."

"Ok, ok. I'll eat healthier for you." He kissed his forehead. "After I eat this breakfast."

"I'll leave you to it thEEN!" He was forced back into America's lap when he tried to get up.

"Nu uh. You're not going anywhere." He kissed the back of his neck, making the brunette shudder and gasp.

"B-but don't you need to eat?"

"Mhm, but I want you to help me." He picked up his fork and stabbed it into the waffle. He tore a small piece from the waffle, making sure to get as much whip cream and syrup onto it as he could. He lifted it near Lithuania's mouth, making him blush. "Go on. Try it."

Hesitantly the other nation opened his mouth and accepted the piece into his waffle. He chewed for a few minutes, making sure to get a good taste of it before swallowing. He smiled. "It's good."

"See? Isn't this better than those steamed veggies you want me to eat?"


"Hey, it was worth a try."

Lithuania rolled his eyes, but smiled. He leaned forward and gave his nose a small kiss. "You're lucky you're cute."

"No. I'm lucky I have you." He wrapped his arms around Lithuania's waist and lightly squeezed him in a small hug.

Lithuania chuckled and nodded. "I'm lucky I have you too." He rested his head against America's shoulder, enjoying his presence and the bites of waffle he was fed.

The occasional kisses were a nice touch as well. Sticky, but nice.

Just like his America.