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Hetalia kink meme part 27

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 27

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turn you inside out (1/3ish)

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posted this in the wrong section. how wonderful

It's not that Denmark slacks off during world meetings. But it's just so hard to stay focused on Greece delivering his latest economic report in a drowsy, tired voice. He feels like it's practically the same report as last time, a few jobs lost and gained here, a few more austerity measures there. How could they reasonably expect him to pay attention? At least he's trying to maintain the facade of listening, unlike Spain and Portugal, who are currently engaged in an arm-wrestling competition in which one of them is trying to bite the other.

There are ten thousand better things to be distracted by. Number one is the man on his left, mister Luxembourg of highest-GDP-of-the-European-Union fame, a fact he loves to remind everyone of whenever possible. The other is diligently jotting down notes on a crisp lavender notepad—as if he actually gave a crap about anyone else's economy, the rich bastard—listening closely to poor Greece drone on with increasing sleepiness.

Luxembourg's bangs drop over his face (he's given up on trying to imitate his brother's hairstyle, Denmark guesses), soft and golden in the yellow light of the incandescent bulbs. It looks nice on him, really, despite the fact that it makes Luxembourg look like a teenager going through his emo phase. He resists a crazy urge to pet him. His eyes travel to Luxembourg's face, skin alabaster pale and smooth with a spray of freckles marking the area around his cheeks. Up close, it's easy to see how similar he is to his siblings—he's got the Netherlands' sharp negotiator's nose and those high, angular cheekbones, and Belgium's expressive eyes, cat-like and quick and darting.

He was always the prettiest out of his siblings.

On a whim, Denmark brushes his foot against the other's leg. Luxembourg blinks and looks at him out of the corner of his eye. He smirks back at him. Luxembourg offers a small, vaguely supercilious smile—he had always possessed this unique quality, this subtle aura of polite condescension—and nudges his foot back.

Denmark wants to fuck the snobby little smile right off his face.

By this time Greece has fallen silent and actually nodded off, murmuring faint Socratic maxims to himself. Someone's lodged a paper airplane in his hair. Frustrated, Germany walks up to the podium and yanks him off, still snoring peacefully even as he's thrown back to his seat.

"Y'know," Denmark yawns. "It's gettin' kinda late, everybody's tired, maybe we should just call it a day, Germany."

Said nation turns and glares at him, but before he can open his mouth to reprimand, he's drowned out by a collective chorus of assent from the other nations. Germany drops his head in defeat, staring sadly at his pile of papers, and they take this as permission to leave. Luxembourg leans over to him and, still smiling that smile, says quietly, "Nice going, Denmark."

Denmark beamed. "Hey," he says, without thinking much about it, "you busy this evening?"

Luxembourg thinks about it. "Well—yes, actually. I've got some tax policies to look over, and the Chambre wants my opinion on some new bill—"

"Work, work, work," Denmark cuts him off. "Yer always working, aren't you?"

"Oui, and that's why my economy's so well off. Have you seen my siblings?" Luxembourg cranes his head in search of his brother and sister.

"No, but—"

Luxembourg catches sight of someone and waves. The Netherlands has seen him, and now he's making his way towards them... fuck. As much as Denmark likes the Netherlands as a friend, and as much as he loves spending the night in Amsterdam with him watching strippers and drinking cheap beer, the man's got this annoying tendency to go batshit whenever someone so much as looks at his siblings the wrong way.

"Hey, wait," Denmark says, hand quickly reaching for Luxembourg's arm before he can walk away. "Can you come over for a bit? I need some, uhh, advice on a tax regulation law, and seeing as you're the expert—"

Luxembourg raises an eyebrow. "Guess so. Just let me talk to my brother." He turns to the Netherlands and explains the situation.

The Netherlands looks warily between his little brother and Denmark. He takes his time, jams his hands into his pockets and pulls out a cigarette. Luxembourg waits patiently, albeit with a resigned air. Denmark fidgets.

"Don't do anything stupid," he says finally, giving Denmark a warning glare. "And Lux, if he does do something stupid—" his tone of voice makes it sound like he's certain he will, "—tell me first thing, a'right?"

His brother nods, rolling his eyes. "I'm not a kid, Bruder. I know how to take care of myself."

"Call me when you get back," are the Netherlands' parting words.

Luxembourg sighs, running a hand through his mop of hair. "God. He treats me like a baby." He leans against the wall and looks at Denmark after a moment. "And you didn't keep me behind to look at taxes, did you."

Denmark's smile widens. "Nah. Something a bit more exciting than that." It takes two strides for him to corner Luxembourg, a hand on either side of his head, effectively trapping him between the Dane and the wall. Luxembourg tenses, eyes glancing downwards before looking up at him with a slightly wide-eyed expression. Denmark can't resist, he jams his knee between Luxembourg's legs, slides up until they part for him, and rubs until he feels a bulge forming in the other's pants. Luxembourg lets out a yelp of surprise, legs tensing and untensing around his thigh. Denmark notices that he's breathing heavily, and his hands are shaking and kind of gripping the edge of his shirt, like he doesn't know where to put them. He says—"Well, that was... sudden."

His lips are parted and pink. Denmark helps himself to them, sloppily exploring every inch of his willing mouth, tongue running over every tooth and mapping out the contours inside the other's mouth. He doesn't break the kiss until they're both gasping for breath, and he notices, pleasantly, that sometime during the kiss Luxembourg's hands found their way onto his shoulders.

It occurs to him that they're still in the meeting room. "Come on, let's get outta here," he grabs the other by the arm and leads him outside, calling a taxi and directing the driver back to his hotel.

i'll write the next part tomorrow

Requesting Anon

(Anonymous) 2014-12-01 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)

I AM REALLY LOVING IT SO FAR (and aah Denmark, you like taking chances, don't you?) and I wish I had words to express it fully and I am so looking forward to the next part! <3 (I now also like the idea of Luxembourg having some freckles...)

turn you inside out (2/3ish)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-02 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
thanks very much, op. you're way too kind.

In the hotel room, Denmark wastes no time in getting Luxembourg's clothes off his back. He's a man generally too impatient for long bouts of foreplay, so he pushes him onto the bed with minimal fuss, and Luxembourg doesn't complain. Feeling around in his suitcase, he produces a small tube.

Denmark can feel the other's nervous eyes on him as he slathers his fingers in the lube until they're practically dripping. He gestures for Luxembourg to lean back, which he obeys, albeit slowly and not without a moment of hesitation.

"Not havin' second thoughts, are you?"

Luxembourg fiddles idly with his thumbs, lying there with his knees together as if to maintain some pretense of modesty. Another brief pause ensues before he answers, "No."

"Good. Just making sure. I don't want your brother after me in the morning."

The man groans in irritation. "Don't talk about him. I was starting to think that he'd be keeping me a virgin for eternity."

Denmark's smile now stretches from ear to ear. "You're a virgin?"

Luxembourg shoots him a look, face quickly turning red. "So?!"

He smirks, strokes one hand down the length of his inner thigh absently. "Ain't a bad thing. I'm just thinkin' about how lucky you are to have me as your first time."

"Just get on with it." Luxembourg covers his face in his hands. "Don't make me regret this."

Still grinning, he obeys this without any further questions, and wrenches Luxembourg's legs apart with minimum effort. They're shaking ever so slightly, and Denmark runs a palm over them once more, fingers squeezing and kneading... Without warning, he thrusts a finger inside, and begins twisting; Luxembourg gives a surprised shout and promptly bites down on his hand to muffle the sound. Denmark takes it away; the other offers a weak, half-hearted protest. "Want to hear you," he says, distractedly, as he adds a second digit. Luxembourg is so hot; walls shuddering and convulsing tightly around his fingers as he fucks him with a steady pace. He's already moaning and panting, cock dripping steadily and legs spread wide, and Denmark can't wait to get inside.

Once Luxembourg is thoroughly prepared and the lube is dripping out of his puffy hole, Denmark takes off his own pants and underwear, which have been getting progressively tighter and more uncomfortable with each of Luxembourg's moans.

The other's eyes widen in apprehension. He hears him mutter something like, "Holy shit."

Grinning, Denmark rolls his hips forward in an obscene gesture. "Like what ya see?"

The other looks up at him with an anxious expression. "You aren't going to—that's—it's not going to fit."

"Thanks for the compliment. But trust me, I've ravished enough blushing virgins to know what I'm doing."

"Shut up," Luxembourg grits his teeth, face turning red just as Denmark prophesises. It's cute when he does that, looking all embarrassed and shit, and it goes straight to Denmark's cock. He licks his lips; settles in front of the other's ass. For years he's always viewed Luxembourg as this coolly composed, impeccable man, always at the height of fashion, never out of style, always in control of the situation—and he never realized this until now, but there's something incredibly infuriating, infuriatingly hot about that. He wants to take that man apart, see what he looks like under that charming, eloquent exterior. He wants to see what he looks like when he's panting and begging, when he's dragging his fingers down Denmark's back and calling his name for more. When he's getting his brains fucked out.

Denmark pushes into him just then, only the very tip, and Luxembourg starts to squirm in panic. "It's not going to!! Denmark! It's not gonna—"

The lube makes his work easy. He slides into him with one mighty thrust, and Luxembourg shrieks, throwing his head back onto the pillow, legs tightening around Denmark's waist. Luxembourg is so tight it almost hurts. He thrusts in and out a few times—too tempting, sorry—before forcing himself to stop, and graciously gives the other a moment to calm down and catch his breath.

"G-god! You asshole!"

"Sooorry," Denmark says, in a voice that makes it clear he's not sorry at all.

"See, I should've listened to my brother," Luxembourg says weakly. "He said you should never trust a viking."

"I'm hurt and offended," he says, feigning indignation. "I think," he leans foward until he's almost resting his chin on Luxembourg's chest, "you'll have to be punished for sayin' that."

Luxembourg's mouth twists into a smile. "I do?"

"Yeah. Think you do." He swoops downwards and catches Luxembourg's mouth in another kiss. He's more ready for it this time, Denmark can tell, and when Denmark pushes his tongue against the other's, he responds with just as much vigour. It's only when Denmark starts thrusting into him again that he gets distracted, head falling backwards and eyes wide.

"Hey. Not so bad a kisser for a virgin," Denmark remarks after the kiss is broken, his voice now strained from the effort of moving in and out of him. Luxembourg doesn't even reply at this point; or rather, he can't. He lets out a dribble of different languages, French and Luxembourgish and German all mixed into one incoherent mess, his smart mouth tongue-tied and dumb just for this one time, and Denmark feels oddly prideful about having gotten him to this state. "Feels good, doesn't it?" he asks, as he drives into the other with increasingly rough strokes. There's no 'slow' setting for Denmark. There's only fast, and faster. And Luxembourg can only nod, wide green eyes locked onto him, almost desperately, like he can't look away.

He bends low, grunts out strained German words against the other's ear (German, because he wants Luxembourg to be able to understand), filthy taunts about how good he feels, how tight and warm and wanting, what a perfect little slut he is, until his ears are bright red. Soon Luxembourg is gasping for air, chest heaving as the bigger man pounds him into the mattress. He wraps his legs around Denmark's waist like his very life depends on it.

Denmark groans, jaw set in a tight, determined line. "You like this, huh? God, you're so—fuck—" He wants Luxembourg's first time to be something he'll never forget, something so good that everything after will feel bland and unsatisfying. It's selfish, he knows, and on top of that it's cruel to be fucking him this hard (so hard that he probably won't walk straight for a week, Denmark thinks to himself with a certain smugness), but he can't help it; he can't think straight. Luxembourg clenching around him like that doesn't help either.

"J-ja, ja, jajajajaja," Luxembourg cries, arching his back, and from the way his nails are digging into his back and practically tearing at his skin, Denmark knows he's close. "Daanemark—"

At hearing his name, Denmark comes with a loud groan, spilling deep inside him, and he can feel Luxembourg shudder.

Requesting Anon

(Anonymous) 2014-12-02 02:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man I swear you can read my mind - rough sex and dirty talk! And Denmark the professional asshole (what did you expect Lux?), but of course he makes sure Lux will want to come back for seconds. Was nice to wake up to and drink my morning coffee to earlier. You spoil me, Anon! <33

(And so cruel leaving me hanging there, cough)

turn you inside out (3/4)

(Anonymous) 2014-12-08 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
i need to apologize for the delay in posting this update. i was ill. i'm so sorry.

Denmark lies sprawled on Luxembourg's chest for a while, listening to the other's pounding heartbeat and the rising and falling of his heaving chest. He closes his eyes. Underneath the heavy scent of sweat and sex hanging in the air, he can still smell the other's faint French cologne, muted and distant. Luxembourg murmurs something weakly against his neck. "Denmark, get off. I can't breathe."

He lifts himself off of the other's chest and pulls his cock out slowly, savouring the drawn-out whine that slides forth from Luxembourg's throat. Denmark stares at him for a while, just appreciating, appreciating everything from his disheveled golden hair falling over his eyes; to his pale skin, so unscarred and frankly pristine compared to other nations', but now beaded with sweat and covered in splotchy red marks; to his open legs that reveal the still-hard cock. All of it, he thinks, is decidedly unlike Luxembourg, so unlike that slick, well-dressed man he'd sat beside in the meeting room. It'd be a lie if Denmark says he doesn't feel a certain smugness for managing to do what, according to Luxembourg, no one else has ever had the pleasure of doing. (Pun so intended.)

"Hang on," he says when Luxembourg's restless shifting pulls him from his thoughts. With that, he slides off the bed and retrieves his pants.

Luxembourg utters something incomprehensible in his own language and his gaze drops to his erection, hands shaky as he grips it between his fingers. He shuts his eyes tightly, shudders, focused on jerking himself off with fervent strokes...

Denmark watches this with a half-open mouth. Uh. Finally his mouth unhinges, and he manages to say, with his mouth dry, "Hey. C'mon, stop that... I wasn't done with you yet."

"Ah." Luxembourg's hands fly away from his crotch, and his blush deepens. He looks up at him with a look like a wounded puppy—half fearful and half annoyed. It's all pretty cute, how quick he is to obey him, and Denmark has to restrain himself from patting the other's head again. Goddamnit.

Slowly, Denmark adjusts his belt and finishes buttoning up his now hopelessly-wrinkled dress shirt.

The other squirms in anticipation. Denmark presses him back down on the mattress, straddles him in one swift movement, and he kisses him again, slow and warm because now he's no longer in a frantic rush to finish. Luxembourg has a nice mouth, and Denmark's tongue fits snugly into it. He can't help but imagine how nice that mouth would feel on other places, how pretty Luxembourg would look with his mouth wrapped around his cock, and he decides that this definitely can't be a one-time thing.

"Ja, ja," the other mumbles against his wet lips, out of breath and out of words, helplessly spreading his thighs as Denmark's finally hands reach down there, stroking and squeezing and pulling.

"Such a slut," Denmark smiles, just as his fingers brush his hole and tease the rim.

Luxembourg pants, fingers digging desperately into Denmark's shoulders, begging without words. And Denmark can see it in his eyes, please, just please, please please...

He smiles, drags his mouth from the other's lips and down his chin, over his neck, onto his chest and still further down, until Luxembourg is frantically pushing the top of his head, trying to get him to go faster. He doesn't though, because he's an asshole like that, and spends a good deal of time meandering aimlessly around Luxembourg's flat stomach. After he grows impatient, and after Luxembourg appears to have been driven suitably insane by his movements, then he proceeds to place his lips over the head of the other's cock.

It's only a tease, but it's enough to send Luxembourg arching off the bed, lithe body contorting in an effort to get more. Then his warm mouth is on his balls, and he basically sobs—a pleasure-wracked noise barely choked down.

Denmark's slick fingers push themselves back into his loose hole, stretching and probing. Luxembourg can only twist and moan. "Ugh...yes, yes..." Denmark fondles his cock with his tongue, expertly licking and brushing against the sensitive skin, as his fingers open up Luxembourg's hole even wider. He practically slobbers all over the other's cock, exploring every inch of it with amazing attentiveness, savouring every one of Luxembourg's moans. The other is completely lost in mindless ecstasy, every last bit of the composure he'd been trying so hard to hold together now gone. Then Denmark hollows his cheeks, takes a breath and then takes him all into his mouth.

Luxembourg throws his head back with a surprised shout. Pale fingers tangle and twist in the Dane's hair as he works his mouth around Luxembourg's erection and his fingers dig deeper inside him. Luxembourg moans, fingers clenching the sheets so hard they nearly rip. His thighs have started shaking from exertion, and he feels something rush up within him; it hits him so hard and with so little warning that he almost blacks out.

He falls into the mattress, breathless and limp and sated at last. Denmark flops down beside him and throws an arm over the other's chest almost possessively. Luxembourg doesn't protest; instead, he moves closer until he's snuggling into Denmark's side, and there they lie for what seems like hours. The sun has nearly disappeared into the horizon, and Denmark's starting to doze off when Luxembourg sits back up and scrambles off the bed.

this will be the last chapter with porn. the last chapter will be a short one about some dumb stuff with lux's siblings

Requesting Anon

(Anonymous) 2014-12-10 10:47 pm (UTC)(link)
It is ok Anon! <3 Getting better is more important. I am slow too, as I have been busy these last days (thus my late reply, sorry! Times are so busy during yule-times, but I got some time before bed to reply).

Seriously though I swear you are a mindreader. That was so hot! (As this entire fill is.) I got everything I asked for and more - I feel really spoiled. Thank you so much, Anon!! But, I am now curious to see what Lux and his siblings will be up to after this. Will Denmark get away or is Neth going to stomp his way out to find him? I am really intrigued to find out how the ending goes!