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Hetalia kink meme part 27

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part 27

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UKUS - Food Taste Test Leads To Food Porn

(Anonymous) 2014-11-28 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
England and America make a two-part video series where they sit down and sample various foods from each of their countries. During the filming, they somehow wind up going from eating it off plates to eating it off each other. Make it funny, but with a nice dose of loving fluff. They would already be in an established relationship, so no get-together stuff please. The prompt is inspired by all the food taste test videos on YouTube, so that would be an excellent place to look for help, if you need it.

Bonus 1 - It leads to full-on smut.

Bonus 2 - It's all filmed and posted for all the other nations to see.

Bonus 3 - Other couples get inspired to do their own videos. (So if someone wants to write a fill involving another pairing using this prompt, they have a ready backstory XD)

Re: UKUS - Food Taste Test Leads To Food Porn

(Anonymous) 2016-05-31 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Yaaaaasssss this sounds sooooo kewl! Hope the fic goes well