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Hetalia kink meme part 27

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part 27

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DenNorSu - Let's enjoy the time that we have together [1/1]

(Anonymous) 2014-11-29 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Because this request simply has too many possibilities, and the Scandinavian trio is my OT3. The Kalmar Union wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows, but I like to think they had a period of peace at least. And domestic life with little kids running around was too good a scene to pass up on, haha.
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


“I’m home!”

Hands full of groceries he had picked up from the village market, Denmark paused at the doorway to admire the lovely sight in the living room.

A fire crackled merrily in the grate, warming up the room and casting a soft orange light across the floor. Next to it sat Norway, sock-clad toes curled up on a furry rug. The children sat around him in a half-circle, books and papers strewn haphazardly about, each face turned attentively towards their older brother.

He smiled. From the looks of it, Norway was telling them a story as a break from their morning studies. Closing his eyes, Denmark let his lover’s soothing voice wash over him. For a short while at least, before his mind started wandering in more provocative directions.

“Norge~” Dropping onto the rug as well, he threw his arms around Norway, nuzzling at the smaller man’s neck. Denmark felt the other’s skin heat a little as he touched it with his tongue, but the next thing he knew was a sharp pain in his gut that sent him reeling back across the floor.

Norway withdrew his elbow and turned the page as if nothing had happened.

“Norge~” Denmark whined.

“Not in front of the children.”

Well if that was the problem at hand… Denmark shot a meaningful look at Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands over Norway’s shoulder. “Good little kids should go take a nap, how about it? I’ll give you sweets later.”

Three pairs of eyes stared back at him in a very familiar unimpressed manner. Damn it, what was Norway teaching these kids?

A fourth pair, the original, finally turned towards him as well. “If you’re so free, why don’t you go help Sverige with lunch?”

“Hmm…” Leaning back a little Denmark could just see Sweden’s back through the half-open door. Norway had gone back to his storytelling and Denmark knew from experience that the Norwegian could be real stubborn when he wanted to. And he had to deliver the stuff he had bought anyway.

Decision made, Denmark bounced into the kitchen, dumping the groceries helter-skelter onto the table. Without warning he leapt onto the taller nation, mindless of the sharp knife that the other moved firmly out of the way. Hanging from Sweden’s back, he cajoled, “Sverige~”


Denmark’s hopes were dashed even before he could voice them. He deflated. “Why not?”

The answer presented itself before Sweden could reply. A tiny figure scurried out of the food storage cupboard, arms laden with a tottering stack of various vegetables that half-blocked his vision. As Denmark watched the uppermost bundle of kale slipped, only saved by Sweden’s quick reflexes. The taller man quickly relieved the child of his load.

“Thank you, Fin,” Sweden said, but as always his expression betrayed him, making Finland squeak as he stammered out a nervous ‘you’re welcome’.

Catching sight of Denmark, the child offered him a sweet smile. “Ah, welcome home, Mr. Denmark!”

That Norge, he had set him up! Denmark twitched a little.

“Fin~ Why don’t you go join the others and listen to Norge’s story?” Alright, so that had come out with a more menacing undertone than intended, but he was getting frustrated and one did not get between a Dane and what he wanted.

“But…” Big violet eyes stared uncertainly up at him and Denmark immediately felt crushingly guilty. Finland fidgeted a little, nervously tangling his fingers. “I like helping in the kitchen…” When the beginnings of tears appeared Denmark gulped at the feeling of eyes boring into his back. The Swede had always been overprotective of the child.

Sweden intervened at that point by asking Finland to wash the vegetables, a task which the boy eagerly set off to do. Mustering the courage to turn, Denmark withered under the full force of the other nation’s reproachful glare, obeying Sweden’s order to clean the fish without protest.


Denmark was sulking. It was clearly evident by the way the Dane was half-slumped over the dining table. And wait, was he pouting? Yes, he most certainly was, with his cheeks puffed out like a spoilt child’s.

Norway and Sweden shared a half-exasperated half-indulgent smile over their lover’s bent head. Or as much as the taciturn pair showed, anyway – even an observant spectator might not be able to detect the difference. By an unspoken agreement, they both leaned down and pressed a kiss to Denmark’s forehead.

It took a while for it to register, but when it did Denmark’s face lit up like a kid who had gotten his Christmas presents early. He looked from side to side, grin widening further as both Norway and Sweden looked away with color tinging their faces.

He could have jumped them there and then, but a sharp pain in his foot and a warning glare from Norway stopped him. “Later,” the slim nation hissed.

Well, he supposed that he could bear to wait for just a bit longer.
Spirits restored, he dug into the food with renewed gusto. The children were all staring at them with unabashed curiosity and he winked at them cheekily.

“Hey kids, want to go out to play after this?” Four heads nodded in excited synchronicity, before turning puppy eyes to their respective guardians.

The amused looks Norway and Sweden sent his way as they gave their permission said that they knew exactly what he was up to, but Denmark only grinned. The children would be out like lights by mid-afternoon after playing in the snow. Once the youngest members of the household were all tucked away for their nap, there wouldn’t be anything left to hold them back.

Later, as the three of them lay snuggled against each other in front of the fire, he had to admit – sometimes waiting made things even better.


(Anonymous) 2014-11-29 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I never expected a second fill, so thank you! I can enjoy any set of characters under this prompt, and I have been in the mood for Nordics lately. The little details of domestic life were so sweet, especially with the addition of children, and Norway and Sweden were both very affection while still remaining in character.

Re: DenNorSu - Let's enjoy the time that we have together [1/1]

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Aaahhh, gosh, this was so cute! I love the details and just the general dynamics between them all!