ext_171431 ([identity profile] hetalia-kink.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] hetalia_kink 2009-03-11 12:34 pm (UTC)

The rules don't need to be fixed I'm pretty sure. They say:

Regarding part 1
You can of course still fill requests for part one. Here's how you would go about doing it:

1. Click 'post a new comment' at Part Three.  At the very top of the fill, provide a link  to the original Part One request .
2. Post your fill.
3. In Part One, reply at the original request with a link to your fill (if there is still comment space. If not, disregard this step).
4. Finally, reply at the
Part One Fill Thread in Part Three with a link to the fill.

All comments to your fill should be in Part three. If Part One ever becomes completely full, all fills and comments will continue to be posted in Part Three. An example can be found

Does this answer your question? If not, feel free to post back here.

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