Someone wrote in [personal profile] hetalia_kink 2014-11-28 08:37 pm (UTC)

Any/Any/Any/+ -- Consensual Polyamory

Three or more nations in a consensual polyamorous relationship with each other either during a period of political unity or the modern day. I'd like to see the ups and downs of their relationship, a glimpse of both shared household chores systems and silly arguments. I'd also appreciate all nations being of equal standing in the relationship, so each and every member involved is involved with each other. (ie. Relationships of A and B, B and C, C and A).

Bonus 1: My first choice for characters would be Germany, Prussia, N. Italy, and S, Italy, but really...anything goes.
Bonus 2: Picking up nonverbal cues from each other, being able to tell when someone's upset

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