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Hetalia kink meme part 27

axis powers
hetalia kink meme
part 27

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Itacest: Competiveness Leads to Grinding

(Anonymous) 2015-03-16 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
The Italy brothers are competitive against one another during soccer/football if they play on or support different teams. Somehow, this leads to grinding their crotches together on the couch.

(Bonus: Romano pins his brother down first, but as they go along, they try to roll themselves over to get the upper hand on the other.

Bonus *would love!*: Romano bends Veneziano over the arm of the couch to grind his clothed ass.

Bones: Romano comes first, so he has to suck his brother off to finish.)

Afterwards, the two cuddle on the couch and settle down for a siesta.

Re: Itacest: Competiveness Leads to Grinding

(Anonymous) 2015-04-10 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)

America: End of WWI Heroism

(Anonymous) 2015-03-16 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
So we all know that America loves being the hero, right?

Well, after WWI ended, many US citizens were sick and tired of America trying to improve itself with social reforms and being involved in European affairs, even though lives were improved at home and everyone was cheering at how great America was (even other countries!) for "winning" the war (when in reality the US's biggest contribution was supplies, manpower, et cetera. not winning battles). Sick of the heroics, America went back into isolation mode and people ignored or revoked many of the progressive laws. The next president, Harding, who was elected for the sake of "returning to normalcy," even stated that America needs healing rather than heroics at the then-current time (even though America hadn't been damaged at all by WWI).

Yet by WWII, Alfred's all hyped up to be the hero again.

Any plot bunnies to explain this, anons? Or maybe Alfred is at odds with this, especially since he liked the attention he initially got? (Some countries did tone down the excitement after realizing America wasn't as great as they thought. Italy was enthusiastic about the Americans after the war ended, but when they didn't get what they wanted out the treaty, they were offended and stopped cheering.)

Itacest: "Force"

(Anonymous) 2015-03-16 10:47 pm (UTC)(link)
When the Italy brothers are alone in their house, not expecting anyone, and have no work to do, they like to play with a kink shared between them: At any time, Romano can jump Veneziano for sex pretty much anywhere in the house and dominate him.

It's not a rape roleplay because once they get started (at least after getting rid of their clothes), the latter is very smiley and willing, even if he's saying no or being shoved against the wall. They do have a safeword if Veneziano's not in the mood, changes his mind, or wants Romano to stop for a minute (ex. the position is painful), and Romano always honors it.

One day, Nation A stops by the house and hears Veneziano protesting, and checks through a window to see what they're doing. They can't see Veneziano's face to see him smiling. They think Romano's raping him.

Whether A breaks in to "save" him or runs off and gets eaten by guilt is up to the author anon. Either way, A spreads around what Romano's "doing," and ruins his reputation. Veneziano needs to do some convincing to set things right, even if it means revealing their relationship....

(Without the bonuses, this is 200 words!)

Bonus: No one believes Veneziano at first, thinking he's a brainwashed victim.

Bonus: Spain can't believe it about Romano, and avoids him.

Bonus: Germany and Japan feel guilty about not catching on sooner, and try to make it up to Veneziano by "helping" him recover, which frustrates him to no end.

Re: Itacest: "Force"

(Anonymous) 2015-04-01 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
I'm going to do this...

It may take a while(I do have a life ya'know). I don't know how well it will be... Will be 15+, maybe 18+...

I talked to much...

The Art of Recovery? 1/?

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Re: The Art of Recovery? 1/? OP

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Re: The Art of Recovery? 1/? A!A

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Re: The Art of Recovery? 2/?

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Re: The Art of Recovery? 2/? OP

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S.Italy/N.Italy: First Year of Unifying

(Anonymous) 2015-03-16 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
The brothers had a strange tension between them after unifying, according to Hima. If you read the comic, you know I'm talking about. Whether or not they had prior romantics feelings, I want them trying to get around this tension to get along with/eventually confess to the other. They end up losing their virginities to each other on the first anniversary of unifying. Make the night physically awkward yet emotionally fluffy, please!

Re: S.Italy/N.Italy: First Year of Unifying

(Anonymous) 2015-03-18 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
This request is too cute :3

Mutliple Humans/Any Female- Bukkake

(Anonymous) 2015-03-17 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
Pervy!Anon hasn't seen male-on-female bukkake on the kink meme, hence the request.

The idea is that Female Nation A becomes curious about bukkake after accidentally stumbling on it online,so she enlists a group of human guys to make her wish come true (pun intended). In the end, female nation A is drenched in cum and loves it.

Any female nation, along with Nyotalia, is welcome. I prefer a group of 10-15 guys in this story, but any number of guys is welcome.

1) The guys take turns spitroasting Female Nation A. In the end, she's drenched AND filled with cum.
2) Lots of dirty talk.
3) Light bondage.

Re: Mutliple Humans/Any Female- Bukkake

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Re: Mutliple Humans/Any Female- Bukkake

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Re: Mutliple Humans/Any Female- Bukkake

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Any/Any - Eye contact while eating a banana

(Anonymous) 2015-03-17 12:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Nation A makes eye contact with Nation B while eating a banana.

Going bananas (Ukraine/Estonia microfill)

(Anonymous) 2015-05-31 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
Ukraine was at the kirchen, holding a banana. It was already peeled when Estonia came in.

"Hullo Miss Ukra-" He stopped in his tracks when he saw that she peeled the banana and started eating. She looked cute and innocent, but the look she was giving... it was making him flush!

Ukraine continued eating as if nothing was wrong. However, Estonia was flushing a bright red. The way she was eating that fruit suggested she wanted more than just food. When she stuck more of the banana in her mouth, he was now a bright red, thoughts of her pleasuring him flowing through his mind.

She noticed his blubbering, and stopped eating. "Is something wrong Estonia?" She asked, some banana still in her mouth. "The banana, the way you were eating it made it look like you wanted ..." "I wanted what?" She asked. "Never mind! I don't want to look like a pervert!"

With that, Estonia left.

Any/Any - "straight" man meets the "girl" of his dreams.

(Anonymous) 2015-03-17 12:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Nation A, convinced that he's as straight as a ruler, ends up meeting the girl of his dreams. Turns out though that the girl in question is actually a guy with a petite form and a hobby for cross dressing. But despite finding out about it Nation A can't help but to feel attracted to Nation B.
Nation B, on the other hand, notices that nation A is attracted to them and is clearly trying to deny their feelings. So he sets out on getting to know him better and maybe, if all goes right, end up in bed.

Bonus 1: Lot's of awkward fluff.
Bonus 2: Nation B is also attracted to both men and women.
Bonus 3: Nation B is not Poland (If you really want to fill this with Poland it's fine this is just a bonus after all, but it'll be interesting to see someone else cross dress.)

Re: Any/Any - "straight" man meets the "girl" of his dreams.

(Anonymous) 2015-03-17 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Is anon alright with USFr?


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op late

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Ottoman Empire/Mama Greece?: Tragic

(Anonymous) 2015-03-17 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)
This anon once heard a rumor that Turkey, back when he was the Ottoman Empire, fell in love with Greece's mom before killing her and taking little Greece. Now, I doubt that's true since I haven't found anything directly from Himayura yet that states so, but I'd like to see someone's take on this. Mama Greece can either recuperate the feelings, is oblivious to his, or doesn't care and downright hates him just like her son (it is canon that she could be scary when angered).

TL;TR: Young!Turkey falling for and eventually killing Mama Greece, and kidnapping her brat.

Please no Son!Greece/Turkey in any form.

Bonus: This may or may not contribute to (but certainly isn't the source of) their present day rivalry.

The Wolf and the Moon [1/1]

(Anonymous) 2015-03-25 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
If he was the wolf, then she was the moon that he howled to. She was his madness, his craving, his addiction. His.

She had been the gem in Rome’s empire.

Her name was known far and wide; her beauty and wit unparalleled. Lustrous black hair cascaded in rich curls down the regal curve of her back, framing a pale face with eyes that reflected her seas in mid-summer. Heads turned as she passed, breathing in the sight of her and the soft scent always followed. Sometimes it was rose, on other days lilies, or sweet cinnamon; but often it was the delicate mystery of the iris, cold like the swirling pools of her eyes.

She had been the gem in Rome’s empire, and had stood strong even as Rome fell.

He was the wolf of the East.

There were whispers of an empire in the making, telling of a handsome young warrior with rich olive skin and eyes like the midnight sky. The wives gossiped and giggled in the baths, dancing around her with tales of swooning maidens and shattered hearts. She laughed, waved them away. They shook their heads at her, laughing back. They whispered and watched with sly knowing smiles later, when the young warrior showed up at her doorstep.

He was the wolf of the East, and to her he claimed his eternal love.

The game they played was one of courtship and promises.

He, her young suitor, would bring perfumes and jewelry to fall at her feet. Turkish rose oils and heady incense, onyxes and emeralds that glittered in intricate gold, silks lighter than gauze, anklets that chimed like the wind. She never wore any of it, and he never mentioned it even as he pressed kisses to her bare wrist, breathing in the scent of irises.

(She knew the game, and knew how to play it. Rome had fallen, but she had not.)

They embraced beneath the stars, skin against skin, breath mingling with breath. Afterwards, slim fingers would trace his still-soft features, trailing down the side of his face. “Tell me. Where does your loyalty lie?” she would whisper. Every time he would catch her hand and bring it his lips reverently. “With you. Forever.”

And each time she would smile at him, but it would never reach her eyes. But he did not see, not in the dim half-light of the crescent moon.

He’d become taller than her, face grown sharp and angular, the tan skin stretched over his muscled arm contrasting with the soft white skin of her stomach as he pulled her to him. They still made love under the stars, and still she asked every time. “Where does your loyalty lie?”

“With you.”

Still her eyes didn’t smile.

Her son clung to her skirt, green eyes huge and cautious. He beamed at the boy, but was met with rejection that he pouted at. She chuckled, deep and throaty, as he tried to curry the favor of a child less than half his height. He ultimately failed, but as he whispered to her huskily later, the only favor he really needed was hers. They stole away at night, when the rest of the household was asleep. He carried her easily in his arms, and neither of them commented on how strong he had become or how thin she was growing.

“Where does your loyalty lie?”

There was a hesitation this time before he answered. “With you.”

The clash of battle rings both in her head and outside the walls. She is standing in the gardens, the last oasis of peace in the collapsing palace. Of course he is the one to find her; he always knew where she was. He comes to stand behind her, close enough for her to feel the heat of the fire but not the warmth of his skin. She has the same question for him, but this time he must have a different answer.

“Where does your loyalty lie?”

His voice is quiet but strong. “With my people. With myself.”

She finally turns, and her eyes are full of smiles and tears. His eyes are full of grief and the fires that rage outside the walls. Her hand traces his face, his jaw harsh and trembling slightly from the force that he clenched it. “That’s the right answer, my love,” she whispers.

And there is red spreading across her white dress, beginning from where his saber protruded from her heart.

“Why?” he chokes past the ashes in his throat.

She looks again at the wall, as if she could see past it to her crumbling legacy. Perhaps she does see the fires, for her eyes were clouding with smoke. She doesn’t answer, but he already knows why.

They were nations, and there was only one end for those who loved too much.

Re: The Wolf and the Moon [1/1] OP

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Re: The Wolf and the Moon [1/1]

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Re: The Wolf and the Moon [1/1]

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Prussia/Hungary: Student/Teacher Oral

(Anonymous) 2015-03-18 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
Cocky and arrogant Gilbert eats out the teacher he has a love-hate relationship with after class.

Gerita AU: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

(Anonymous) 2015-03-18 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
AU with Germany as Joel and Italy as Clementine, following the plot of the movie (it doesn't have to exactly conform, but I'd like the main elements to remain). Up to you who's in the other roles.

Young Germany + Prussia: Cute

(Anonymous) 2015-03-18 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything. I'm having a bad evening, so anything cute, whether it's realistic or ideal, is fine. Historical, AU, canon comedy - I don't care. Just no incest.

Bonus: Germania is included somehow.

Don't worry about length. I could care less if you make an elaborate plot or write 200 words about the two just sitting in the same room together doing nothing. I just need a distraction.

But It's Tall! [1/1]

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 09:08 am (UTC)(link)
The hand-picked gelding waited placidly to be mounted, as Prussia carried his little brother towards it. Today was a free day for them both, no meetings, no councils, and no politicians.

"Big brother..." Germany whispered, one hand clenching down on the fabric of Prussia's shirt. "Are we going riding today?"

The kid looked so damn hopeful that Prussia's own eagerness dimmed. Little brat acted like they hadn't played together in ages, last week- well, no, that one had been interrupted by France and Spain coming by.

But before that-! No, there had been that emergency meeting with his boss about the harvest. Prussia furrowed his brows. Okay, so maybe it had been a while, and for a little nation like Germany it might have seemed like his Most Awesome and Handsome Older Brother might, possibly, be ignoring him.

"Kinda!" Prussia beamed, feeling his delight grow again. Germany's big-eyed stare immediately narrowed.

"What does that mean?" Wow, he sure was raising this kid right, a chip off the old block!

"You," here Prussia placed his little brother in the saddle and handed him the reins, "are going to learn how to ride a horse by yourself today."

"By myself?" Germany was looking really distressed, honestly, when did Prussia ever do mean things? Other than that time with the wet cat, or that time with the ashes between his sheets, okay, maybe Germany had the right idea in suspecting his brother.

"In a manner of speaking." Prussia picked up the lead rope. "Today, we're just walking. I want to make sure you understand the basics of horsemanship before we do anything fancy, understood?"

Germany's pudgy little fists tightened on the reins, and he gave as solemn a nod as he could with that much baby fat on his cheeks.

"Okay, first things first, don't go yanking on the reins like an idiot. You have to use your whole body to work with a horse. Yanking on the reins just irritates the mouth, got it?"


The day passed slowly, and yet too quickly. Germany was, as always, a diligent pupil, and quick to pick up on things.

"Hmm, seems like that's enough for today. If you get everything else mastered soon I'll take you to Prissy-Face's place. He can teach you the more advanced stuff."

"Are you saying that you can't teach me?" Germany, who Prussia would one day realize was a filthy liar and manipulator, pouted slightly and hung his head. Today was not that day.

"Of COURSE the AWESOME Prussia can teach you! But I have far too many wars and meetings to deal with to spend all my free time with a little brat like you."

"Oh." Germany said, looking a little peevish. Prussia rolled his eyes. Children

"Yeah yeah, get off the gelding, if you beat me back to the kitchens I'll let you have my share of dessert tonight."

"Really?" Germany squeaked as he slid to the ground. Then fell over with the most shocked look on his face as his over-worked legs gave out. Damn, Prussia really had the most adorable kid brother. Everyone should be so jealous.

"Yep. But if you don't..." Prussia waggled his eyebrows expectantly. Germany gasped and bolted for the kitchens.

Being a few feet shorter, and a great deal more wobbly, it was almost inevitable that Prussia won. tsk-ing in mock shame, Prussia waited for his little brother to catch up to him.

"You know what this means, little one," Prussia said solemnly as he scooped up the panting nation.

"Nooo~" Germany squealed as he was man-handled. "I'm not gonna, agh!"

"What was that? I couldn't hear it." Prussia remarked as he returned to blowing raspberries to the smooth skin of Germany's tummy.

Soon, the shouting became shrieks of laughter that only increased as Prussia changed targets to his little brother's neck, then his ear, then tickling his ribs and stomach.

After a few minutes, Germany was a panting mess, and he hung limply from his brother's arms as they headed into the house.

Prussia mentally reminded himself to carve out more time for his little brother. Kid was a nation, didn't mean he had to grow up too fast. Besides, this was... nice.
1) I hoped you liked it, 2) I honestly have no idea how IC or OOC this was, 3) I had to fight some very strong instincts to not make this terribly depressing at the last second, and 4) sorry I couldn't get Germania in there.

Re: But It's Tall! [1/1] OP

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Re: But It's Tall! [1/1]

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Brother dearest [1/1]

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Re: Brother dearest [1/1]

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Re: Brother dearest [1/1] OP

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Re: Brother dearest [1/1]

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Fem!UK: Pregnancy

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Playboy Francis has a tendency to cheat on his girlfriend, Rose (Fem!UK), and after finding out he has impregnated two other woman this time (the mothers of Human!Seychelles and Human!Monaco), she kicks him to the curb...only to find out she herself is pregnant with twin boys.

A second for now

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Might fill in the future but can't give any promises. If I do though any preferences on pairings for Fem!UK male or female.

Re: A second for now

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Re: Fem!UK: Pregnancy

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Re: Fem!UK: Pregnancy OP

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FACE Sabotage

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Francis and Arthur both come to the horrible conclusion that eventually they will be brother-in-laws someday. Enter SABOTAGE of them trying to end the other relationship to prevent future family and being stuck as brother in laws.

It can be any verse: human, nation, whatever you like.

Bonus: Francis does cares for Alfred as a brother and vice verse for Arthur towards Matthew.

Bonus: At one point one of them goes to far with sabotage of the relationship. (Playing Dirty and feeling guilty afterwords)

Re: FACE Sabotage

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 12:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I want to write this, but it might take me a while, so don't your hopes too high!

Poland/Lithuania: Police Uniform

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Poland turns up at Lithuania's place wearing a police uniform and jokingly arrests and handcuffs Lithuania as punishment for working too hard and for constantly turning up late to their 'dates.'

Despite his frustration, Lithuania finds both Poland in a police uniform and being handcuffed a massive turn-on and gets a very obvious erection... Author take it from here!


1) It is a huge surprise for both of them that the uniform/being cuffed excite Lithuania.

2) Poland initiates everything. Keeps Lithuania cuffed and teases him with some agonizingly long foreplay to wind Lithuania up so that when the cuffs are removed, he practically jumps on Poland.

Romano/Spain/Veneziano: Threesome

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
A consensual threesome that includes mutual Itacest, Veneziano sucking off Spain while he (Spain) is fucked by Romano, and simultaneous anal (Spain in Romano while's he's in Veneziano).

Re: Romano/Spain/Veneziano: Threesome

(Anonymous) 2015-04-04 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Hot damn. Seconded!

Re: Romano/Spain/Veneziano: Threesome

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England - Pennies on the Eyelids

(Anonymous) 2015-03-19 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
“It was once popularly believed that if a person died and their eyes remained open, they were looking for someone to take with them to their final destination. This was usually assumed to be someone within the family of the deceased person. To prevent this from happening, the British would close the eyes of the dead person and place two pennies on the eyelids to prevent the eyes from opening again.” - Source (http://listverse.com/2014/06/14/10-old-wives-tales-that-will-freak-you-out/?utm_source=more&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=direct)

While pennies have been used in death in other myths, I think this one is British due to quite a few sources stating so. Either way, I’m really desperate for anything (and I’d be appreciative of any length) that makes England act/talk about it.

I don’t mind what date it is, nor the genre (e.g you could do it angsty if he’s perhaps doing it to someone, or maybe humour if someone is embarrassing him for it).
While I would be fond of gen, I ship practically anyone with England (excluding Nordics and micro nations for preferential reasons.)

1] England gets flustered trying to explain the myth (if he believes it is up to the authornon)
2] The FACE family get involved

Re: England - Pennies on the Eyelids

(Anonymous) 2015-03-28 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
This is beautiful OwO I have an idea that I'll start on as soon as I can track this idea down to verify it fits with what I have, get back to you soon!

[OP] England - Pennies on the Eyelids

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Ensemble The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

(Anonymous) 2015-03-20 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Fusion style but with Hetalia characters! You would be my god if the main characters were filled by:

Sadao Maou: England
Emi Yusa: Americca
Shirō Ashiya: France

GerAme - Revolutions - PBB

(Anonymous) 2015-03-20 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
A young Ludwig, who has not yet earned his status as a nation, is hired by Arthur to capture Revolutionary Alfred. Ludwig manages to capture Alfred and proceeds to transport his prisoner to British head quarters. Once they arrive at the British lines, Ludwig realizes that he loves Alfred and frees Alfred. Then two have to survive the wilderness and escape the British to reach Alfred's forces. Also maybe Alfred is sick or wounded during the time to enemy lines and caring for him helps bond Ludwig to him. During this time Ludwig realizes he has more in common with Alfred than he does with his employer Arthur. Additionally Ludwig finds out that his brother has been helping train Alfred's forces and has thrown his lot in with the revolutionaries. Maybe when they reach Alfred's forces, Alfred is able to return the favor and save Ludwig from his own people.

Re: GerAme - Revolutions - PBB Mangaging Anon

(Anonymous) 2015-03-20 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I've turned this prompt into a plot bunny bounce (PBB) so each chapter/part will be written by a different author anon at a time. For details on what a PBB is and how they work link http://hetalia-kink.dreamwidth.org/71433.html?thread=513633801#cmt513633801

Re: GerAme - Revolutions - PBB - Anon 1

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Re: GerAme - Revolutions - PBB - Anon 2

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Re: GerAme - Revolutions - PBB - Anon 3

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Re: GerAme - Revolutions - PBB - Anon 4

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Finland/Sweden - Mpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-03-21 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
I'd like a fic where Sweden gets knocked up. I'm not too picky on how, omegaverse is wonderful, or magic, or some other oddity. But i'd really like to see Sweden pregnant, and a doting daddy to be Finland!

Smut isn't needed, but feel free to include it.

Re: Finland/Sweden - Mpreg

(Anonymous) 2015-10-26 07:11 am (UTC)(link)

Re: Finland/Sweden - Mpreg

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Re: Finland/Sweden - Mpreg (A Doting Alpha)

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Spain + ChibiRomano: Locked in a Dark Room

(Anonymous) 2015-03-21 02:17 am (UTC)(link)
Fed up with the child's mouth, refusal to learn, and awful cleaning habits, Spain decides to takes Austria's advice on how to discipline him. He's squimish about the idea of locking Romano in a dark room as punishment, because like his brother, Romano is terrified of the dark, but he follows through with it, and even threatens more time in there as Romano bad mouths him from the other side of the door.

With the punishment time and the extra time that his mouth earned, Romano should only be in there for an hour; however, Spain is a forgetful person with a demanding job in the 14-1700's. He doesn't remember Romano until he's already settled into bed for the night.

He finds a sobbing, starving Romano that accidently wet himself at some point in the day. So much for that punishment...

I want fluff as Spain tries to comfort him, promising not to do it again, yada yada.

(NO shota!)

Re: Spain + ChibiRomano: Locked in a Dark Room

(Anonymous) 2015-03-21 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
Interesting. Accidentally forgetting punishing a child and traumatizing them in the process, way to go Spain. It'd be great to see Austria giving Spain an exasperating lecture at the end too.

Re: Spain + ChibiRomano: Locked in a Dark Room

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Fill [1/1]

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Re: Fill [1/1]

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Not OP but d'awwww!

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Russia - Struggling with BPD

(Anonymous) 2015-03-21 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Preferably AU.

Ivan has Borderline Personality Disorder, which he developed out of trauma and explains his insecurity, manipulative tendencies, relationship issues, and so on...

If you're going to include ships, I'm not a huge fan of RusPrus, and I would rather not have any explicit incestuous relationships with this prompt. Any other ships are fine, and I don't care if they're depicted as loving or abusive.

Bonus I. Ivan is misdiagnosed as narcissist or antisocial, in part due to being a man.

Bonus II. Irina/Yekaterina/Olga (whatever you want to call human!Ukraine) also has BPD though she expresses it differently. I would rather have Natalya not be borderline but she can have a different mental illness.

FrUK: forbidden love

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I'm a sucker for a forbidden love stories, really Romeo and Juliet style.
So it can be human!au or nation!verse as long as Francis and Arthur fall for each other really hard and they're not supposed to. Drama, angst or even tragedy are welcome.

Germany/N.Italy -Germany overhears something he wasn't meant to;angst ensues

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After a tiring morning the EU has dismissed their meeting for lunch. Tensions are running high (maybe they were doscussing money?), and Germany has opted to work through the break. He decides to walk off some energy when he overhears other nations badmouthing him. He isn't too concerned, until he hears N.Italy join in. Cue an absolute breakdown.

Bonus 1: No one realizes he heard and are pleasantly surprised when the rest of the meeting is cancelled.

Bonus 2: Italy does eventually get a clue and goes about trying to make things righy.

Bonus 3: Protective Prussia

Re: Germany/N.Italy -Germany overhears something he wasn't meant to;angst ensues

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I kinda want to do this (mostly because I want to write Ireland ranting to Portugal, the Italies, Spain and Greece about being lectured by a country much younger than her) but the only way I can imagine Italy badmouthing Germany is if he was really upset by the earlier meeting. In which case that would lead to a gruff, awkward apology from Germany too, at the end. Is that okay or do you want Germany to have done nothing wrong?


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OP again!

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Soviet nations - Dysfunctional family

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I want to see all the USSR and Eastern Bloc nations banding together as a sort of family as a result of their isolation from the rest of the world during the Cold War.
I'm not looking for fluffiness, far from it. Give me a take on their relationship that's complex, emotionally conflicted and historically compliant, and I'll love you forever.

Bonus 1: Russia isn't a crazy violent bastard that the rest go against. I've seen many stories where the others band together because of their fear of Russia. Ideally, I want to see him somehow woven into their odd dynamics, while still taking into account the fact that he has power over the rest of them.
Bonus 2: It's set in the modern day, and remnants of the Cold War days affects the way they act around each other even years after the war
Bonus 3: The reactions of other nations to their relationship

Any/Poland - feet stuff

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Something where Poland's cute feet are kissed, rubbed, tickled, worshipped etc.

Requester's preferred pairs are LietPol, RusPol and PolHun

Re: Any/Poland - feet stuff

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I responded to it with PolHun! I hope that you enjoy reading it! (I may respond to it later with LietPol as well!) I'm going to post the link to it on an alternate site as well as post the story on here! (It's a lovely request! I adore cute feet!)
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12155104/1/A-Soft-Message-Of-Love

A Soft Message Of Love (1/1)

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Tender Moments Together (1/1)

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